Saturday, March 08, 2008

questions, answers, discussions, conclusions. recommendations requested.

Someone recently asked if our children only use their small potty chair or if they also use the toilet. Because I do not yet trust the kids to have unsupervised access to the bathroom, they primarily use their potty chairs. Also, our home only has two toilets - and it is often the case that all three of the kids will be sitting on the potty (and sitting and sitting) on or about the same point in time. If, however, I am not busy preparing a meal - or feeding the baby - or doing a host of other things that I am consumed with every day - I will take them in to use the "big" potty.

For the most part, the kids use one of the potty chairs I have lined up along the kitchen wall. This system works great for now and I'm sure that with time, we will adjust to the kids using the bathroom without supervision.

The only problem with my current arrangement is that Henry is like a moth drawn to flame whenever he sees a potty chair.


The UV one-piece swimsuits that the kids wear, were a Christmas gift from Alex and Kathleen and can be purchased at We used them for the first time, in the pool, yesterday and they were perfect. They provide excellent coverage and dry a lot faster than if the kids were to wear a t-shirt over their bathing suit.


We have two cameras: a Nikon D40x and a Canon PowerShot SD850 IS. I have yet to watch the instructional video that came with either camera. One day soon, I'd really love to take a photography class and gain a better understanding of Photoshop. Until then, I will be taking a lot of pictures that look like this.

And this.

And this.


Our minivan is a Toyota Sienna XLE Limited.

I really had a difficult time making the conversion to a minivan, especially since the minivan replaced our convertible BMW and Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, in the four years that we've been drivers of a minivan, I can honestly say it is a wonderful vehicle. I am so glad that we went the minivan route as opposed to a larger SUV because parking is never a problem. The sliding doors on the sides make it extremely easy to get the kids in and out - and I never have to worry about finding an oversized parking spot for fear of banging doors against other cars.

The windows in the back can go up and down, the sliding doors and tailgate are remote-control operated, there is plenty of storage space, and the fuel efficiency is considerably better than I ever had with the Jeep. The only drawback is that it seats seven people. Or six - if four of those people are in carseats.

Although, Charlie is currently negotiating for a mini-Cooper, the next vehicle that we purchase will most likely be a 12-passenger van. I suspect that we'll need to get a whole new driver's license to operate such a monstrosity.


I've recently heard that the reason the viruses that are going around are taking so long to combat, is because the antibacterial soaps and sprays people are using on their hands are making those viruses even stronger because they need to survive. And, a large portion of people that start antibiotics do not completely finish them, so those strains of bacteria become stronger, too.

Then, earlier this week, someone sent me a link to an ABC news segment that indicates Zicam causes anosmia, which is the loss of taste and smell. I had read about this allegation before, but I thought that Matrixx's response regarding "impaired" smell and taste when you have a head cold made good sense.

In light of this new information, I am seriously reconsidering the use of antibiotic hand soaps and sanitizers at all. Plain soap and water will do the trick just fine. Although I'm not entirely convinced that Zicam - if applied on a Q-Tip and not squirted directly in to your nostril - is harmful, my concern over the safety of this product has been elevated to a yellow threat level. Therefore, I will not be using it until further information becomes available.

In the meantime, I'll be consuming large quantities of wheatgrass and pomegranate juice for my physical well being, and O'Henry bars for my emotional.


On Tuesday night, our neighbors came over to watch American Idol with us. During all of the commercial breaks, we discussed happenings in the 'hood.

We discussed our neighbor and his carpet cleaning business. We discussed another neighbor who rents a room to a boarder - and we think the boarder might be selling drugs because cars show up at odds times during the day and night and only stay for five minutes before speeding away. We discussed another neighbor that spotted her husband's car outside a motel on her way home from work. She convinced the front desk clerk to give her a key and she entered the room only to find her 50-year old husband with a 20-year old.

The neighbor with the carpet cleaning business is now conducting their business, elsewhere. They are allowed to park their vehicles for up to four hours a day in their driveway, but they no longer are discharging to the storm drain (that drains to the ocean and I know this because the storm drain has a dolphin painted on it) or the sewer, and there are no longer employee vehicles parked up and down the street. Our attention is now turned to our otherneighbor and her possible drug-trafficking-boarder and the bad-ass neighbor that found her husband with another woman and threw every single one of his possessions on the front lawn before turning on the sprinklers. She then popped his tires with an ice pick and chased him screaming down the street.

Living on a ranch in Montana with no neighbors for 100 miles is starting to sound really good again.


Did I miss any questions? If so, please send me an e-mail and I promise to get them next time around.

But now! Here's a question for you!

Last week, in an attempt to get my mind off of falling 32,000 feet in a burning aircraft this coming Tuesday (March 11), I started playing with new blog templates. I also added a new statistics meter which shows the number of hits and geographic location of visitors that come to this site. I am amazed that this little blog is receiving almost 3,000 visits a day from people around the world.

In an attempt to further keep my mind off of falling 32,000 feet in a burning aircraft this coming Tuesday (March 11) ... please (please, please, please!) tell me what brought you here?

And also, what do you think of my new neon green format?

Erin Go Blah?

(Edited to add: if you missed the blog color that looked like the Hulk threw up on it, consider yourself lucky. The whole screen was the same color as the words in green, above. I've been busy hyperventilating packing all day and will provide an update, tomorrow. But I couldn't go another day knowing that I was causing retinal damage to so many good people.)


  1. I came here because I read about you in the San Diego Union Tribune. I don't live in SD anymore, but still love it and understand your desire to stay. Then, I fell in love with your charming family, and common sense approach to family life. It is a pleasure to read your blog. I have enjoyed your journeys in life so far, and look forward to what the future brings your family.

    As for the new format, I don't have a blog so I don't feel I can criticize too much, but the green hurts me eyeballs (said in my best Irish accent) and your pictures are kind of small!

  2. I like the Green. I am in northern Cali. I found you through Michelle at Four times the fun. I have four kids but none of them are multiples.

  3. I can't remember, for the life of me, how I came across your blog.
    And, no offense, but as a sufferer of migraines, the neon green blog is a little too intense for me. But I will just put on my sunglasses next time I read it, so don't change it on my account.

  4. I read your blog daily (but check it at least 2x per day!) and was so happy that you still keep it up after the arrival of Henry....I was worried that you wouldn't have time.
    In respose to the green, don't love it, but I would read your blog if it were rainbow neon with flashing dots as it is one of the most enjoyable 5 mins of my day. I only have one nearly 3 yr old and love reading the antics of your delightful family.
    I "found" you through Carolyns boards ages ago and FYI am one of your Canadian readers (although British)
    Thanks for giving us all a smile.

