Saturday, December 15, 2007

I interrupt my Christmas card writing

To bring you a hilarious comment to my post from yesterday.

Please, do go read it.

I'm not sure who these people are that are coming to my blog and leaving me comments. I've received some real doozies lately, hence the need for comment moderation. But I probably should have just deleted the comment because in the time it took me to respond, I could have written at least FIVE Christmas cards. Although, that's just scratching the surface considering we have 200 to mail out. This is what happens when you love drama.

If you don't think the comment is funny, hopefully you'll agree that my children renaming "O'Henry Bars" to "Baby Bars" is mighty cute.


  1. Jen -
    (and only someone else breaking rules would have a reason to complain about the concerns you have)

  2. Them thar carpet cleaners need to hit Spell Check. Heck, ya think that was my neighbor? Why would you need to befriend them, you have hardwood floors. DUH!

    Man, I thought you put the comment moderation on to get rid of ME! What a disappointment! :)

  3.!! I LOVE your return comment back to the annon comment below. That is awesome and I hope (s)he reads it and has time to lick the wounds. Way to go! Avion made me laugh...really hard!

  4. oh yeah, and the baby bars...that's adorable!

  5. Your kids are to CUTE!! Your baby boy Henry is so adorable.

    P.S- People will always have bad/stupid things to say. It's better just to ignore it and focus on the better and more important things in your life.

  6. I wonder how "Anon" found your site. Does this person do searches for CC businesses and then just go to town in the comments section?

    And seriously, the misspelled words are conveniently highlighted and fixable for you, PRIOR to posting. L.A.Z.Y. The first rule in ranting is to check your spelling, people!

    Loved your response, Jen. I laughed and laughed.

  7. You tell em Jen!!! I love the Evian slam. LOL

  8. Ellen in Georgia12/16/07, 1:58 AM

    I am the mom of boy/girl twins and love reading your blog. I am always amazed at how together you are with four children. My hat is off to you! I could not help but ask what does it take to make those bars you are talking about. They look sooooo...... tasty. Will you post how to make them? Thanks, Ellen in Georgia

  9. I loved your comment back to the mean commenter! I was also amused by his spelling!

  10. Yes, my favorite part was the part about the Avion water. What is that, airplane water?? I'm glad you said something about that.

    I just want to know why it is that illiterate people feel the need to harass people online. Don't they realize how stupid they make themselves look?

  11. Wel, I'm just jelus of the anonimus poster or your eerlier post cuz he prolly didn't have to go to English class or take spelling EVER.

    I think he (or she) is afraid somebody will now decide to turn him in for his "questionable" business decisions.

  12. That guy (or girl?) was a jerk! Anyway, seeing your O'Henry (Baby) Bars made me Google the recipe...I'm happy to say that I found yours...I will be trying the yummy looking treat soon!


  13. vety the nuts mom12/16/07, 12:36 PM

    I miss reading your blog for 2 days and look at what happens!! I miss both the comment and the reply to the anon comment! Roar!!!

    What happened? What was said???

  14. Oh Jen - I just love that picture of your daughter with the O'Henry bars - It brings back so many memories of me making those with your sisters - especially Beth - she was the "Leader of the O'Henry Bars" - or just the leader of the kitchen - either way it was all good - especially the bars! As I said before my children - Mostly my oldest Patrick loves them - they are his absolute favorite! It's so cool that we have continued to make these for our kids!

    Your Old Neighbor! :)

  15. Jen, I just love your blog, and read it all the time. I turn my head for a day and oops, I missed all the drama!

    Oh well - I'm sorry you ended up losing some (precious!) card writing minutes because of obnoxious commenters!