Wednesday, August 29, 2007

every day is party day

I may have mentioned the children's love of a birthday party.

Actually, I don't think that they grasp the concept of "birthday" they just love a party.

Preferably one where there is a cake.

And candles.

And everyone is singing.

We've gone through about 3 boxes of 36 candles in the past two months. Each night, there is a ritual that we will stick a candle in whatever it is that the children are eating for dessert - and sing happy birthday.

Ice cream sandwiches are not recommended as a candle receptacle because after singing Happy Birthday 20 times, the ice cream usually melts and the candle falls down. This might work better in a colder climate. Or, if a child only has the need to sing Happy Birthday once.

Or, can sing fast.
When Carolyn was having a particularly rough morning last week and I thought she might benefit from some quiet time, Charlie took William and Elizabeth for a bike ride, leaving us at home. Moments later, my sister Beth called and when she could hear Carolyn shrieking in the background - she suggested that we have an early morning birthday party.

Hence, I have discovered that sticking a candle in ANYTHING and letting a child sing to their heart's delight ... is a sure fire cure to the common tantrum.

It may seem like I'm rushing her to hurry up and blow out the candle - but this video clip was made with her third candle - after the first two burned down to nubs. The children will turn three on October 14 and I'd be willing to bet money (or PBK linens) that it will take no less than an hour to get all of the candles blown out on their cakes.


  1. That is sooo cute! Whenever Shayna sees someone with a hat on she starts singing, too!

  2. That is so adorable! What a cute idea :D

  3. I love how Henry is so enjoying the singing!

  4. Hi there. I found your blog today and want to say your triplets are just adorable! My BGG triplets are 13 months old. I'm so curious to see what we have to look forward to in the years to come.

  5. Oh my! How cute is she! Her rendition of Happy Birthday is BRILLIANT! And a very timely post; today is my birthday. I had a cake with candles, though. I'm glad we're not the only people who have to go through the blowing out rigamarole at least three times before every child is satisfied. Wax and spit on a cake really complete a birthday party...

  6. Apparently, watching a video of someone blowing out a candle is as interesting as actually doing it, because my kids just watched that over and over and over. Then Sarah said, "Is she a triplet?" Totally out of the blue, she said that. That cracks me up! These kid think everyone is a triplet!

  7. That was so cute! We (the boys and I) Clapped and cheered when she FINALLY did it! YEAH! Happy UnBirthday Gracie!

    We have had a lot of UnBirthday parties! So much fun.

    - bit of advise if you use white cake mix or anything but chocolate you don't have recognize the Birthday! (Chocolate makes everything official) and everyone knows the calories don't count on cakes that aren't chocolate so you can eat more!........

    It works better the Older You Get. ;-)
    Loved the video. So very cute!
    Love, Marg

  8. I was thinking that was one of those trick candles you can't blow out! Jackie

  9. Jenna--The boys just watched Carolyn sing Happy Birthday for almost half an hour. Every time I tried to go to another page, they made me go back and play it again. I think they're ready to form her first official fan club.

  10. I loved this video and it came in loud and clear. Gracie is talking so much clearer.
    Loved it,

  11. Wow, Gracie has a lot of patience (and so do you!) My boys LOVE to sing happy birthday also, but they just want to quickly blow it out so they can do it again and again!

    I LOVE the baby Henry sounds...makes me miss having a little guy around.