  5. I actually have not the slightest idea how I originally ran across you. I am sure it was a link from another blog, but other than that I'm not sure. But I think you're great, if that's any consolation!

    And I am CRAZY for St. Patrick's Day, so I like the green. Is that going to stay, or are you just trying things out?

    And it's not too hard to make a photoshop header - I think that I just googled it and found something with step by step instructions (which is pretty much how I figure out everything in photoshop) - but I am quite sure that if I can figure it out that anyone can! Although I will acknowledge that photoshop can be the most frustrating thing on the face of the planet when it won't do what you want...

  6. Jen, I miss you on babysteps. And I just love reading about your life with trips plus one, which makes my life with twins plus one seem almost mundane. Especially since mine are in school!

    Love the new look.

  7. You wondered what brings me here?? I love reading about multiples and have a number of favorite sites I visit every day. I especially like your blog because I see in you a young woman with a great sense of humor, yet a tenderness in your parenting that is exemplary! I appreciate your love for your kiddos and love your descriptions of your interactions with each child. I have so appreciated your blogs about first, your Mom, and then your Dad. Those brought me to tears. You do have a flair for writing and making great word pictures!

    I've quite fallen in love with your little family and was thinking that if I ever get your way again, I would ask if I could meet with you and meet the children. (I'm pretty harmless at 75!!)

    Thanks , too, for answering about your carpet cleaner neighbor!! My neighbor is a Roto Rooter
    man and I am so sick of his big truck and trailer hanging out into the street, I could just turn him in, but I don't. It sure wrecks the looks of the neighborhood, tho!!

    I hope you have a great flight. I always take a valium..........however I guess with two little kids, that wouldn't be too smart to knock yourself out for the flight!!

    Keep writing. Your blog brings me a lot of pleasure and many smiles.

    Have a wonderful trip. I know you will and how thrilled your Mom will be to see you.
    Joan in Portland

  8. Wow, let me be the first of 3000 to comment! I think it was the resolve board that I originally heard about you! Now I am an addicted and I read your blog religiously! You are a great mom, and all the world should know about you! :)

  9. I could sure do without the lime green background. The old one was much better.

    What brought me here, is that you have the best blog on the net. It is well written, but the thing that sets it apart are the COOL PICTURES! :D They say a picture is worth a thousand words. THEY ARE! :D

    ~Cindy! :)

  10. the milliner3/8/08, 7:21 PM

    Hey there-

    I'm a reader from Montreal,Canada, and to be honest, I can't remember what led me here. If I was to make a guess, it was a link from Ask Moxie, but honestly I can't remember (probably my pregnant brain...I missed a massage appointment (who misses a massage!) and forgot to pay 3 bills due this week...argh).

    We're expecting our first child in June, so I find it fun and interesting to read about your adventures with your triplets and son. What I like best is your honesty in whatever is going on. I'm sure that openness is helping people everywhere who are going through or feeling the same things.

    One thing regarding the flight...I always tell myself during turbulence that it's like driving on a gravel road - there's bound to be some bumps, but it's all normal.

  11. You asked how I found you? I did a google picture search at work for "child safety harnsses" as part of my job and came across your entries. I thought they were interesting, so I stuck around!

  12. Not digging the new format or colors. Just keeping it real.

  13. I'm from Indiana and visit your blog pretty much every day. I can't remember exactly how I got here-I visit Rancid Raves and My Five Little Monkeys (Jessica-she has trip boys and twin girls)--I'm almost positive I got here thru one of their sites. Anyway-I started reading around May of last year...though I've gone back and read pretty much your entire blog (I do that on the rare occasion that you don't post). I love reading about your kiddos all the time-they're adorable. About the green-I think it's fine-but when I clicked on the link to bring me to your page-the green started to pop up and my first reaction was "WHOA!" lol...but it was fine once it loaded.

  14. Love your blog. Not crazy about the green. It's hurting my eyes! - Lindsey

  15. Hi Jen,

    My name is Lisa & I am an Aussie Mum of 4 with number 5 on the way due in August.

    I came across your blog quite by accident a couple of days ago whilst searching google for info for being 16 weeks pregnant, (It's been 4 1/2 years since my last pregnancy.) It brought up a link to a belly pic from when you were 20 weeks pregnant with the triplets. Quite intrigued at the size of your belly for 20 weeks pregnant, I clicked on it (because it didn't actually say in the link anything about you being pregnant with triplets.) From that I came across the archive section of your blog.

    I am not typically a blog reader (I am so VERY slack with my own!,) but I was hooked & sat reading for a good couple of hours. Your children are absolutely gorgeous & you have a real knack for writing!

    Goodluck with your flight. I really hope that all goes well & that you have a great trip.

    Lisa from Australia

  16. I came here from another "mommy blogger" or something. I'm thinking maybe I saw you comment on Swistle's blog (which I've been reading for a long time). It was about just at the time last summer when you added Henry to your family, because I remember reading about his homecoming. And I haven't left since. Your writing is inspiring. You are such a great mom; I learn things from you all the time.

    The new format? That's REALLY green. But I usually read your blog posts from my Google Reader anyway.

  17. I don't know if I remember what brought me here. I think I started reading heavily when I was pregnant. I stick around for a glimpse of toddlerhood to come and because I really appreciate how frequent and open your posts are.

    As far as your irishy background, I don't usually see it because I read your stuff on my livejournal friends page. But, well, whoa, that is pretty darn green ;)

  18. Hi! I am a frequent reader of your blog. I love to read your stories because they are histerical. I guess what originally drew me to your blog is my desire to one day have multiples...I know crazy right?:)

  19. I really can not remember how I found your site. It was probably through a comment you may have left on someone else's site (perhaps Notes From The Trenches?)

    I have been reading your work for about year now and really enjoy it. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old and we absolutely love the Poop On The Potty Video you made. Since my "yet to be trained" 2 year old watched it, he has stopped "exploring" his work and now sings the song, asking to "watch the bideo". Thank you!

    The green has got to eyes do buggy things when I look away. It also takes away from the quality of your images.

    Great blog! Thank you for sharing!

