Monday, May 25, 2009

they are growing SUPER fast

Today, the kids learned how to pump on the swings.

Actually, they learned how to kick off from the ground as hard as they could, until they were swinging high in to the top leaves of the giant bird of paradise.

For as long as the kids have been swinging in swings...

They've required my help to go anywhere.

For a moment today, when I went outside to tell the kids I was there to help them go "SUPER FAST!" and they told me, "No Mom, we can do it by all by ourselves!" I began to feel a little unneeded.

But then I had a great idea.

Seeing as you only learn how to pump on a swing once in your lifetime, much to my children's delight, I decided to celebrate this momentous occasion by baking up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. And well, my children need me for this particular task.

Because at least for now, they still don't know how to work the oven.


  1. What a fun post!! Great photos too : ) The still shot of the baby trips made me laugh . . .

    Are your girls identical? They sure look similar. All are SOOO cute!!

    Happy Memorial Day ~ Jeremi

  2. It's amazing how quick they grow up. I got my first casual "hey mom" the other day and it made my heart ache. He's only 2! I'm still supposed to by mommy!

    But your kids will always need you in some way, just not as much as they used to. It's kinda sad.

  3. Awe nothing like a dose of independence. Keep them under wraps as long as you can! ;-)

    See you Friday!!! EEEKKK!! (I'm so excited!) Marg.

  4. My oldest son just graduated from college - he still calls for help -maybe he just does it so i feel needed - i don't know - but i'm glad he does - - enjoy every minute - they are so beautiful.

  5. Imagine how surprised you'll be when Henry starts swinging himself next month. Austin could do it when he was two. The fourth triplet doesn't need you at all.

    Loved the pictures. Your girls are like totally identical, just like mine.

  6. Oh how cute! They do grow up so fast.

  7. Gee - I hope her dreams don't come true, for your sanity!

    My monkey drew a similar picture when I was pregnant with the chipmunk, except he only put one baby in my tummy - thank goodness! (drawing can be found at my old blog:

  8. Seriously, you made me tear up. So sweet.