Saturday, November 10, 2007

is that AMERICAN dollars?

Charlie's off with the kids this morning while I am at home cleaning. Taking a quick break from my chores, I browsed over to Eurochild's website to see what the big hub-bub was with all the e-mails I've received advertising a "BIG" Veteran's Day sale.

This kickback to 1980 is what I found.

I choked and dropped my mop which knocked over my mimosa.

The thought of spending $138.00 on a jumpsuit for myself seems crazy. To spend that amount of money on clothes for a child that will outgrow it in less than six months?

Do people seriously do that??

I need a refill.


  1. You'd think with all the money they charge they would have a better looking website! I think you have to be a celebrity to shop here or something.

  2. OMG --- that was my first thought before I even finished your entry. I literally said outloud "Jen, you did NOT spend $140 on sweatsuits."

    Good girl

  3. Susan Earley11/10/07, 7:21 PM

    I absolutely LOVE to read your blog! I check it DAILY at work and it's usually before I sign in to any of my daily programs! You are so witty! In fact, I think you could actually write a book and it would be a top seller! Your babies are AMAZING as well as your stories! I am a single mother of 2. My son is 14 and my daughter is 5. Their dad is currently in Bagdad, Iraq until next July and your blog keeps me sane (funny as it sounds! lol) Keep up the great work! Thanks for the many laughs and great stories!

  4. not a chance, girlfriend.

    target and costco are my friends.

  5. wow. and (in my opinion) that isn't even cute...its a sweatsuit for crying out loud...even if its in Euros...what are people thinking? you could feed an entire village for a month in africa for that amount of money...and you are right...they outgrow it in 6 months, or like henry and creighton (mine) who eat every two hours for an hour and a half, it only takes like 2 months to outgrow!

  6. ya, i am an idiot...if it were in euros, that'd be over $200 for it in US currency...

  7. Don't you know the uglier it is the more it costs???

  8. I admit that I have spent more than that on a sweatsuit...for myself. The Boy, however, does not get $138 sweatsuits... at least not until I win the powerball. LOL!