  20. I was a fan of yours from the RESOLVE days. I was on the IF site and then graduated to the Pregnancy after IF site. I was always amazed at how together you seemed given the fact that well you had 3 kids THE SAME AGE! I gave birth to twins on St. Patrick's Day 2006 (so I LOVE the green btw) and that would have been right around the time you started this little blog that has truly become a staple in SO many lives. I appreciate your humor, honesty and well you never cease to amaze me and provide me with a the daily dose of perspective I need to deal with 2 toddlers. T

    Melissa in MN
    Mama to Ella and Parker

  21. I like the green! I can't remember how I got here the first time but once I started reading I was hooked. You make some of the funniest comments on your blog and seem to have a way to have a great sense of humor about everything in life. I think I'm addicted!

  22. Oops! It looks like we have all been caught out lurking on your blog. I suppose that it is best just to come out of the tubes and say that I have been reading your blog a few times a week for the last year and a half.

    I was sent a link from my girlfriend, and have been trying ever since to convince her that having more than two kids will rob her of both her mental sanity and dreams of running around the city in a convertible sports car. But she doesn't seem to listen for some reason.

    Keep the horror stories coming, I need my ammunition! The occasional cute photo is nice, but please always try and include two horrors for every moment of cuteness...

  23. Hello Jen from sunny Perth in Australia.

    My name is Stephanie and I have been reading your blog daily for the last 18 months or so. I really enjoy it. It is always the first thing that I check when I turn on my computer- has Jen updated her blog today??

    I love reading about the happenings of your amazing family. You have some of the most adorable babies ever. I am filing away all your useful tips, trick and techniques for when I eventually have my own small army (much to my boyfriends alarm. He thinks 2 is plenty).

    Keep the wonderful pictures and posts coming. Your 3,000+ fans are keenly awaiting your next post!!

  24. OMG, the green is WAY to bright! My eyes can't read the post.

  25. I can't remember how I got here, but I've been checking back in every day since. Brings back memories.

    I am a mom of twins, followed by two singletons - current ages - 22, 22, 19 (in two days) and 16. Where did the time go....

  26. the neon green is...well...GREEN! haha after leaving your page I was seeing everything in a slightly green hue, but its all fun haha!

    I honestly do not know how i ended up at your blog but i am sure glad i did! I have been following your blog for about 2 years now (I think) and it provides much needed humor every day.
    Thank you for everything <3

  27. I was searching for info on seperation anxiety and found a funny site that mentioned your blog. The first posting I read was about the carpet cleaning neighbor and as a chemistry and a science teacher I was cheering you on (Thanks for the update btw). I have one little man and it gives me a chuckle to read you everyday. I guess you don't get it until you have kids and I really get it now. The highs, the OMFG you didn't just do that! the snuggles.

    Thank you.

  28. I found your blog a few years ago by randomly clicking on a link at Indigo Girl's blog. I started reading the story of the triplets birth (totally amazing, crazy and touching) and have kept reading ever since. Your kids are similar ages to my second and third children so I often find myself identifying with what you are writing about or laughing until I'm crying (ie. the post office adventure that ended with poop on your shoe!). I love how you write about your children with such love, adoration and respect and that you are honest about the ups and downs of parenting.

    I owe you a major thank you for the sleep I have been getting recently! I had no trouble getting my first two children sleeping though the night but my sweet baby boy has been rather challenging to say the least! I read Weisbluth's book after you mentioned it and sent my little monkey to sleep school along with Henry. Thanks for putting your parenting style out there. There is one Canadian family who are all sleeping better and enjoying life again because of what you wrote.

    I hope your trip goes well. I've flown a lot with our kids. I always gate check my stroller to help contain a kid, hold our stuff and generally make my life easier. Also bring lots of their fav snacks. I bought my kids small rolling bags (the kind with a pull out handle) for their stuff and let them pack what they wanted to bring (within reason, of course). They feel so responsible pulling their own bags and they look so darn cute!

    Take care and have a great time!

  29. That's funny and sad about your neighbor. I can imagine her busting in like the 5'oh. "Get off my husband you Lint licker!!" ahem okay.

    As for the green, I liked it better the other way. THis kinda hurts my eyes.


  30. I started reading a friend's blog...she read's yours, so I started reading and kept reading because you're well spoken, funny and so very honest! I enjoy reading your blog every day.

    Erica in IL

  31. Jen- my friend here in the rocky mountains who was reading my blog suggested I read your blog-we are both bloggers and SAHM's I have enjoyed reading and sharing life stories with other moms! I find it diminishes some of the isolation that we can sometimes feel throughout our week.It also adds humor and creates a history for our children. I enjoy the stories and the laughs! Keep writing!

  32. Girl, I love love love your writing. I have 2 year old triplet boys and need to be blogging about them too (and did for several months until my website ran out of KBs I have been following for at least a year and a half b/c I enjoy your stories. Maybe I found the website on TC, I don't know. Thank you and bless you for all the fun and heartfelt stories. I live alot of them myself.
    Andrew, Luke and John 1-08-06
    and the neon green is hard on the eyes!

  33. oh yeah, I have a D40 and have yet to read the first thing in the book also. And I really need to.......

  34. What brought me to your blog...I saw these two segments on the Discovery Channel (In the Womb and In the Womb Multiples) that were both pretty great, so I decided to do a little research. After many pages on triplets, I came to a link for this blog and have been checking in ever since. I've been thoroughly entertained since before you got pregnant with Henry. Thanks for all the laughs!

  35. Love your blog, and will still read it even if you keep the neon green. It is not that I don't like the color, but it seems harder on the eyes to read with that being the background. Especially the orange letters with the green background.

    As for are a strong woman.

    Tracy B

  36. I saw a comment you once wrote on a friend of mine's blog...the guinn triplets.

    oh and Jennisa, who designed my blog and does a great job by the way, had once put you down as one of her favorite blogs to read.

  37. Hi! My name is Michele! I live in Las Vegas! I come to visit you to see why you keep copying me, since I had triplets a year before you did and then I had a surprise baby boy before you did. And you also crack me up! I can't believe you get 3000 hits a day. Why don't you have any ads on here? You could be the Pioneer Woman for crying out loud. You could make enough money to go back to school to get your teacher's credentials to start homeschooling in California.

    I'll have you know that I'm drinking acai WITH wheatgrass now. I figure if wheatgrass is good enough for Jack Lalane, then it's good enough for me. Isn't he like a 130 years old?

    That yellow is horrible. I had to put on sun glasses. It's almost he color of my eyes when I had jaundice.

  38. Neon green = Ouch!

    Don't despair about the photos - a flash would have fixed all three. I love the 2nd backlit one even though I know that probably wasn't the effect you wanted!

