Thursday, August 16, 2007

working his moves

When we were preparing to leave the beach, it took us a solid 10 minutes to get William away from a group of women he had struck up a conversation with. He was telling them all about the beluga whales and walrus at Sea World.

He asked "YOU go Sea World?"

Then I could see the wheels turning.

Maybe he could take them.

You know, he's almost three AND he can drive.

A tricycle.


  1. Boys! They do start young, don't they!

  2. At the kids 3rd Birthday party this year, KJ asked one of my Mommy friends is she would like to go take a nap with him. He just LOVES her. It was funny!

  3. Well, I'd go to Sea World with him!!

  4. I had a fun day at Sea World with the children. Ask them what happened when we went in to the Polar Bear Cave? They all screamed and ran when the Polar Bear roared.
    William is very outgoing. You would not catch Gracie doing that.

  5. hahahahhahhhha~ tooo cute!

  6. I think that William and Chase would be good friend (and able to pick up lots of ladies)!!! Too cute!