Monday, November 12, 2007

your opinions. please.

Let's assume, hypothetically, that I had a blog and because I lacked self-control, I wrote about the intricate details of my day-to-day life with three-year old triplets and a new baby. And let's assume that you were in some way, either related to us - or, were very good friends.

Now, let's assume that you had plans to come and visit.

Based on what you have read in this blog, is it more likely that you would you cancel your plans to visit because:

1) You already know what is happening in our lives and what the children are doing; OR...

2) You are afraid.

After not one ... not two ... not three ... not four ... but FIVE separate families have cancelled their plans to come see us for Thanksgiving, I am seriously considering turning this blog in to a strictly adorable-picture-only-space that I update once a quarter. No more tales about keys being flushed down toilets, food fights, yelling, fighting, or poop that is intentionally stomped upon. In place of those stories will be pictures of the children, dressed in their finest, feeding ducks.

I won't even elaborate that moments after this picture was taken, we were charged by a flock of famished geese that nipped at our behinds as we ran screaming away.

While you weigh in on that, I am off to finish frosting a cake I baked for my husband in honor of his birthday. Which I may, hypothetically, have had a very small sliver of. If he notices a chunk missing, I could always blame it on my lack of self-control. Or, perhaps one of the kids.

Which seems more plausible?


  1. You guys could always come to Baja with us...

  2. don't stop writing your hilarious day-to-day tales...they are seriously what keeps me from jumping off a bridge sometimes (even though I know sometimes the stories sound like you might jump..hypothetically, of course)
    thank you for all the humor you put in my life. you truly are a gifted writer. and mother.

  3. Wouldn't you rather have friends and family who know what to expect when they come to your house rather than getting there and then experience what you go through every day. I think the latter would be more of a shock.

    If they really cancelled because of the kid's behavior, which is like any other 3 year old you just have it times three, would you really want them there and put yourself in a situation to make the kids be on their best behavior at all times??? I mean, come on, how much stress do you actually want on yourself on this holiday?? :)

    I think you telling it how it is, is way better than a false picture of your day to day life!

    That's just one mother of 4's opinion!

  4. oh please dont stop documenting the travails of your world! because, hypothetically speaking, how would we stay entertained every day? and, again hypothetically speaking, how could we be grateful for having surly, hormonal teenage children instead of rambunctious toddlers?

  5. No matter what the answer, not only would I come to your house, but I would invite you and your entire family to my place! I am used to the chaos. :)

  6. Do NOT stop keeping it real, sister!!

    I for one would gladly come visit you. Of course, I haven't been invited and you don't know me from Adam's cat, but I'm not afraid. My husband is a true kid magnet. Little ones ADORE him. He and I would think we had died and gone to Heaven if we visited your house.

    Try not to fret about the cancellations. Who needs em?

  7. As I come from a large family(three brothers and three sisters), I am probably biased. I would say that I would come and not even blink at the chaos. Maybe some people just don't have what it takes to handle chaos. Too bad, their loss I say! (No offense to any of the families that canceled)

  8. Put frosting in it, he'll never notice.

    I wouldn't stop writing. I may recomend that you wanr people why they'd like to get a hotel room, but besides that, relatives should understand. I mean really, you practically have a 24/7 preschool in your house. :)

    Plus, it's really entertaining for the rest of us.

  9. Oh Jen, do not take it personally. Everyone is busy and they would have to be nuts to stay away from your welcoming home. As far as the children, they are the life of the party. I wish I could come --and hope I last until springtime. It is hard to get rid of me when I come, you make us feel so welcome. I love the blog--and look forward to reading it every day. Have the kids turn around so I can see their new outfits. They look great from the rear.

  10. Dear Jen's Family,

    You bunch of CHICKENS!!!! Come on down! We want to get a good look at ya. It ain't ALL bad. There's at least 5, maybe 6 minutes a day where it's peaceful there. :0


    Jen's Internet Family (we'll be here for Thanksgiving, I promise!)

  11. Funny you should blog about this...ever since I started blogging about my adorable 1 yr old twins it seems my back-up babysit just cannot fill in when I call her. I'm really starting to wonder. Especially since my latest post have been about them getting into anything and everything....hummmmmm. I do know for a fact she reads my blog so it's kinda got me wondering... :0)


    P.S. And I would definitely go with "Honey, I don't know what happened to the cake...I turned around for a second and ... it musta been one of the kids."

  12. edit *babysitter* - I hate when I don't proof read!

  13. I think you should pipe a big flower there, where the piece is missing. In future, you can "level" the cake and eat the part that "wasn't level" and you don't tend to get caught out that way.

    I just made that up, I never do that. Never. Um, never.

  14. You invited FIVE families to come for Thanksgiving? You are my hero.
    Or (hypothetically) you might be a bit crazy.

  15. I am not family, nor very good friends, but lets just pretend or say that none of them cancelled for ANY of those reasons and you should still write to help all else of us keep our sanity! :)...please.

  16. Your blog is delightful! Keep it up!

  17. I hope your only joking about not blogging. I would miss you if you didn't.


  18. I love your updates and all the details. I wouldn't be afraid to visit. I really hope you write a book one day. I would buy a copy for everyone i know. Reading your blog each night is the highlight of my day. You are so hilarious!

  19. We'll come! You don't know us, but we'll bring our 14 month old triplets and then you'd have enough to write about for the next week, at least! You're a wonderful mother and I LOVE your blog! I don't know how you find the time, but one must keep some secrets, right?

  20. Perhaps they are all afraid that your chicken bunch would make their kids look like hooligans...and that is why they stay away.

    I don't know of any other reason - it sounds like it's always a good time at your house!

  21. if you invited us we would SOO come, and then you'd be the scared ones :)
    Have a great holiday! I am sure it's a coincidence

  22. i love reading about your escapades, but you do frigten me sometimes with the glimspes of our future.

    only two more months until our fourth arrives!

  23. one of many cuzzins'11/13/07, 11:17 AM

    Ummm....HELLO??....Who got invited and who is not coming?? I guess my invite is delayed in the mail?

    Seriously Jen, do you really think that people aren't coming because of your poop eating dog and naked potty training clan running wild through your house? The entertainment your home offers IS THE REASON to visit.

    I understand your disappointment but don't be offended. Everyone is pulled in so many directions these days. I am sure those who cannot be with you are just as disappointed. They realize it is their loss and they are missing out on a Thanksgiving to remember.

    I have to work on's that for disappointing?

    Thanksgiving blessings to all!

  24. I love your blog! I come here for a dose of parenting reality and to find someone who will tell it like it is.

  25. yeah! if they don't want to visit then who wants them to visit anyway!
    we need you Jen, you make us laugh on bad days and you touch us w/your tales of lunacy and love. keep it up!

  26. Please don't stop writing! I read your blog every day and love hearing about your tales from the war zone. You are a gifted writer!!


  28. Love your blog...please don't stop writing about your daily experiences with triplets PLUS Henry. :)