Saturday, August 04, 2007

month one: in review

It's hard to believe that it's already been one whole month since I've had at most, three hours of consecutive sleep. Aside from our beautiful baby boy joining the family one month ago today, here are some other interesting things that have happened:
  • I learned that the post c-section restrictions for not lifting objects heavier than your newborn baby and not driving for six weeks, are asinine when you have 2-year old triplets at home, several doctor appointments and the yearly sale at REI to attend.

  • I learned that not adhering to the post c-section restrictions are probably what is taking me so much longer than expected, to heal. Although, I did get some fantastic new shirts and a new pair of shoes.
  • I learned that it is possible to not only nurse a baby while they are suspended vertically in a Baby Bjorn - it is also possible to go to the bathroom, while nursing, provided you have on drawstring pants.
  • I learned that while wearing a baby, it is also possible to change the diapers of extremely fidgety toddlers, load and unload the dishwasher, prepare breakfast, prepare lunch, prepare dinner, update my blog, pay the bills, make a bed, walk around the San Diego Zoo and push children on the swings at the park. Vacuuming is definitely possible but mopping the floor is a bit more challenging.
  • I learned that nursing a baby, while they are vertically suspended in a Baby Bjorn while doing any of the aforementioned tasks, is why I still need to bite down on a burp cloth during latch-on. It's absolutely amazing the vacuum power that Henry exerts and how he is able to stay attached while he's swinging like a monkey.
  • I learned that I am not nearly as modest with breastfeeding this time as I was with our triplets because it is extremely difficult to be discreet when you are nursing a baby while multi-tasking. (And who is swinging like a monkey.) For the record: It's just skin. I've seen dresses at the Academy Awards that cover less.
  • I have learned that a 32-pound child can still fit in a Baby Bjorn and will insist on being carried around in it at least once a day.
  • I learned that even if I wanted to stop nursing, it is much easier than preparing bottles, packing bottles for outings, cleaning bottles and sitting down to feed. As such, I will continue to clamp down on my burp cloth because I have faith that any day now (Please God!), I won't even know when Henry's latched on.
  • I learned that nothing brings our children as much joy as rubbing shaving cream all over my mother's legs, the sliding glass door and each other ... blowing bubbles on a summer night ... or playing catch with Jimbo. Except eating ice cream.

  • I learned that the average American consumes 22 quarts of ice cream, per year. I have calculated that at our house, that consumption is around 96 quarts per year for people over the age of three ... seven quarts a year for people under the age of three (with teeth).

  • I learned that it is impossible to keep ice cream in a cooler packed with ice, which is necessary in the middle of the summer when the compressor on your newly repaired refrigerator fails less than five weeks after having been repaired, and a service technician is not available until August 9th. I think that somewhere, someone is in the possession of a voodoo appliance doll, that they are jabbing with pins.
  • I learned that the only thing worse than having no ice cream, is having luke warm beer. Especially when you are a nursing mother who relies on her daily beer.
  • Searing c-section incision pain, lack of sleep, aching nipples and all of our food packed in coolers aside ... whenever I look in to these little faces, I am instantly reminded that I am the luckiest person alive.


  1. ...and you thought hiking up to the Bonanza King Formation (with a hangover) was hard! HA! Those profs really trained us well!

  2. Jen- Henry is so cute in that picture I just can't believe it! What a doll! Actually he IS your doll! Since you aren't about modesty anymore, please get a good picture of the vertical nursing for us, will ya?

    Glad to see you are out and about and still functioning without sleep. That is awesome, Jen!

  3. how old is that fridge again? cause it sounds like it's time for a new one or at least a free follow-up repair job. And August 9th? that's absurd!
    I think Henry looks just like you! And despite the multi-tasking you do seem like you have fun every day w/all those kiddos!

  4. It is great to see the pictures and realize that we were there and joined in the fun. Love those new PJ's. They look so big and grown up in them. Henry looks huge--all done by Mom.
    MOm and Jimbo

  5. That shaving cream play looks like more fun than anything. I can't imagine the clean up. Yikes! Your mom is brave.

  6. Oops, I forgot to leave my name on the shaving cream post.


  7. No driving for 6 weeks? What was your doctor smoking? Mine just won't let me drive for two weeks. She won't budge on the not carrying anything heavier than the baby though. It's only been 4 days, but I doubt I'll make it very far without carrying my own 2 year old...

  8. That is the second time in 24 hours I've heard tell of someone successfully breastfeeding in a bjorn. Good for you! Your "girls" must still be where they belong. My son would have to be UPSIDE DOWN in the bjorn at this point if he were to reach my nipple.

  9. Henry is William's clone, eh?? You are amazing; c-section or not, the section simply gives you MEGA bonus points. DO take care of yourself though.

  10. You are even more amazing than I thought you were...

  11. so cute!
    sounds like you are doing great!

    you know, I know this sounds weird and I can't believe I am feeling it let alone saying it BUT, I miss haveing someone nurseing 24/7 and dangling there. There is nothing sweeter than that milky smile at the end.

  12. What a cute post. You are a super star!

  13. I really don't know how you do it. Whatever it is, I need me some of that!

  14. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I went to dinner with my triplet mom friends a few nights ago too, and we left the restaurant at 9pm. 9pm! Us Vegas HOMs are completely unworthy or you crazy California HOMs.

    I cant' even imagine when you guys would get home if you lived here.

    "Ma'am step away from the slot machine. Put down the drink. I know you have a baby under that napkin. Don't make me call CPS lady! It's 4am. Go home!"

  15. are way too funny! I love to hear your stories! One busy momma you are! Kudos for continuing to nurse. That pain is like no other pain I've ever known! Those silly lactation consultants..."it shouldn't hurt" they say...urgh...what do they know anyhow? :)

  16. Oh honey! You give me much inspiration. I have 1 two year old and a 3 week old. If you can get housework done with tripplets AND a newborn, I can too!