    At least your neighborhood issues are *interesting* - mine just are a break-in in my building with laptop stolen and then break-in to a car resulting in a broken window five months later.
    Oh yeah, both to me. I think I'd rather have the carpet-cleaning jerks. ;-) Keep us updated on the other drama though, too!

  39. Jen....I continue to visit your blog because I enjoy the stories you tell with honesty and humor. Your kids are gorgeous and I love getting triplet tips from you!
    Regarding the green blog format...I'm not a fan:( It's tough on the eyes.

  40. Not liking the green Jen. Nauseating and hard on the eyes.

    I came here, oh, ages ago, after a search for multiple births. I keep coming back because you make me laugh and because if you can do it with four then I need to just shut up already about how hard it is parenting two singletons.

  41. Absolutely completely unsure where I was when I happened upon your blog, but I haven't turned back since :) friend Maria, who also comments on your blog periodically, calls these things blog crushes...I, however, just admire you and you make me laugh and when I have a hard day, I know yours have to be tougher with 4 and, is it okay to say that it makes me feel better :? sorry....anyway, I appreciate you and your humor, wisdom, wit, and ability to write (and be a great mom)...

  42. Love the pics of your little guy Henry like a moth to the potties. LOL
    PS The green! WOW! It's bright! But, very festive for St Patty's Day

  43. Hi Jen,
    I found your blog through 4xfun, which I found through a twin-blog a friend of ours writes.
    I like your blog enough to suffer through your bright green background early in the morning after having been up 10x to give my 6mo old his pacifier (btw, love your info on sleep school).
    I am so glad you mentioned the antibacterial handwashing/rinsing, because that is maybe the only thing I haven't been agreeing with you (and 4xfun) on. The thing is, that when you use an antibac wipe/soap/rinse, you kill away the weaker bacteria/viruses and only the strongest survive. The strong bac/viruses in turn have all nutrition to themselves, since you have wiped away their competition. This is for instance the case with many fungal infections after antibiotic treatments, the ecosystem has been changed and the strongest survivors multiply.
    I work in the health industry (PT) and most cleaning studies have shown that a clean wet cloth (water only!) followed by a dry cloth (moisture attracts bacteria/viruses/fungus) does the best job. Soap is good, but still needs the wet first/then drying afterwards. I clean my counters with wet microfiber cloths followed by a dry cotton cloth.
    We need to allow good bacteria to survive and give the stronger strands competition.
    I guess my dot on your map is one of the more remote ones, in Iceland :)
    All the best,

  44. I don't like the green- too much like a cartoon. I feel you are much classier than the Kermit look.

    I discovered your blog through a comment you left on Tertia's blog about your new unexpected pregnancy. I have read almost daily ever since. I love your positive take on life. I also love that your life is just that little bit more crazy than mine ;)
    I also love the cameo appearances by your Mother- she seems to be such a fantastic lady!
    Rebecca D

  45. Wow, I had to scroll through a TON of comments to get to the Post a Comment button. You are popular. :)

    I am not a huge fan of the green personally.

    I think I probably found you through Michele but I don't remember where I found her. Although I don't have multiples, I am fascinated by the thought of possibly having them, so I like to read about how others handle it.

    Also, I love your writing style and sense of humor.

  46. Hello from an American expat in Israel! I think I probably found you from Jody at Raising WEG, and one day followed her triplet links because I was unemployed and bored. Now I'm the mother of a nearly six month old and love reading about Henry so I can see what's coming up!

    I don't love the green, but then again, I don't love change, so maybe I'll get used to it?

  47. I honestly can't remember how I came to your blog, from another blog i am sure. I am from Western Maryland, and read your blog daily, sometimes checking 2 times a day. I love checking in on your blog, very relaxing and entertaining.

  48. I came to find your blog from another triplet blog. Having 18 month old triplets, I love hearing your stories and what all will be involded in my future a few short months from now.

    Thank you for answering all the questions! I have been wondering about the carpet cleaning business. Good for that woman to throw her husband's things on the lawn.

    Good luck on the flight. We recently took the trio to Hawaii...6-7 hour plane flight from Denver. If we can live through that, you can do it! Yeah, we upset some people, but what are you going to do? I won't see them again. :)

    The green is a bit bright, but I love the St. Patty's spirit! Nothing would stop me from reading your blog.

  49. I honestly can't remember how I came across your blog. I was doing some mindless surfing one day and happened to read it. I live in the Netherlands with my 3 boys and husband. Okay, my 4 boys. I love to read your blog. You make me lol all the time. As for the green -- well, I am now seeing bright green splotches on the wall. Not sure that it's a good thing. But it won't stop me from reading if that's what you are trying! Keep up the good parenting, writing, etc. . .

  50. I came here from another blog, but I can't remember which one anymore. I have put a link to your blog on my blog twice, I think. I know I have told a few of my family and friends to go read your blog. As for the green, it is too intense for me to read. Most of the time I read your blog from my bloglines screen and that doesn't show the color or layout.

  51. Found your blog through ParentHacks; I think Asha featured a link to your lovely post about carabiners.

    I read a few of your early posts because I wanted to read about a parent's perspective of taking care of multiple order children - from 'the other side'. Having worked in the NICU at various times, I've seen and looked after many NICU babies. Your blog told me what I always wanted to know: how do the parents 'manage' looking after multiple babies once they go home?

    After that, of course, it was your writing, sense of humour, and courage that impressed me and I came back to read your other posts.

    Anything more: oh, yes, and I probably said it before when you had your 'nervous breakdown'. I am inspired by the way you look after your 4 children so well. I used to think it was tough to manage 2, but reading your blog made me ashamed to think that way - I felt I was just wallowing in self-pity! Here was this courageous woman going shopping with 4 children (with carabiners) and here I was, complaining about far more mundane things.

    I assume the green is temporary for March, but the previous template was fine. Your blog is the finest example of why a blog does not have to have a fancy template or unique design to attract readers - your writing is good enough on its own.

    Also, because you syndicate the full feed, I rarely come to the site, unless I have to comment. Usually, I read all your posts through the reader. And, oh, of course, yours is under the folder, "Essential Daily Reads".

  52. Oh, you're asking for more questions?

    How do you find the time to moderate so many comments while looking after 3 rambunctious toddlers and 1 active baby who zooms towards the potty seat at every opportunity?

