Monday, January 21, 2008

leisurely stroll

Almost every morning, I take the kids and the dog for a walk around the block.

Sometimes, I'll push my luck and do the "big" 1-mile loop around our neighborhood, which once was considered the "small" loop relative to the "big" 4-mile loop ... but then we had children. That's when we realized that walking 4-miles with young children - who insist on walking themselves - can take the better part of a week.

Inevitably it happens that once we are midway around the block - or the farthest possible point from our house - those children that insisted on walking and haven't caught a ride in the double stroller alongside Henry, will plop themselves down on the sidewalk and take a rest. That's when I realize that maybe purchasing a quad stroller still might not be a bad idea.

I know for a fact that the double BOB wasn't designed to hold four kids.

The only thing that is more difficult then pushing four children in a stroller designed for two, while walking a dog - is when I let the kids take their bikes and scooters on the walk ... and wind up carrying those, too.


  1. I am always so jealous when I see the pics of you taking the kids and the dog for a walk. Our neighborhood has no side walks. Very old style New England around here. And while most of our streets aren't busy I really don't want my 2-year-old getting use to the idea of walking in the streets.

    So I watch your kids and your dog and I am envious. Great way to get all of that energy out!

  2. Ah this brought back nosohappy memories of last year. I used to try and convince Ava that she didn't WANT her "bike" on our walk because inevitably I knew I'd be carrying it back. Grr. Oh but how I laugh now... not.

  3. Is Henry still little enough to fit in the Snugli? If so, maybe you could bring this along to help out in these situations. However, I'm not speaking from experience so I'm not sure if it would only add to the chaos instead of taking some of it away. Also, if you're looking into buying a something to fit four, I would suggest looking into the Step 2 Choo Choo Wagon.

  4. I love seeing that pram choc-a-block full of kiddies, delicious! Jealous!!

  5. LOL too funny!! I've BTDT, but with only ONE two-year-old!

    Have you looked into the Hitch Hiker:

    Or maybe the Strolli Rider??:

    Definitely cheaper than a quad stroller, and consider the arm workout!