Thursday, May 14, 2009

they make it look SO easy

For a while there - before Charlie hid the clippers and scissors - I was cutting our children's hair.

I made the decision to cut our children's hair, even though I have absolutely NO professional training in the personal beautification arena, because taking small children to get their hair cut was a real chore. And, seeing as their hair grew so fast and their heads were so small, if I didn't get their hair cut at least once a month, it looked unruly.

And, it's not like getting a child's hair cut by a professional is cheap.

It seemed to me that all the convenient salons that were relatively inexpensive, only had one stylist working at a time. So while one child got their hair cut, I would have to sit and wait and do my best to occupy the others. While telling them, innumerable times, to stop rolling around on the floor and no you cannot have a lollipop until it's your turn.

No. Not Yet.

No. Still Not Yet.

Unfortunately, there are no beauty schools nearby. At least none that are immediately visible or have flashing neon signs pointing to the entrance that read, "PULL THE VAN OVER AND STOP HERE, JEN!"

Last year, I found a children's salon that is close to our house, has multiple stylists on staff that can cut all of our children's hair at once, and they do a good job. Although, I think they're a little pricey since it costs around $15.00 per cut, per child. Not including a tip. And, there's still the hassle of either scheduling a cut - or - getting all the kids there at an off-time when I can swoop in and get everyone's hair cut at once.

Who can handle all that inconvenience?

Certainly not me.

Besides, every time I took the children to get their hair cut, I carefully watched exactly what they did. And, it really looks simple enough.

Soooo. One day this past week, when Charlie was out running an errand, I decided that I should try my hand at cutting the children's hair again. Now, I've never cut Henry's hair before. But I thought it would be easy to follow the "lines" from his last hair cut.

Unfortunately, my razor didn't really cooperate.

Things got a little funky at the front. And on the sides.

And in the back.

But he's still adorable and cute enough to spread on toast (and eat!) ... me thinks.

(Would you LOOK at what my mother did to me?)

(I'll bet she thinks my father isn't going to notice.)

(Where is he, anyway? Why isn't he here PROTECTING me?!)

Henry, what do you think?

I think it's going to take a lot more than ice cream to buy my silence. And you can FORGET about weaning because those apples are mine for another 22 months.

Hmm. OK then.

Maybe next time we'll go back to the salon.


  1. There is a possibility that if you keep practicing you could get the hang of it, that is if Charlie ever leaves you home alone again!

    A crazy haircut is a childhood right of passage - and yes, he is still darling!

  2. He is SO cute, and at least, being a boy, any "short hair look" works, it's not a big deal at all.

    It's so true that hairstylists make all of this stuff look so simple, but it seems so damn impossible to do it yourself afterwards! I even find blow drying my own hair sylishly difficult... I mean, seriously, BLOW DRYING. lol. Thank goodness for hair straighteners solving my problem.

  3. My clippers came with a video that made a lot of sense. Of course, now, one of my boys actually wants something medium length with his hair - so far I'm just winging it (and praying), but he's happy and DH says it looks ok. Oh, and my husband actually lets me cut HIS hair.

  4. last time mike cut duncan's hair he ended up practically bald. i got that buzz cut i always wanted on him but boy, did my heart sink when i saw it in progress.

  5. Jen, I say this with great affection........."Don't quit your day job!" LOL Reminds me of Wally taking the buzzer to the twins heads in the playhouse. Believe me, there is a reason why I charge $25 for a children's cut.....for one isn't as easy as it looks is it? Especially when they are moving their heads all over the place. Don't will grown out in about 5 weeks and you can try it again...OR....I can always fly out....LOL


  6. I laughed so hard at this b/c I have been wanting to cute my little man's hair but my husband has threatened my life b/c I have no clue what I am doing either.

  7. Poor little Henry! Good thing he is so cute--no one will notice!??

  8. I think it's perfect. I wouldn't go back to teh salon. You did great. And every time you do it again, you'll get more confident. Great job!

  9. Are you sure you did that?? Maybe Wally had a part in it.
    Mom is much much better today.

  10. Wow, don't quit your day job! In Arctic Alaska, we have NO hair salon's so we're forced at an early age to learn the art of "clippers." So, I can't say I share your skills...but I enjoyed the laugh.