  53. Hi Jen,

    I have been reading your blog for several months now. I am British, my husband is Singaporean and we live in Singapore.
    I think I found your blog through TC or through another triplet blog posted on there, maybe michelle`s. - triplets plus one?
    I have 5 kids 5 and under, including 19 month old triplets.
    I mostly read your blog after they are all in bed for the night. Your blogs are interesting, well written, so incredibly honest and your kids are gorgeous. You often bring tears to my eyes, mostly I`m laughing so hard, and sometimes after a hard day laughing somewhat hysterically. I really enjoy your blog. I can really empathise!

    The fan from Singapore (curious is I am the only one from this part of the world?)


  54. A friend of mine had a baby in the NICU for two months. She found your blog while researching something to do with the NICU. She told me I should check out your blog and I have been reading ever since. I don't always comment, but I read your blog every day. I don't have multiples, but I come from a large family (three brothers and three sisters)so I can sort of relate.

  55. I've been reading for a couple of years now, I think. I'm a parent of almost-8-year-old triplets, and I enjoy your stories. They often remind me of our own family.
    Sorry, but the bright green is too painful to read for long. Okay for an accent, but too tiring for my eyes to read comfortably.
    Still, I usually read via Bloglines and get the plain white version, so you could ignore me.

  56. I hate the bright green. I really do. It also makes pictures that might not have been perfect but weren't bad look more off-color and dark, compared to how it looked with the light background.

    I found you in a somewhat roundabout way...we were discussing sleep problems on a babycenter discussion board, someone mentioned the sleep is for the weak blog, one of those posts was about reading other blogs for perspective and linked to a post of yours about searching for missing poop. I read the linked post, and read more and more, hooked on your excellent narrative style, since of humor, and coping mechanisms.

    As a mother who is often overwhelmed by one child, your blog helps me laugh, cope, and put things in perspective. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  57. I came to your blog because you were my maid (matron) of honor at my wedding! LOL! I just looked at pictures of my wedding the other day... OMG! We were so young!
    I personally do not like the green, but, like Sarah pointed out, I would come here even if it were decorated rainbow neon with flashing lights!
    Don't worry about your plane ride. I just got back from Sacramento and it wasn't bad at all... I made it back alive - If I can do it, so can you...

  58. hi Jen - my name is Becky. I teach computer programming at a Technical College in Wisconsin, but live in Minnesota. I 'found' you via my niece Jennisa - an awesome blog designer. She mentioned how hilarious you are in one of her blogs, and I agree. I keep coming back to 'visit' you because you are interesting, witty, fun, smart, and real. Although there are many, my most favorite post is your description of your Pastor's sermon which caused Henry's conception. I like that theory!

    Although my daughters are 18 and 21, it is fun to think back on their childhoods via your blog. How I wish I'd have had this avenue when my girls were little - being a stay-at-home-mom can isolate you to [near] death! It's also great to hear about you and Charlie as a parenting TEAM. I've always thought life COULD be like that; it's wonderful to 'hear' that it is for you.

    Thank you for consistently brightening my days!

  59. I think I found your blog through another multiples blog somewhere. I can't really remember!

    I'm not a huge fan of the green-it makes it hard for me to read.

    We have a 12-passenger van and I honestly can't imagine fitting so many carseats in a minivan!

    Oh, and we did find out-this second set of twins is MZ too. Two sets of identical twins in 2 years!

  60. I truly can't remember how I found you, but your humor and resilience in the hardest circumstances keep me coming back.

  61. hey jen,

    so this is totally off topic, and i know you're in the process of revamping the site so you might be changing this anyway, but that green is really hard on the eyes, haha.


  62. ok so maybe it wasn't so OT, since i commented before i actually read your post and you asked that very question.

    i'm a superstar. :|

  63. I was looking for travel blogs and the name of your blog struck me. I came to visit and have been a loyal reader ever since. You just crack me up.

  64. My first baby was due on July 22, and I found your July 1st post by googling different ways to induce labor. I read all the suggestions (sitting on a washing machine (?!)) and was cracking up! In the two weeks and two days past my due date that I had to wait for my little guy to make his appearance, I read through a TON of your archives, laughing my face off.

    I come back here at least once a day, usually while my boy nurses and takes his morning catnap.

    I loved your hilarious writing style from the beginning, especially your use of crossing out words when you rephrase things. :)

    I've also appreciated your 'how to' posts because I always wondered how you managed to nurse Henry in the Bjorn while you did so many other things.

    Henry's activities are great to read about, too, since it gives me a peek into the very near future for us.

    And the triplets remind me of how much more crazy/hilarious my life will be when this one can talk!

    Someone else brought up the 'post office' post. That may be my all time favorite - rivers of pee, poop on the shoe, growling children, and the embarrassing/clueless stranger interactions. It's got it all. I'm pretty sure I was actually crying while reading that one!

    There is nothing else online that I feel compelled to read out loud to my husband as often as I do your blog!

    But please change the green.... :(

    Oh, and none of the labor tricks worked, by the way. I was finally induced... 9 1/2 lbs... whew!...

    Sara - SW Virginia

  65. I don't remember exactly how I found your blog. I have a friend/former co-worker who lives in Texas. Her cousin had quintuplets. From her blog I found other MOM blogs. From those blogs I found other blogs. And I'm hooked. Who would have ever guessed that keeping up on the lives of people around the country (and world) could be so entertaining/endearing/enlightening. It makes the world seem a little smaller.

  66. Hi Jen,
    I've never commented before, but since you asked, I thought I would. :) I think I found your blog a long time ago because you had commented on another blog I read (can't remember which one.) At the time my husband and I were babysitting for some trips in Northern San Diego County. I love your writing and the stories about your kids make me laugh out loud, not to mention that they are all adorable. I have sent many people to your blog, telling them about how funny you are and how cute your kids are. Sadly, we can't babysit for our favorite set of trips anymore since we've moved to Scotland, but I enjoy hearing about all of your adventures. Thanks!

  67. I found you when you commented on my blog. I nearly deleted your comment, thinking it was a spamment advertising vacations (AMAZING TRIPS!!! ALSO, ENHANCEMENTS!!). I clicked through just to be sure---and subscribed about 4 seconds later.

  68. Lets see - you and I met at the zoo, when I was there with my ID twin boys, and I accosted you in person - months after I had been recommended to read your blog from another mom of twins here in San Diego. It's great to read about other mom's of multiples - especially those who frequent the same places I do! Keep them coming!

