Wednesday, August 22, 2007

me NO say cheese!

When will I learn that it is not advisable to bring three two-year olds in to have their pictures professionally taken? Obviously, not yesterday, since that's when I made the appointment for today.

I thought it would be nice to have a professional portrait taken of all four children so that we could include it with the birth announcement I have yet to send out.

Similar to our last photo-going experience, the kids did fine for about two minutes and then they all started climbing in different directions. Unlike our last photo-going experience, my demeanor this time around wasn't nearly as pleasant. Probably because this time around, I was only going off of four hours of sleep from the night before and I was frustrated that our toddlers kept dropping their 7-week old baby brother. Fortunately, they were only sitting on the ground, so the fall was no more than 3-inches.

While the photographers were trying to cajole our children with various props, I promised them ice cream cones if they'd be good and sit still for a nice picture.

When that didn't work, I started threatening them with TIME OUT if they didn't sit still and stop touching and licking every.single.thing.

Including the lens on the camera.

I really didn't expect that Elizabeth would jump up and down and yell "Yay Mommy!! I want ME in time out!!"

So if the photography experience was bad for me ... if time out was a better proposition ... than the photography experience was just as grueling for the children. Clearly, my expectations for our little children's ability to sit still and follow simple directions are way too high.

Hopefully, the next time I am struck with the desire to bring all of our children in to have their pictures professionally taken ... I will at least be prepared with nail polish remover (in case William's toes are still painted red) and coordinated outfits that don't make it look like we rode in on a tractor.

I also hope that I won't be foolish enough to think that I can cut their hair in a straight line. Because if they can't sit still for a picture, they certainly can't sit still when I'm coming after them with scissors and an electric clipper.

Unfortunately, I was reminded of that again today, too.


  1. I totally feel you on this one Jen! Don't they understand that you just want one GOOD picture with everyone smiling?!?!? At least they aren't screaming (like with Santa and the Easter bunny) and they are all looking in the same direction:) I love Henry's announcement. Very cute!

  2. i think the picture of the four is absolutely beautiful just as it is.. red toe-nail polish and all. the birth announcement is also stunning!

    -jen (aka. fourjmh from resolve.. now mom of 8 month old benjamin..

  3. Aww, I'm sure that was quite a time. I've only ever tried getting pictures taken of one child, and that can be trying sometimes. I can't imagine getting 3 to sit still at the same time and keep their baby brother in check. That said, the picture really did turn out well. And that birth announcement is great!

  4. The coveralls are adorable and what? you would have preferred they dressed themselves?

  5. Here's an idea ~ maybe you've thought of but...We had a photographer come to our home. She set-up & then let everyone play & we go the BEST photos. Very natural & so sweet.

    Just idea that might work when you have more than one :) The kids are comfortable, you have snacks & change of clothes if needed. Love the pictures & the blog ~ Tam

  6. ahhhhhhh, you sound like me...only I only have 1 child....I just wrote a post about that a few weeks ago.....:) Its madness I tell you! THey look great though!

  7. Overalls and toes... it doesn't get any better! I can't wait for the Santa picture!!!!!!!!

  8. Don't take it personally, Jenna. I think it's just their age. Our last professional portrait two months ago was a similar nightmare. I ended up being in the picture holding Kirk down. For the next few photos, I'm going to hire my photographer friend to just follow us around Balboa Park like she did last year. Those shots are amazing...and she and I lost several pounds each chasing the ecstatic boys during the photo shoot.

    The picture you did get is fabulous. Your little ones are truly adorable. LOVE Henry's announcement shot.


  9. As a person who stupidly took 4 kids under 4 to get Christmas pictures done while my husband was gone last year, I can relate. I spent 4 hours at the mall and came home with one group shot that I got for free because there was a fingerprint on the camera lens and Joshua's head was blurry. They offered to retake the pictures and I stared at the lady as if she had 3 heads. I don't think so...

    That was our last photo experience until 2 months ago. I saw a request from a local photgrapher through my twins club and she was looking for multiples to photograph. She was offering a free photo session. I couldn't resist.

    Let me tell you, it is MUCH easier to get beautiful photos of your children when they are at home in their own environment. The photographer was amazed at how difficult it was to get a shot of my twins together. We did end up with the most beautiful photos though! It is well worth it to hire a pro to come to you. Trust me, you will enjoy the experience a lot more-and so will the kids!

    If you want to see some of our photo shoot, let me know!

  10. This is one reason that I am totally in awe of my step-mom ( She manages to wrangle entire packs of kids and get good photos to boot. She always tells me that the key is to have relaxed parents who step-away and let her do her job. I think a big part is because she is a rocking photographer! We have gotten some amazing shots of The Boy due ot her skills. Anyway, point is, she might have some tips for the photography problem.

    As for the hair... I tried it once with a clippers on The Boy, and I will forever pay someone else to do it now. He is a mixed baby with mixed hair, and it is a mess! LOL!

    P.S. I LOVE reading your blog!

  11. cute, cute, cute pic! William looks SO BIG.

    Pictures are always an adventure.

    Tip: try putting the baby in a basket or something, that way no one has to hold him (or worry about dropping him). I have a really good shot of my four when the baby was in a basket and the other three and simply looking at him.

  12. The picture is adorable! I completely know what it's like to have a 2 year old WANT to go into timeout. We're working on that issue right now :)

  13. That was just about as funny as the last time you got their photos taken! Very cute pictures though! I love the first one of Henry!

  14. Great pictures. Carolyn does not look 2 years old. I hope I can have some prints to show off.
    There will be many stories about how your dining room table got marked up. That means it now has character. Please do not be a "Foley" about it.

  15. Okay the red toenail cracks me up:) Very cute the outfits. (ps plaid is awful in pics) hang in there when you are old,sitting in a wheelchair in a home, laughter will boil out of you as you remember this date of licking, jumping red toenails:)