Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I have so many things to write about, that I am nearly incapacitated with where to begin. Soon, I will write much. But first, I have to drive back to the Train Museum 45 minutes away, where Elizabeth lost one of her two bunnies earlier today. Luckily, when I called Lost And Found, someone had just turned it in.

I also need to help my husband who has completely thrown his back out during the course of building his new 5-burner barbecue and is currently, unable to walk. Can I just say HALLELUJAH his back didn't go out before he finished building the swing set for the kids??

Then I need to coordinate with Lowe's the break out and re-installation of new hardwood floors in at least two of four rooms in our house. Why? Because it seems that last year, the contractor that Lowe's hired to do this work, didn't consider the results from the moisture test completed before hand and used the wrong glue. Now, we've got entire planks that are coming up. Ooops.

I need to get organized for our community yard sale this Saturday. Because I'm in the throes of Spring Cleaning, I need to exercise great restraint and not throw out things that I might need again. Things like my scale. Or massaging foot bath.

And I need to go out and run, because I haven't been since last Saturday. Since I've already paid the money for the race and will soon have a t-shirt ... I'm committed. If it wasn't for the $160.00 I've shelled out, my plans for this evening would involve nothing more than sitting on the couch next to my immobile husband, and waving bye-bye to Jason Castro.

People talk about the endorphin rush that you get from running. I get an endorphin rush from writing. When I sit down and successfully unload my thoughts, I feel lighter than air and have a high that lasts all day.

Blogging. Jogging.

If only typing would help me lose my flabby thighs, I'd be cut.


  1. oh, i SO hear you on this one. the blogging part, i mean. there is an endorphin rush from a really good post hitting cyberspace.


    if only it burned calories, or paid the bills!

  2. Jason is done! Yikes... he's really stinking up the place! Oh yeah, go Lakers!

  3. You used to call it "cleaning out the house," - now you're calling it "putting together a 5-burner grill?" I look forward to your posts 9 months from now.....

  4. Fabulous!
    Those last few lines...the motto I live by! LOL

  5. David Cook is coming home this Friday!!!! 20 Mins from my house! The Mayhem has started:) Concert sold out. Should I go to the parade? Ahh, why not. I will wave at you:)