    Not a huge fan of the green - but what's most important is whether or not YOU like it :D

  69. It was some time ago when I noticed a comment you'd left on another blog I read (can't remember which one it was though). The 'amazing trips' caught my eye so I checked out your blog to see what it was all about. It was several months before Henry was born, and I've been hooked ever since.

    I have commented a few times, but mainly just come along for the ride. I love your writing style and have come to simply adore your entire family.

    I live outside of Salt Lake City (no, not mormon :-)), have an 8 yr old daughter and long to have another one.

    So, that's how I came to be a blog follower of yours and a bit of who I am!


    PS: The new green hurts my eyes a bit, but I'd read your blog no matter what it looked like!

  70. I don't remember what brought me here but YOU were what I was reading when my water broke - NO KIDDING. I'll have to include that in my birth story post, if I ever get around to doing that. Anyway, I have recently been very into your sleep school and the Sanctity of Sleep post has lit a fire under me. I have ordered the Weissbluth book and look forward to reading it.
    I have 3 month old triplets - you have been to my blog so you know that.
    I love reading you.
    I don't like the green. :)

  71. This one drives me a bit batty, so forgive me: There is a world of difference between alcohol-based hand sanitizers and triclosan, which is what's in most anti-bac soaps. There's nothing wrong with alcohol except that it might dry your hands, but Triclosan can indeed breed resistance, and hospitals are starting to eliminate it. Alc. based hand sanz is still your friend, and when you're out and about and can't get to a sink, it can be a godsend. No need to worry about that, especially in the middle of flu and viral pneumonia season!

  72. I found your blog through a friend of mine who has almost 3 year old triplets and an almost 1 year old. She thought I would enjoy your blog since I'm about to copy her as my triplets are 18 months old and I am 5 months pregnant. You crack me up, give me hope, and scare me to death. The first day I read about when you took away an M&M from a child for flushing the toilet when you told him/her not to. I laughed so hard I cried. I realize this is my future and although I am really excited about it I am scared out of my mind.
    Keep on writing. I can't get enough.

  73. I don't use antibacterial soap. We just use regular old soap. We do use the anti-bacterial alcohol stuff after the kids have been touching carts at the store. We use it in the car on the way home. So I wonder if I should just use regular wipes? Am I going to have to start lugging a big old backpack around with a spray bottle?????????? :0

    Also, if your washing-them-in-the-sink commenter leaves you a comment about the kids crapping in the kitchen will you publish it because I can ONLY IMAGINE how funny that one will be. I'll be in tears and crying!!!!!

  74. Darn! I hate that word verification...I mistyped and it lost my comment :(

    I can't really remember how I found this blog. It was probably a link from another that I happened to find. I thought the title was interesting. I don't have multiples, but wanted them in the beginning of my parenthood journey. Fraternal twins have occurred often in my family. Now, I just would not have the patience. I admire your humor and stamina in your parenting journey.

    BTW, I am the dot in Germany.

  75. Oh! I forgot...I really like green, but this one is Maybe you can keep experimenting? Do what pleases you though :)

  76. not a fan of the green but it won't stop me from visiting. i love your blog.

    i found you from Michelle's four times the fun blog. when we found out we were expecting our fourth i started reading up on families with triplets plus one to get an idea of what we were getting in to. I have learned some great tips from you - you would be proud to see me nursing my baby in my carrier here in Austin as I chase my trio toddlers. And I've had some good laughs from your great story telling.

    keep up the good work.

  77. I came here because of another link (maybe The Williams Triplets or Swistle?) and since I'm expecting twins I went through and read your pregnancy posts. And then I went through and read your regular posts. And then I just kind of hung around. And now, I'm glad I did! I really enjoy reading about you and your family and it gives me hope that I will be able to handle twins and a toddler. :) Right?! Please tell me I'm right...freaking out a little that the twins will be here in about 6 weeks.

    Anyway, don't really care for the green but I don't actually hit the site that often...I read it from google reader. Thanks for writing!

  78. Hi Jen,

    I found your blog becuase you used to post in Resolve boards. We had our son thru IVF too (third time was the charm). I liked your writing in infertility boards and when I read that you have this blog, I decided to visit and I stayed. I am always amazed how you handle 4 kids when I can only handle one ( but I work more than full time, his father is the main caregiver now). Anyway, about the green background, I think white is better. Green made my eyes tired. By the way, I a in SF.

  79. Regarding neon green: Putting aside my personal views on the color, my professional book cover input says neon green is rarely successful for viewers. Not so kind on the eyes. (Remember the original color for the HONK IF YOU HATE ME cover? Not that neon pink won't make you go blind...)

  80. Oh, yeah, meant to say that the orange headlines against the green background are almost unreadable on my screen.

  81. Hmm... I don't recall how I ended up here. I have alway had a fascination with multiples.... You know, I don't recall, but once here I found your writing enjoyable and bookmarked you.

    I'm a native Californian (and my boyfriend is from MA -so we have a few geographical things in common) and I currently work as a photographer for the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. In July I'll be moving to Latin America as a Peace Corps volunteer. So there's something for the demographic-o-meter.

    The green is too bright! Changing our blog look is refreshing though, so keep at it.

    Keep enjoying California for me!

  82. Oh, and I'm 24. (To give you a range of your readership.)

  83. I was initially sent your blog when I found out I was pregnant with triplets by someone who had been in a I believe a fertility chat room with you and kept up with your pregnancy and then blog. I read it religiously whily I was pregnant and it gave me great hope that triplets was not only doable as a stay at home but also could be a lot of fun. I also have a green blog but where the wording is it is white and I think it is easier to read that way. All green is a little to much. On another note I am still awed that you have the time to write such in depth entries. My trips are now 19 months and I rarely seem to have the time or energy to get all my rambling thoughts out. My hats off to you.

  84. I can't remember how I originally came to your blog, but I keep coming back because your blog is very unique. You have quite a talent with words and make me laugh almost every time I read an update. Although I haven't met you in person, I can tell that you are an incredibly strong women, mother, and wife that has a deep love for her family. As far as the green goes, it is a little bright for my taste but that won't keep me from coming back to read your blog! I actually design custom blog layouts for other people for free and am more than willing to help you with yours. If you would like some help, just drop me a comment with your e-mail address or you can e-mail me at

  85. My sister came across your blog i am not sure how or when, but she thought i would be interested in reading it since i am a mother of twins and they are a step behind where you are right now. I enjoy reading and seeing the pictures, my daughter and son like looking at the pictures to point out the "baby!" :)

  86. I found your blog through one of your responses at Tertia's blog. I have twins and a singleton so I can relate to a lot of what you say! Also, DH's entire family lives in San Diego so I love your park/beach/gorgeous weather pics and it always makes me want to jump on a plane and go visit DH's family!!!

