Thursday, May 29, 2008

working from home

Shown below are two videos that I filmed earlier this week.

The first one was when I was trying to capture Henry doing patty-cake and in the process, caught Elizabeth pulling the full-sized comforter off her bed. I love the way she smiles and waves as she walks past the camera, dragging her pristine white quilt across the kitchen floor.

Meanwhile, Carolyn and William are completely emptying the contents of their dressers on to the floors in their bedrooms. Because that's what our children do, several times a day. I'm beginning to wonder why I even waste my time folding clothes. I should just keep them in a big bin in the family room.

Charlie, who had been "working" in our dining room, graciously stepped in to intervene - in his pajamas - because I was in the midst of filming patty-cake and didn't want couldn't put down the camera ... and well, this small clip perfectly captures what it's like working from home around here.

Chances are, you're in your PJ's, stepping in to help with whatever at a moment's notice. Oddly enough, even with the domestic distractions - my productivity is higher at home then when I'm in an office.

The second one was when I was trying to capture Henry walking behind his corn popper. This was the first time he had completed this feat, as evidenced by Elizabeth yelling "Henwee WALKING!!!" And in the process, caught Carolyn upset that William had taken - of all things - a banana.

Once again, Charlie is there to intervene and I'm thoroughly happy that we are both home as much as we are these days ... because a 2:1 ratio is quite often a whole lot better than a 4:1 ratio particularly when you have "fruity" toddler situations that need to be diffused and an adorable nearly-toddler to be videotaping.

Besides that, happy hour is a whole lot happier with another adult around.


  1. What a life you guys have. Those lucky kids being born into the Lawrence Family. Great Job!
    Put a brick in Henry's diaper--he is ready to run.

  2. The EVIL twin would have said something like" @$&*@$^ down(@*&$(@*^$camera@($*&@($watch your #&$^*@kids" I am so glad you got the good twin!( n that the evil twin is long gone) Your kids are adorable. I can't believe Henwee is already walking it seems like just yesterday he entered this busy world! Way to go mom on being first! Woohoo!

  3. Karen in Buffalo5/29/08, 12:39 PM

    Love that I can finally view your videos (recently upgraded internet service!). So precious!
    I also love to see other parents stepping over the gates, like Charlie did in the 1st video. I'm hoping that it is toning some muscle group so that I can guiltlessly claim that I get some form of exercise (on top of running after 2 yr old girls!)

  4. Karen in Buffalo5/29/08, 12:44 PM

    me again...

    Just as I was moving to my e-mail I remembered to click on your pink ribbon link. Once there I remembered to click on each of the tabs. IT FELT SO GOOD and was SO easy! THANK YOU for teaching me about that!

  5. Ha ha - they are just too stinkin' cute! And Henry is getting so did THAT happen?!

  6. Great videos. Your kids are adorable.

    And dumping the clothes drawers reminded me of my twins. They could dump 6 drawers of clothes in 5 minutes. I would get so tired of folding them I use to throw them on the top bunk which was not in use and just dig for their clothes.

    And I clicked the links to donate. Thanks for the links:)

  7. I can't believe Henry is only a month older than Lucie. She only just figured out how to crawl!
    I also can't believe that you get more done when you are at home. That says a lot about what your office environment is like!

  8. What adorable videos! I know this may sound a little insensitive of me, but you should post more of them (when and if you ever find the extra time!). Your babies are ADORABLE!!!!! Thanks for sharing!