    Your son is so adorable, the haircut is OK!

  11. Anne Marie / Finnskimo:

    The original title I had for this post was, "I'm reconsidering a new career."


    You no like my cutting skilz?

  12. I used to cut my son's hair...
    until he learned to drive and for some reason always finds time to get it done at the mall before I get a hold of him. Must have something to do with the time I cut him and made his ear bleed.....

  13. I think it's time for the Flowbee! here's the link, girlfriend:

  14. Oh he's gorgeous but I reckon you should step away from the scissors slowly with your hands up where I can see them.

  15. Ha ha - I remember when Wally cut the twins hair - Henry looks much better than they did! we were just talking about that at Easter! They were stylin'!

  16. He's adorable either way. Look at it this way, it should grow out by his birthday.


  17. Um...hmm. Yeah. LOL!

    There is a reason geology is such a passion for you. LOL!

    But yes, he is still darling.

  18. Ha! I remember my mother sitting me on the picnic table in our backyard on Walnut St and chopping my hair into a fabulous pixie. This clearly must be a legacy from our neighborhood!


  19. We boycotted haircuts after this experience and he doesn't sit still for us to cut his hair without tears and him losing an ear so I boycotted haircuts for about 4 months. He was looking pretty shaggy. Thank goodness for granparents. Grandpa took him in and even though he was still terrified, he didn't want to fight with grandpa so he sat still! SOOOOOOO..... my only suggestion is grandparents which helps you 0% since your parents aren't local. I'm pretty sure that if we weren't need grandpa then my son would be wearing barrettes by now.

  20. Don't stop. I have been cutting the hair of my 3 since they were babies. I can do a very neat bob, any length from right below the ears to the shoulders. My son is a little monster and refuses to go to a hairdresser. I started cutting his hair when he was 12 months old and I am still doing it now that he is 9. I bought some clippers last year and it is so much easier than using scisors. Having practice now for almost 12 years I can confidentally cut my children's hair perfectly well and save a little fortune. My husband still refuse to let me loose on his hair.
    3 children 12, 12 and 9

  21. Hi Jen,

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog and leave such a nice comment. I just looked through a few of your entries and have to say, you're an inspiration! Your family is beautiful. nd all the balls you juggle, wow! Running has always been intriguing to me and one of these days I'm going to work on getting serious with it for myself.

    Had to laugh, I feel like most of my time each day is spent cleaning our kitchen too (and it's a really small kitchen) and I DREAD when nap time ends at our house.

  22. I want to say good try, but I'm too busy laughing! ;-)

    I know I'm crazy and can get away with it because I have a girl, but I still haven't gotten her hair cut. She is 2 years and 2 months old. I just can't bare to yet! Although I'm getting closer to being ready for it. I'm totally nuts, right?

  23. I know taking them to a salon is a pain, but I would up doing what you did to my boys if I didn't!!

  24. I showed the boys these pictures and told them that's what they do to children in California who don't get thier hair cuts and its even worse if they misbehave!

    If they start to cry when they see you -- you'll understand why. ;-)

    Your a much better mother than hairdresser. Love, Marg

  25. Really so sweet.Henry so cute. The hairstyle makes him sooooo cute!And your a good mother,too.

  26. Henry is still cute as ever ...I gave up trimming my eldest when I almost scalped him with the clippers.
    I wouldn't stand a chance with my two year old twins.
    Unruly rules here in the name of $

  27. So I'm on my husband's computer, but this is Holly....
    Henry is to cute. His hair looks fine...I have been cutting Fiona and Shep's hair since they were 1. This sounds kind of weird, but when I'm doing Shep's hair. I take a week to do it. At the beginning of the week he gets a trim above his ears, the next tub I'll clean up the back of his neck, the next tub, I'll cut his bangs...etc...Its kind of like the never ending haircut..but since I'm only doing a little he listens to me relatively clean up is easy and he doesn't get a chance to get too itchy.

  28. You have no idea how many times I could have written a scarily similar post...but I keep trying...and keep screwing up my son's haircuts. And it always ends with " time we are going to the salon!" And then a month passes and I think...that $20 would be better spent on clothes or a fun outing...I'm sure I can handle this myself...and then it ends the same way. Last month, I just threw out the clippers.