    Don't like the green so much, but I will still read your blog even if you keep it!

    And last, we are researching a new vehicle and I think you have persuaded me to become a minivan owner. We want one more baby, so we will also have 4 total. I have never wanted a minivan, but it seems so much more convenient and the gas mileage is better and a "mac daddy" Sienna is still way cheaper than a bare Suburban/Yukon/Expedition. Hearing how other people love their minivans even when they weren't "minivan" people to begin with is reassuring to me!!!


  87. I don't remember where I found your blog, but after reading for a while I realize that we were probably on the same resolve boards, and then on the spin-off (Carolyn's boards).

    I have 5 yo twins and an 8 month old (all ivf).

    They keep me crazy busy, but I love checking in on your blog and your family.

    In fact, it inspired me to start my own blog for my family as we just moved all the way across the country (WA State to TN).

    I love to read your blog, you are so positive and honest about parenting, something that can be very hard to find online or in real life.

    Keep up the great writing!

  88. don't even remember how I found your blog...but I love it!

  89. Don't know how I originally got here - but I'm hooked and come back daily to read your honest (and often hysterical) entries. I may also be in awe that you update so often with 4 small children.

    As for the green - not my fav, but not my blog!

  90. I can't remember how I found your blog but I visit often and it always makes me smile. I am a kindergarten teacher and although I don't have any children of my own yet I enjoy hearing about your daily adventures.

  91. I'm Lorraine from New York. I'm a regular poster on Carolyn's Boards and remember you from when you were pregnant with the trips - Jen3forme. I read your blog daily and like others, it's a very enjoyable 5 minutes of my day. I only have one nearly 4 year old and love reading the antics of your delightful family. As for the green, it's a little hard on the eyes but looks great for St. Patrick's Day.

  92. Hi Jen!!

    I'm a daily reader ... I accidentally came across your blog over a year ago. My daughter (now 3) was asking to have her ears pierced, I googled "toddler ears pierced" or something like that, and your blog appeared. Not sure why it came up, but I read it and LOVED it and I come back every day!!!

    I'm 31, from Ohio, and I have a 5 yr old son, 3 yr old daughter and 4 week old son.

    You keep me sane and LAUGHING and I love reading about your family.

    I hope you have a GREAT trip this week .... I'm sure it'll be wonderful - other than toting small kids to the lavatory on an airplane ;) BRING PULLUPS!!!

    Oh - I could do without the neon green - but it won't keep me from coming back!!!

    - Carrie

  93. Hi! I am in Los Angeles, and the mother of a 7-month-old boy. I started reading your blog while I was pregnant, after a former coworker's pregnant sister found you (while googling ways to induce labor). I love that you keep your sense of humor about everything and have such a well-written blog. I also love your tips (my son now has two pairs of Bean Booties-on sale!). I look forward to checking your posts daily. Thanks for taking the time to share so much about your family!

    I'd read no matter what, but I don't like the green.

  94. Jen:
    Not sure how I got here the first time, no doubt from another blog. I want to say that the first entry I read was the post office trip, or there abouts. I laughed so hard I too had rivers of pee. I've been a daily reader ever since You are a fantastic writer, your kids are beautiful, and your trip tricks work well even for a mom of twins!

  95. I do not remember how I came across your blog, but I have always been interested in moms of high multiples. I have 4 year old b/g twins myself as well as 2 little ones (2 y/o girl and almost 1 y/o boy), and a final addition (a girl) on the way this summer.

    I look forward to reading about your blog, as it reminds me quite a lot of the mayhem that is my own life with small children.

  96. I do not remember how I came across your blog, but I arrived on here somehow just before Henry's birth in June of last year. I have stayed a fan through these 8 months due to your awesome blogging skills as well as my own interest in life with high multiples.

    I have 4 year old b/g twins myself as well as 2 little ones (2 y/o girl, an almost 1 y/o boy), and a final addition (a girl) on the way this summer.

    I look forward to reading about your blog, as it reminds me quite a lot of the mayhem that is my own life with small children.

  97. I found you on google! I typed in "pregnant with triplets" and a photo popped up... when I clicked into it, it was your blog! It was a photo of you pregnant with your triplets...i started reading and got hooked. Now I kind of feel like im spying on your on all the time since I dont know you. My husband thinks im weird too, for it. but I love your stories! im glad I searched for "pregnant with triplets"

  98. hi. i think i came across your blog while lurking on multiple multiples blogs. i am fascinated with multiples. i have a 3 year old and a 2 year old...who think they are twins. can't imagine if they really were :) thanks for giving such a real, meaningful picture of your life...and the life of all moms to some degree. i really enjoy your posts. thanks for letting us lurkers enjoy it!

  99. One of many cuzzins!3/9/08, 11:37 PM

    Hi-de-ho Cuz!

    Well, guess the consensus is Erin Go Bye-Bye!! Sorry kid, but I agree, the green is just a little painful on the eyes and the best part of the whole blog...PHOTOS... have shrunken. Boo-hoo, we don't want to squint so much to see your beauties.

    I got here through the family grapevine. Proud to be from the home of the 2007 World Champion Boston Red Sox. I'm Mom to 2 teenagers and love to reminisce about those wonder days of diapers, fingerprints, and tubby toys. Am faithful and pretty much a daily reader of my lil' cousin Jenny's blog. Truly, checking in is one of the highlights of my day. I'm so proud of the wonderful woman and mom you have become.

    Have fun in Florida. Big hugs to my Godmotha.

  100. Wow, that is a crazy colored blog! I am currently seeing spots on this white page. Anyway, I can't remember how I found your blog either but I love to read it. I have 4 kids also but none of them came together. I live in Utah. And I hope you don't mind me reading your blog. You have great advice, and great ideas. I think it is just nice to hear (or read rather :)) of other moms issues with 4 kids. We all have crazy times, but it seems we all want to pretend it is all perfect. I respect your honesty!

  101. Oh yeah....I can't believe you hate flying as much as me. I have never met anyone who is as afraid to fly as me. Everyone I know makes fun of me and says I am crazy to be so scared. At least you don't get sick too I guess...I get VERY sick when I fly.

