Monday, May 18, 2009

a prince and his princess

Although I have an arsenal of User Guides and various Adobe Photoshop Tutorial books, I have no clue what I am doing in Photoshop. Nor does Charlie. We spent almost four hours the other night trying to make "simple" edits to these pictures. In the course of this editing process, we wound up crashing our Macintosh computer.

Based on all the commercials I've seen about Macs, I didn't think that it was possible to crash a system. But apparently it is.

Charlie dropped our computer off yesterday for a little "vacation" after what can only be described as a black screen of death slowly descended across the entire screen with a message that flashed (in several languages) "system failure."

Hopefully, our computer will be restored to working order soon.

Hopefully, the 24,000 pictures that I've taken over the past four and a half years have been backed up properly.

Hopefully, this photo - which was uploaded to Flickr mere seconds before my computer crashed, isn't symbolic in that, I can just kiss my computer and ALL of it's contents good bye.

Hopefully, you'll agree that although my photo editing skills might be a little shoddy, this is quite possibly the cutest picture I've ever posted on my blog.

Last week they were a prince and princess.

Today, they were earthworms crawling around the dirt in the backyard.

Every day, it's something new.

(PS: This update was done on a work computer. But it certainly makes me think that investing in a back up computer for the house isn't a bad idea at all. Good heavens! What if I had NO computer access? Would the world continue to spin on it's axis, or fall straight off?)


  1. Ok... that is pretty impressive... crashing a Mac. It's hard but it can be done. Crossing my fingers that everything is returned ok ;~)

    Oh... and cutest picture ever (sans any of my child of course ;~)

  2. How cute! I agree these are possibly the cutest pictures I have seen on your site. And to transform from prince and princess to earthworm what a transformation;)
    Hope your computer will be restored to full health soon.

  3. Totally precious pictures. I love them!

    I am sorry to hear about your Mac. We are an all Mac family and we love them but they are for sure not foolproof! I hope all your pictures are safe and sound!

  4. You're right, that is the sweetest! I love these in B&W -- they look just perfect!

    I am a self taught photoshop junkie -- I have found a lot of help with various tutorials on the internet (what exactly did people do before the internet anyway!?) -- there are tons of different sites, Pioneer Woman has several that are easy to follow.

    Hope that your computer survives!

  5. Oh my gosh, those pictures are priceless and hope you can get your computer and pictures come back soon and safely. Those are perfect pictures!

  6. Oh my ghosh! so so cute pics. i just love this blog...

  7. These pics are BEAUTIFUL! Hope the computer is up & running!!!

  8. even i am little like u trying to do whatever i can to bring in few magic in the pics i take and photoshop is latin to me.......
    came across two sites which is helping me immensely in my photoshop sharing it with u here.....

    they have come up with few photoshop "actions" which will bring out those magical touch to ur pics.......enjoy the photoshop-ing with those actions and tips!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh! No!

    Not the MAC!!!

    I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. I put all of my photos up on a passport, and back up with Time Capsule. Email me if you want the name/number of my friend, Trish's Mac guru dude. She swears by him. My oldest daughter is engaged to a Mac Genius (Bay Area though, so, boo), so I get good advice, but still have to shuffle to the Genius Bar for hardware issues.

    Also, have you tried Adobe Elements? It is supposed to be more straightforward. And iPhoto allows for some editing. Pixelmator and Skitch are fun. I goof around with Skitch (free download) for a lot of my blog photo captions and silly stuff.

    Take care.

  10. Wow, I've never heard of anyone crashing a Mac. What talent you possess!

    Those pictures made my heart melt they are so cute.