Wednesday, May 13, 2009

what's in you wednesday

This past weekend, Charlie and I were supposed to meet with our team for the 20 mile "long" run, but neither one of us made it. As you can probably tell, we've been pretty lame about making any of the weekend training runs because they are just so long.

And well, long.

Now we know that these long runs are intended to prepare us for the marathon that we are scheduled to complete in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS but come on! Weekends are sacred around here. And I maintain a state of denial optimism that sleeping with the most recent issue of Runner's World under my pillow is helping me prepare for this race in an osmotic kind of way.

My mind is definitely ready for the race. Why, just this past week we received our marathon registration packets - and we immediately cracked open a bottle of wine to suppress the anxiety attack celebrate.

On Saturday, when our team was out doing a 20-mile run, Charlie and I were at home eating pancakes (aka: Carb Loading). And then, we put all four children in to double strollers and we set off on a 10-mile run. And YES, as a matter of fact, there was SOME running involved.

Now we firmly believe that 10-miles with children, is the equivalent of 20-miles without children. And I'm certain that there is a mathematical equation somewhere that validates this theory. Energy expelled times caloritic destruction minus the 12 granola bars we ate, times two, minus the tangent of the hills we had to climb. Squared.

My Aunt Grace called this morning and she told me that my cousin, Margaret, was feeling very discouraged. Apparently, Margaret's team also had their 20-mile "long" run this past weekend and Margaret was disappointed because she was the only team member on the team that had to stop and walk for a portion of it.

And well, I didn't have much to say except I had to stop and walk one day last week when I tried to sprint down the street to our mailbox. I just wish that I could run as fast as I could eat an entire chocolate cake.

OK, seriously. Have you established any goals for yourself?

Where are our iPod winners? What are they up to these days?

Bring it on!!

Or ... at a minimum, remind me why I keep writing these weekly posts that clearly document why I will require resuscitation on the race course?


  1. You are a great writer - you can do the run - but good luck - I know I couldn't!

  2. Okay, so now I need a new goal...
    Maybe another 1/2 marathon at some point, but I think I should just make my goal to actually run again...this week! I haven't run since my race and I'm starting to feel pretty round.

  3. Shayna asked what was on that plate... I told her that was Jenna's chocolate cake (or what was left of it) and she said, "WOW! She's a mess!" LOL.. I almost peed my pants!

  4. Haven't been up to much, BUT my friend (turning 30) and I (turning 40, gah!) are committing to do this race.

    Want to join us?

  5. Getting there! Today I had the option of sitting in the house but instead chose to take the three kids out in the thunderstorm to get to the Y!! Yay, me!
    AND, I told my husband that your husband made you a whole chocolate cake. He ran out and got me a junior hot fudge cake from Frisch's so I wouldn't have a whole cake to eat. Because I would. So that was good in it's own strange way.

  6. Because you are an eternal optimist! I wouldn't make it 20 feet in my condition and just think of all the running your getting in chasing after Henry.

  7. I haven't done much in the way of exercising lately, but I did take the first step in placing a reservation (and paid!) for the new Wii Fitness Game (Active) That counts for SOMETHING, right? I mean, we did walk around the mall to find the game store......

  8. Girl you better do some long runs over the next three weeks because the marathon is going to kick your butt, long runs or not. You are going to be wiped out for a couple of days following, I'm just saying...
    I haven't even loaded any music on my IPod yet thankyouverymuch! I'm in a rut, gotta climb out of it pronto!!
    Good Luck with the marathon. My husband, son in law and friend ran the Flying Pig in Cincinnati. I think the female who won is from CA.
    Take care, Denise xx

  9. I have set goals. Can't say that I have met them all...but I am trying. My goals, lower cholesterol, lower blood presure, loose 20 pounds. I am walking 3 miles a day, riding my bike, and joined weight watchers. I want to be around to see my girls grow up!

  10. This is interesting timing...I just took my practically-same-birthday as-Henry's child to the hair salon for the first time. I've been butchering it myself up until now...and posted about it as well.

    Clippers can be dangerous, I always do MUCH more damage with the clippers than I could have possibly managed with my haircuttin' scissors.

    You're right...still cute.

  11. What's in me Wednesday? Well I fell off the wagon. A matter of circumstance (that I can't share here) but I am trying to get myself together. I actually rode my bike a little yesterday and did lots of yard work (does that count)? I have been good about eating healthier (I do have a chocolate problem, but I have not endulged too much). Hopefully next Wednesday I can say that I have exercised more.

  12. Jen,
    I am of course late in posting. But I am offically down 60lbs in less than 4 months, and am training to do a 5k. I am kicking butt and am so proud of myself. I found inspiration in you training with four kids I can with three. I have no excuses to make. I hit the gym sometimes as early as 4am so I can workout 6 days a week. Thank you for the push and inspiration. I have 30lbs to go for my goal and feel AMAZING!!

  13. You can do it Jen! I do believe you're on to something about running while pushing a stroller is equal to something greater in the non-stroller pushing world. I feel the same way about walking the dog when he's in "adventure mode" and walking on my own.

    I did my first half marathon 2 weeks ago, and finally blogged about it today.

    You'll do just fine - and there's nothing that says you have to run all 26.2 miles, right?