Thursday, January 17, 2008

watch and learn

It's nap time.

Four children are supposed to be in bed.

Two children are in bed.

One cried for almost an hour before falling to sleep.

One paged through a book for almost an hour before falling to sleep.

As I was sitting down for a spare moment to write a few thank you notes, one of my children came in telling me that they had a poopy diaper. Seconds later, another child came in telling me that they, too, had a poopy diaper.

Once I changed the diapers and put them back to bed, moments later they returned.

One child was holding what remained of a new poopy diaper, sans poop, and the other child was holding what remained of an 80 pack of diaper wipes, sans diaper wipes.

When I went to investigate I found poop squashed all over the floor and diaper wipes scattered all through the house.

How did I not hear them??

My thank you notes will have to wait.

For now, I am going to show my children how to eat ice cream directly out of the carton.


  1. ...don't forget the Jo-Jo's! Can't wait to see you guys on Monday!

  2. Ha ha, I like your plan of action! Go with that.

  3. At least yours didn't EAT the poop!! Write that down in your gratitude journal!

  4. Oh no!

    Why is it that pooping and nap time always seem to coincide? It's very inconvenient, don't you think?

  5. There is little I fear more than the thought of poop spread anywhere. Forget the ice cream, go straight for the vino.

  6. oh my uh oh - I can't imagine the mess.
    I need some icecream now !

  7. My 2 year old has been on a nap strike lately. My mom said those horrible words of, "Maybe he doesn't need a nap anymore."

    Perhaps he doesn't, but I need for the house to be still for at least an hour before I go crazy.

    On a much smaller scale, I feel your pain.

  8. And today I will be grateful that all of my children are potty trained. Thank you for reminding me. :)

  9. I second Ethansmama. I caught my twin brothers diaperless one day...picking the undigested raisins out of the #2 and EATING them. Arrggghhh! They're 25 now. They love hearing that story. LOL...not really.

  10. They don't do that if you are sleeping with them. They don't even have to come looking for you!!! Cuz you're right there! I'm starting a gratitude journal right now that mine don't poop at naptime! Oh thank you God!

  11. One of many cuzzins!1/18/08, 2:12 PM

    Coffee squirting out my nostrils funny!! They are so funny, that bunch you own. Remember...the broom closet and 1-2-3-4.... deep breaths, deeeep breaths.

    Sounds like you are feeling better...and that is going in MY gratitude journal.

    Regina :-)

  12. How come you dont get those crib tents?

  13. Nailgirl: No crib tents here because our kids were converted to "big" beds about ... four?? ... months ago.

    Them staying IN bed isn't the issue. It's just when they take off their poopy diapers and the poop falls OUT and rolls across the floor.

    Like a meatball, perched on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese...

  14. Sorry, after I posted that, I remember reading some of your earlier posts. Talk about a meat ball geeze.

  15. A lurker here - with two words that have done well for me - Duct Tape! Sorry about the sh*tuation!

  16. Consider yourself lucky. My daughter went through a phase where she liked to take off her poopy diaper in her crib, and "paint." EVERYWHERE. The walls, the bed, the mattress, her face and body...YUM, good times cleaning that up at least 10 times. That will definitely be the threat when she's a teenager -- "Shape up or I tell your prom date about the poop."