Wednesday, September 26, 2007

at 12 weeks

Henry is weighing in at 17 pounds.

He is ready for a size 3 diaper.

Clothes that fit him last week, don't fit this week.

I have an unopened box with 228 Size 1 diapers I bought online.

And another 300 Size 2 diapers sitting in the garage.

I'm not sure what to do with all these diapers.

I sure wish they were bigger because I could certainly use them.

Since I'm on a PTBC hiatus, I'm back to changing at least 24 diapers a day.

And, I'm still wiping up messes off the floor.

Everyone loves the baby and are very protective of him.

William jumped in when a friend's little boy tried to bounce Henry in his chair last week by saying "You no touch MY baby Henwee!!"

At least he's not calling him "Robby" any more.

The kids love to read him stories and hold him.

It is nearly impossible to keep them away.

The baby caught his first cold from his doting siblings and has a bad cough.

Still, he smiles constantly.

Except for when I walk out of sight. And then he'll cry.

When I come back in to view, his eyes light up, he pulls his hands up to his face and his whole body wriggles.

He coos and sings and is turning in to a real chatterbox. He's also starting to chew on his hands.

He's sleeping better at night, although no more than 4-5 hours at a stretch.

He typically goes to sleep for the night between 7 and 9 PM. I'll feed him once more before I go to bed and then he'll be awake for another feeding between 3:30 and 3:35 AM. GUARANTEED.

I still pull him in to bed with us when he wakes up and keep him next to me until we get up for the day.

But I'm not bothered, in the least, by the fact that I haven't had a good night sleep in several months. Because I know one day all too soon, these days will be a distant memory.

And my little baby will no longer be a little baby.

So I'm enjoying him completely.

He will wake up for the day between 7 and 8 AM and needs a nap at around 9 AM.

I can tell because he gets fussy, unless I'm holding him.

But as soon as I put him in his crib, he'll wake up crying.

Since I'm not yet ready to let him cry-it-out, I'll relent and let him sleep in the Bjorn.

He spends about five hours a day hanging on my chest. He typically nurses four out of those five hours.

Which might explain why he's 17 pounds at not quite three months old.

His sister Elizabeth - who is almost three years old - weighs 27 pounds.

She can only tolerate holding him for a minute or two before he starts to crush her and she'll cry "Aw done Mommy. AW DONE!!"

He likes Charlie, too. But Charlie rarely has the opportunity to hold him, since he is almost always with me.

A year ago at this time, I had absolutely no idea what was in store. I was a little worried how I would handle another baby.

But now, I couldn't imagine my life without him. I also couldn't love him any more than I do.

But I bet tomorrow, I will.


  1. oh jen! what a cutie he is!!!!!

  2. Mmmmmmm, he is delicious. That pic. of him looking up at you from the Bjorn is just perfect. His neck rolls are scrumptious.

  3. Oh that picture of Henry looking up at Charlie has me teary eyed! He is so beautiful.

  4. that photo of him smiling up at you from the bjorn is just amazing. it's pure adoration on his face! drink it in. :)

    love love LOVE your blog

  5. He is SO CUTE.

    I know exactly what you need to do to make good use of those diapers. Fifth baby! Oh yeah! Fifth baby! Oh yeah! TOTALLY worth it! You don't want to WASTE that diaper money.

    Or, they'd make good baby gifts. If you don't love someone enough to give them the entire ginormous box--is it the kind with smaller packages inside? You could give one of those.

  6. Henry is a beautiful child. I can see Michael K and Tommy Bullen in his face. So, we will claim him as a Coleman/Foley.
    He can probably potty train along with the Trips the way he is growing.

  7. OHHHHHHHH! HE IS GORGEOUS! What Beautiful Pictures! Loved them all. Loved the pic of William and Henry! I want to HOLD HIM!!
    Love, Marg

  8. HE is adorable. I feel the same way about my baby girl, I want to savor every moment. She was attached to me for eight months,now crawling she is GONE. She only needs me now when she is hungry. I decided they cry when we leave the room because well, wouldn't you if your scrumptious dinner just walked away?
    I called my daughter an OWL at that age, because no matter where I was she would be staring me down with those big eyes:)
    Can't wait for my camera to get here.........aaaaaaaaaaagggggggg

  9. SOOOOOO SWEET!!! and HUGE! My little guy was so much smaller, I can't imagine a baby that big- I bet its strange for you too!! How wonderful!

  10. What a beautiful post. You almost have me wanting another one. Almost.

    BTW-- he looks long too, certainly not a fat 17 pounds. Is he as longa s he looks? Not that it matters, because he's Absolutely adorable!

  11. Such a great post for such a great baby! He's just adorable.

    An idea for the diapers...when my son was young a friend told me that Walmart would exchange them for a bigger size, even without a receipt. I did that once or twice when my son outgrew his. So, you might check that out. Or maybe other stores would do that too.

  12. I also bought too many size one diapers. I plan on doing an "even exchange" at babies R us...I assume that will work. A box that I have open I am going to dole out as partial baby gifts.

    Also, it depends on the shape of your baby's rear, but MY Henry (born ten days before your Henry) is going to start sized TWO's today. I'm not sure how much he weighs, but it is AT LEAST 16 lbs. They still were fitting, I wasn't having leaks, and his butt cheeks weren't hanging out. I think we will probably spend a very short time in size twos though as a result. So anyway, maybe you can stretch the twos a bit if you have some open.

    Hey, if your mine could return all of those boxes of inferior diapers after you had the twins to stores that didn't even carry them...then I'm sure you can pull off an even exchange at a store that does :)

  13. oops, typo...
    I meant your "mom" not your "mine."

  14. You might be able to stretch the twos out during waking hours and then put a 3 on him at "night" when he's supposed to sleep longer so he doesn't have any leaks. Great pictures!

  15. I absolutely love these pictures. I agree that the picture of him looking up at you from the Bjorn is priceless. He is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby.

  16. There's nothing sweeter! I don't blame you for savoring every moment!

  17. Kathy from NJ9/27/07, 6:39 PM

    You could also give them to a food bank or women's shelter & take a tax deduction for your gift. Henry is beautiful and so fortunate to have been born into such a loving family.

  18. At least that's not the size he came out like that woman in Russia!!!

    (He is so cute. I love it when they have that drooly grin.)

  19. Oh Jen he is just absolutely adorable. That smile of his is so precious, the bjorn one is my favorite! That has love written all over it!

  20. I agree with everyone that Henry is absolutely adorable... but what really needs to be said here is... that was ONE INCREDIBLE POOP EXPLOSION!!! Go Henry, you growing boy!

  21. ADORABLE! Not the poop pic, but Henry!! 17 pounds!! Everyone keeps commenting on how big my twins look, and they're about 20 pounds at SIX months. Go Henry!

    A word on the diapers: Craigslist! I just sold some unopened formula through Craigslist-it's great!

  22. Hey! Just wanted to let you know it worked! Babies R Us let me exchange the unopened box of diapers for a new one in the correct size, no problems.