Saturday, May 30, 2009

T minus 32 hours

Our coach says we need to get at least 10 hours of sleep tonight ... which I believe might be more sleep than I've had in the past two nights ... so instead of waxing poetic about each of the pictures in this post, I just want to point out that the third member of our GO DEANA GO team arrived on the scene today.

Welcome to California, Margaret!!

Welcome to California Brian and Alexander!!

Look ... BOATS!!

We spent a few hours sight seeing this afternoon before ...

... we picked up our race packets and bib numbers at the convention center.

We took pictures of totally random things that had the word "Marathon" written on them and we freaked out A LOT that we are actually doing this (OMG! OMG! OMG!) in less than two days.

We went shopping for some last minute supplies...

Including some very important ... um ... race gear.

We rode a diagonal elevator while impersonating the Verizon bars.

And we went out to dinner. Of course by the time we went out to dinner, Margaret and her crew had been up for almost 24 hours, although I'm sure you'd never guess that they were tired from this picture. Poor Brian actually fell asleep while he was eating his french fries. It's just a good thing Charlie was sitting next to him or he might have done a face plant right in to his ketchup.

The man that sat at the table next to us during dinner told us that he was going to be pushing his wheelchair in the marathon on Sunday. He has apparently done marathons all over the world in his wheelchair. When the kids asked him how he hurt his legs, he said that he fell out of the sky like something from Chicken Little. During a parachuting adventure, his parachute didn't open and he broke his back which resulted in paralysis from his waist down.

It's a miracle he's alive. If it was me, I doubt I would have survived. If the fall didn't kill me, the realization that my parachute wasn't going to open most definitely would have.

So not only should you never parachute ...

You should learn how to swim.

Lastly, you should sign up for a marathon at some point in your life. Because if the mere registration for this race is any indication of how much fun we are going to have on Sunday, I'm sure we are in for the best adventure of our life.

Or ... something.

Thank you again - a million times over - for all of you who have helped make this possible. Although you aren't here with us ... you are definitely in our hearts.

Especially you, Deana.


  1. I've been reading about your marathon for weeks now and I just woke up to the fact that it is the Rock and Roll Marathon. I think my friend, Jenny Masche, mom of sextuplets, is running also. May you Moms of multiples complete your race in great time!! (and the rest of your running party also!)

  2. Good luck! You are truly inspirational and I have so much respect for you all. You've had every excuse in the book NOT to run this marathon - and you've not used one. Fantastic. Can't wait to hear how you get on.

  3. Best of luck! I'll be rooting for you from the comfort of my house today.

  4. Good luck for your race...I mean run! I have been following your blog for sometime and am constantly amazed by your positive out look on life! I hope it goes/went well.

    Emily, England.

  5. The cow bells will be clanging for all three of you here in New York! Go guys, Go!

  6. "We rode a diagonal elevator while impersonating the Verizon bars."

    That? Was awesome. And so are you for doing this marathon. Wow. You go girl!

  7. Wish I were there!!! I could make Scharffen Berger cookies to snack on during the run. You have to keep your strength up. Good Luck guys and have fun!!


  8. Good luck, guys! Thinking of you!

  9. I'm so excited for you! Wish I was there ringing my cowbell! Enjoy your night away! You will do great!

  10. Thinkin of you all. Good luck! Break a leg! don't.

  11. Best of Luck to all of you. I know you will have a great time and many laughs along the way. No matter how long it takes. You can do it..

    Peg O.

  12. One of many cuzzins!5/30/09, 11:04 AM


    You are an AMAZING TEAM! You make us proud. I wish I could be there to celebrate this AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT and UNBELIEVABLE gift you are giving to Deanna and so many others.

    You can DO IT!
    Love yas,

  13. Have a blast, or at least don't curse too loudly out on the course!

    Wishing you lots of luck!

  14. "the realization that my parachute wasn't going to open most definitely would have." - LOL!

    I am so excited for you guys! I can't wait to hear a play by play of the marathon.

    Also... Hi Margaret!

    Good luck to all 3 of you!

  15. BEST OF LUCK to the three of you!!!!

    Have a great run. I'll keep you (and Deana) in my thoughts tomorrow.

    sleep well. :)


  16. Hope you won't need the hands free pump bra on your race.
    I'm sending you power vibes!!

    Tracy B

  17. Hi to my biggest fans!!!!! I wanted to wish you all good luck in the race and thank you for all you have done to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma(my type of cancer) Society. You guys are amazing & my heroes.

    As a matter of fact I want to send a BIG shout out to Margaret for the AMAZING amount of money she raised. I just received the racing jersey she sent me today, just in time for the race. I will hold on to it tightly on Sunday as you all are running in my name. I loved seeing the picture of Margaret and putting a face to the name. Thank you, Thank you Margaret.

    Love your team name. Go Deana Go. I am so honored.

    You guys be safe out there. Don't over do it if you can't make it the whole 26 miles. The fact of the matter is you gave it your all and raised the money for the society.

    I will be at the hospital on Sunday getting blood work & the big shot to make my stem cells jump out of my blood stream.

    Thinking of each other on Sunday. Bless you all.


  18. Best thoughts of you tomorrow. I've participated in a lot of races, and I know how excited you're going to be at .. what .. 6:00AM????? It will be over before you know it. Can't wait to read your race report!!!

  19. Good luck guys. Cow bells are ringing for you here on LI

    (Carolyn's Boards)

  20. YAHOO!!!! Marathon Eve!!!! "You will, you will, rock it." (Obviously to the tune of that Queen song.)

    So fun to see my new Virtual Best Friend (VBF) Margaret out there in California...cannot wait to see the next guys will all be fantastic...and you are doing an amazing, fabulous thing.

    ...I have to admit I'm REALLY interested to hear how the nursing conundrum works out...

    Anyway, have fun...I find inspiration at Amazing Trips every single day...your lives are making such an impact...I am GRATEFUL for who you are!

  21. Buena suerte to all three of you! You really have a humungous team pulling for you AND Deanna spread all over the world. Lots of hugs and positive energy for tomorrow.