Wednesday, August 22, 2007

fall 2007 fashion preview

The kids are starting to dress themselves ... which has been an exercise in hilarity. This is what Carolyn came out of the nursery modeling today, following nap time.

At dinner, she was still wearing this get-up. In fact, she insisted on it.

As you can see, this garment is extremely versatile. Depending upon which arm holes you choose to place your legs, you could have a shiort (two arm holes); or a shress (neck hole).

You could, of course, also wear it as a shirt - but that's a little boring.

If you think you'd like something like this and are unable to find it in your hometown, please let me know. I'll be standing by to take orders.


  1. A Fashion Diva indeed! Could it be her namesake? Aunt Carolyn and my mother Grace were/are both have a great sense of fashion !

    Next she'll be sporting the jewels. Very cute!
    Love, Marg

  2. That's precious!! Wait until the girls are dressing up their brothers in dresses.

  3. My friends twin girlies did this as soon as they were able to dress themselves.

    The shirt worn as a skirt that is...Even in the winter you'd find them sporting their little "shresses" hehe

    I always thought it was just adorable but never dreamed I'd see another kid doing the same especially another multiple..

    And Ya know what??
    They're 5 and STILL doing this!

    Now to just convince them this isn't proper attire for pre-school! LOL