Monday, May 05, 2008

month ten: in review

Yesterday, marked the 10-month anniversary of your birth. I sat down to write this review, but all of the blood flow in my body had been routed to my legs and I couldn't think of anything to write except "Oh my God I love this baby. I LOVE HIM, LOVE HIM, LOVE HIM!"

A day later, I still can't think of much more to tell you. But I'll also write that if at some point in your life you don't do any "serious" exercise for several years, it's best not to go out and run two miles. If you do, you'll pathetically hobble around like you've got a load in your pants and pray that your legs don't buckle out from beneath you with each step you take. The fact is, Henry, at 10-months old, you are walking better than your mama.

Enough about my pathetic state of fitness. This is about you, my beautiful baby boy. You continue to grow by leaps and bounds and I find myself falling more in love with you every day. You are crawling at warp speed. You can be on one side of the house and if you hear me open the refrigerator - or dishwasher - or back door - or gasp, toilet lid ... you will zoom over and be next to me, in the center of action, in no time flat. You share the same fascination that your siblings have, of getting in to absolutely everything.

Although you haven't yet taken your first unassisted step, you are cruising around all of the furniture and love to hold my hands and walk across the room. You love to splash in the water table, go for rides in the swing, blow raspberries and do a little Indian call of "oh ah oh ah oh ah ohhh" with your hand across your mouth. You still only have two teeth, although it looks like more are ready to pop out on top. You are jabbering up a storm with "Dada, Deedee, Lala and MAMAMAMAMA" which are the most proficient babbles in your repertoire at the moment.

You are loved by everyone. Except Carolyn. I'm not sure what has happened, but it seems that she has come to a place where you are nothing more than an inconvenience set out to ruin her STUFF and she will scream any time you come within five feet. Although you were able to bring an ear-to-ear smile to Grampy's face (which is quite an accomplishment) and William and Elizabeth still think you are the best thing since ice cream, whenever you get near Gracie, she'll holler "NO HENRY! NO!!!!"

But you pay her no mind, because you are extremely easy going. You don't even mind when your father does crazy things with your hair and eyebrows.

The only thing that you don't like is sleep. Sure, on occasion, you will embrace your morning and afternoon nap. But try as I might, you will protest anytime I put you down in to your crib. When you do fall asleep (during the day), you will only sleep for 45 minutes. Not a minute more. Most nights, you are asleep by 7:30 PM and will wake up sometime between 3:30 and 5:15 AM, for a quick nurse before falling back to sleep until 5:59 AM. The longest you've ever slept is when the laundry got a little out of hand and I was five a few loads behind and didn't have any clean pajamas for you. So, I put you in to your sister's size 3T and you slept from 8 PM until 6 AM. Then there was the time Elizabeth threw a huge Curious George stuffed animal in to your crib and you took a two-hour nap sleeping on top of it. I've tried replicating these scenarios with no success. But I'll continue to try. If you have memories of sleeping in a crib in pink pajamas that are three sizes too big with a huge monkey ... this is why.

With all the crawling and climbing that you have been doing, it seems logical that you would be tired at the end of a long day.

But you're simply too busy. There are places to explore, snails to munch, clothes baskets to ride, and new foods to eat.

Yesterday, while I was holding you close in the pool, I felt to the depth of my soul that you are a divine miracle. You are the light of my life. And even when you are crawling towards a full potty chair - or waking me up in the middle of the night - or not sleeping more than 45 minutes during the day - or gumming a snail - or crying and I've got three other children that all need my attention AT THAT EXACT SAME MOMENT and dinner needs to be cooked and there are five a few loads of laundry to be processed and a dog to be fed and a career to be contemplated and a host of other life issues to be considered ... I love you more than words can express and I thank God every day that you are here.

"Oh my God I love this baby. I LOVE HIM, LOVE HIM, LOVE HIM!"


  1. Henry is so darn cute lol. He is getting so big! What size clothes is he wearing now? My little girl is 10 months also and is in a size 18 months!(sometimes 12).

  2. He's beautiful! The gumming of the snail thought. Ack.

    Love the picture of him asleep with George. So cute.

  3. He is a beauty and looks just like Charlie. So glad you are enjoying him--and all the kids. I cannot believe you have 4--count em 4 children.

  4. SO very cute!

  5. Karen in Buffalo5/5/08, 8:33 PM

    Again...gorgeous little guy! Are his eyes really THAT blue?!?!

  6. And how could you not. Oh my those baby blue eyes, and chunky thighs.

  7. SOOO sweet! gettin' cuter by the posts :)

    oh oh oh if we could only figure out their weird sleeping craziness...we'd all be millionaires:)

  8. I always love reading your monthly tributes to Henry. He sure is cute!

  9. ... gumming a snail? lol! Any chance it's a gummy (worm) snail?

    Hey ... thanks for stopping by tonight. I enjoyed the company.

    Love those pics of baby Henry! He really is beautiful.


  10. Everytime you write about this sweet sweet boy, I decide I'm ready for #4. My husband is going to kill you.
    Just kidding. . .Henry is adorable!

  11. Henry is too cute. You're a fantastic photographer as well. He's getting so big... can the big birthday really be coming up so soon? Good luck for the run - I could never do that in a million years.

    I'm not sure if anyone's ever commented on this, but in my humble opinion Suri Cruise (the two year old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) is the spitting image of your girls. Take a look:

  12. Wonderful post! If only all children could be, not only loved, but cherished, as you do your little flock!!

  13. He is SOOOOO cute, Jen. I love those little cheeks. If you really stop and think about what all went in to having your sweet triplets and the whole "eating" issue, he really IS a miracle.

    What a sweet gift from God. You are so blessed.


  14. Oh what a wonderful post. Henry is an absolute doll.

    I agree with Portland granny, if only all children where this loved and cherished the world would be a much better place.

  15. oh my god hes so adorable! i love his beautiful hair in the first picture! i cant believe its been 10 months already!

  16. He is just scrumptious!!! My little one is 11 months old today and I feel the same way about her as you do about Henry. She is truly a miracle and is much loved and adored by everyone in the family (especially by her twin brothers). I loved all the pics...the last one was my favorite!!!


  17. OH wow! That was just BEAUTIFUL!
    That last picture! Those eyes! Just stunning!

  18. The Nuts Mom5/8/08, 11:15 AM

    My ovaries hurt. If I get pregnant tonight it will be your fault Jen...and Henry's.

  19. What a fabulous tribute! Gosh I wish I was younger! I want another baby. Wah.