Wednesday, April 02, 2008

have cape. will ride. but ONLY downhill

My superhero had an emotional collapse today when his efforts at riding down our semi-steep driveway on his tricycle, were thwarted by gymnastic mats strategically placed by his mother to prevent him from barreling in to the street. It seems that there are few things in this world that he enjoys more, at almost 3.5-years old, than riding his tricycle down hill.

While wearing a cape that flows out behind him.

Although I had reservations about going for a walk around the block - with a temperamental cape wearing toddler and his tricycle - and a fairy butterfly princess and her dog (it's difficult to see her dress and wings, I'll post a closeup some time soon) - while pushing a double stroller full of two sick and coughing children, I finally conceded.

After going down the only hill on our two-mile walk, I felt that the money we spent for dog school was well placed. If not for Molly's unwavering obedience, I never would have been able to use her leash to pull William and his sidekick, Baby Panda, the 1.98-miles back to our house.

I have no doubt we'd still be out there.

Ten hours later.


  1. We used to park our van sideways across the end of our drive to keep the kids from ending up in the streets - now they move the cars that way to contain the basketball when they're playing. Of course we don't have gymnastic mats.
    Did the dog get a treat after that walk.

  2. So cute and Smart TOO!

  3. Please do tell -- where oh where did you get that FABULOUS cape?

  4. Laura - I bought the cape at a nice toy store in our area.

    However, from the label on the inside, it appears that it was made my Creative Education. They have a website, which I just took a moment to peruse (looks like they have a lot of other great stuff).

    The address is: