Monday, November 26, 2007

leaf me alone

Today, I set off on a quest to find a tree that loses it's leaves in San Diego.

Low and behold, I found 10 of them.

The kids loved running through the leaves.

Jumping in the leaves.

Rolling in the leaves.

Getting up close and inspecting the tree where the leaves came from.

We really love trees.

But I wonder if that love is reciprocated?


  1. Yeah...Leaves! We have a few Maple Trees around the corner. Shayna loves to pick up the beautiful red leaves. BTW - LOVE the overalls! Too cute!

  2. Those Sycamore trees are probably 50-75 years old. I live on a street with 100+ year old Sycamores and they are luscious when they drop their leaves each year. Bravo for you for thinking of this and getting the kids this experience. What a great Mom you are!

  3. There ya go-Autumn, now you don't have to move.

  4. I'm so glad you found a tree and some leaves! I have always HATED raking...but last week I finally remembered how worth it it was to have to rake for the next gazillion years when the kids got to play in the piles.

  5. Hey Jen,
    I'm a regular reader but first time reply-er. I was wondering...could you post the picture of your trio screamin on Santa's lap? I remember that from the RESOLVE boards and thought it was precious! I have my mom reading your blog and would love for her to see it!


  6. I thought you were going to read the story of "Freddie the Leaf". I still have that book you gave me in the 1800's when you were a little one.
    Great pictures and great story. Carolyn Grace is the leader of the pack in height.

  7. VegeYum @ A Life (Time) of Cooking12/2/07, 5:37 AM

    of course they love you back. You only have to hug one to know that.... Go on,hug a tree. The older the better.