Saturday, January 26, 2008

ninety minutes

The amount of time that the kids happily played in the kitchen sink.

The amount of time it took me to get all the bubbles out of the sink, clean up the soapy water from the floor and soak up the water that had spilled across the counters and dripped in to our cabinets.

This would have only taken me 20 minutes, if I hadn't seized the opportunity to scrub our floors until they shined and reorganize all of the cabinets in the kitchen. But to accomplish those tasks, without having curious children under foot, I put them back in the sink.

For another ninety minutes.

The only thing kids love more than water ... is water abounding with bubbles.

Sure, we could spend a few thousand bucks on a Rainbow play structure for the yard, but why when we have a kitchen sink and lots of soap?


  1. Hilarious! I need to try that...

  2. Fun!

    We bought a playstructure for our backyard when we moved, and the kids have played on it a sum total of 10 times in 9 months. What a waste.

    Stick with an indoor wonderland. :)

  3. That is quite possibly the biggest kitchen sink I've ever seen! I'm so jealous!

  4. We have a Rainbow warehouse and showroom here in Las Vegas. Greg takes the kids there to play and pretends like he's going to buy one. He considers it his own personal indoor playground. I wonder how long he can jerk them around before they get it? We ain't never buying one of those! They cost more than our van!

    I love that kitchen sink. I can see why you wouldn't move and leave that sink. Or your hardwood floors. Or that sink.

  5. And in the summer time we put the soap in the kiddie pool under the patio cover. You can get at least 2hours out of that.

  6. Water and BUBBLES!!!!! Can I come play? By the way where did you find that fantastic sink?