  102. hi jen,

    not a big fan of the green..

    i came here from childsplayx2 a while ago.. maybe when my kids were 8 months or so? They are 22 months now. Everytime i find my life frustrating, i come read yours. You say it all so well that I realize that if you can find humor in the darkest moments, I should too!

  103. Jen, I LOVE your blog. I read it daily (or least check it daily hoping there will be a new post). I just stumbled across it one day when I was reading about IVF/ICSI and the chances of having a little miracle aftewards. Am hoping there might be a chance for us! We have twin babies and a 4-year old daughter who loves seeing the pictures of your kids. I think you have an awesome husband too and thought it would be interesting if he posted from time to time (sort of a guest columnist?) with his perspective? My husband works a lot of late nights and is always tired when he is home, so we have lots of babysitting and household help, and I feel very blessed, but, I think we all wish our husbands were as helpful as Charlie! In any case I love reading all about your family and your adventures. The green screen hurt my eyes though!

  104. I'm a mom of two - aged 4 and almost 2 and I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. I have no idea how I linked to your blog, but I am so glad I did, as reading it is the highlight of my day! It's definitely my favourite of all the blogs I read. Your family is gorgeous and I so much enjoy your stories.

    However your site looks, I'll always read it first thing every morning :-)

  105. I don't remember what originally brought me here, but needless to say, I was hooked, and have been reading ever since.

  106. Jen

    I found your blog when you had just discovered your surprise pregnancy with Henry. You left a comment on which made me just have to click on the link to your blog to find out more.

    I have read your stories, laughed at your humour, loved the pictures of your beautiful children and admired your approach to life since then.

    I missed the green (thankfully, sounds like a shocker!) Good luck for the flight. I can't wait to read the tips for air travel with kids as I have a big one coming up myself in a few short weeks.

    South Australia

  107. THANK YOU for getting rid of the green! I don't know how I found you but have been checking on you for awhile now. My trio will be 2 next month so it lets me know what I have to look forward to!


  108. I found your blog from when you posted on Carolyn's Boards. I love your sense of humor and the antics of your children. I only have 1 child so far and am in awe of your ability to parent trips + an infant! YOu are amazing!

  109. My sister found yoru blog. I thought she was crazy for reading baout someone she didn't know..bu tnow I am addicted. you are a great writer. By the way, I made the O'Henry bars. They are awesome! However, don't agree with the ungreased pan poriton. it took me 40 minutes to ge tthem off the pan in somewhat decent shape! Maybe my pans just need to be replaced! I will let you know how it goes the next time I try it on different pans!

  110. My name is Stephanie, I'm 22 years old (23 this July) and from a town called Newmarket, in Ontario, Canada (it's just north of Toronto).

    I came across your blog when I was reading comments on, clicked on a blogger who commented there, then found a huge list of links to blogs of parents with multiples. I have to admit, ever since I was a little girl I've loved reading about multiples (I remember reading about sextuplets in a Reader's Digest when I was nine years old, and after that I always loved the idea of having sextuplets of my own... I've since come back to reality a bit, haha).

    Yours is the only blog from that list that I ever went back to on another day, because I remembered your blog name "Amazing Trips" and ventured back, and then back again. After that I was hooked!

    I'm young, but I'm extremely maternal already and am so excited for when I hit that part of my life when I can surround myself with babies, LOL. I tend to read a lot of Mommy Blogs because of that maternal side of me. Your blog is awesome because I love hearing your honest posts about parenting, and I've definitely learned a few tricks that I'm going to put to use when I'm a Mom myself!

    I also love your blog because you update very frequently, that's a huge draw for me when I'm reading blogs (which I do a lot in my spare time, I often click on the people who comment here and lurk on their blogs a bit! It's fascinating to read about different lives and experiences!).

    Keep up the great writing, you're vrey entertaining AND informative, and I know I'm going to keep reading as long as you'll keep writing!

    Best of luck on your trip!!! Your "amazing trip" perhaps? LOL.

    Oh, and P.S. Just so you know, I have a link to your blog on the sidebar of my blog under my "Who I'm Reading" list. I don't get that many visitors to my blog, but hey - it might be helping publicize you even a little bit more! haha.

  111. To answer your question, I came here because I was searching multiples websites and blogs one day. I'm not married yet and I don't have any kids, but multiples fascinate me... and I love your blog! :)

  112. BIGGER PICTURES!!!!!!!!

    I love your pictures and they are wayyyyyy too small now. I have to squint to see them and they are too good to have to squint at.

    I've been reading daily (usually multiple times daily) since you found out that Henry was on his way and you were in the middle of endless stomach bug h*ll at your house. I was immediately hooked and sat and read the archives every chance i got.

    I'm not sure how I found you, maybe through Tertia (although I don't readher every day)? I have almost 3 year old twins and am 31 weeks, so I am fascinated at how you juggle things. I have your post describing how you breastfeed Henry in the Bjorn bookmarked and I've already purchased my Bjorn!!!!

    Keep the great posts coming. As someone else mentioned, I was worried when Henry arrived and Charlie went back to work you'd drop off the face of the blogging earth and I am relieved you haven't!

  113. Oooh. I like the yellow! (Unless that's just my eyes? It is currently light yellow right?). It's very baby-yellow and springtime, so I like it!

  114. I found your blog when you mentioned it on Babysteps or Resolve. Please keep it up!!! You are a very gifted writer and your blog is among my very favorites. I'm not suprised you have that many readers.

  115. Better late than never! I stumbled on to your blog a while back from a comment you left on Notes From The Trenches... Started reading and became hooked!!

    I missed the neon but this looks OK.

    Have a safe trip!

    Another Jen,
    also a MA to CA transplant...

  116. I am a mommy to GGB 6 year old triplets! Love reading about your beautiful family :) You are great. Amy

  117. 3000! And I'm so proud of my 30 to 40 visitors a day. :-)
    I have absolutely no idea how I ended up here, but once I came I just kept right on coming. I love reading stories about your kids and the grace with which you navigate the choppy waters of parenting toddlers and babies.(And I'm really glad I missed the green...)

  118. I honestly don't have a clue how I came across your site. But, when I did I was hooked from the start.

    I love large families and was so excited about Henry's arrival! You have great tips and take life in stride. With two little boys under 20 months, I can use all the tips I can find.

  119. I started reading multiples blogs when I found out I was expecting "suprise" triplets less than a month after my oldest daughter had her first b-day. Yours is one of my favorites; I still read daily! Thanks for the great advice and funny stories... and for changing the green background. Have a great trip!

  120. the green . . . . oh my. it was painful (i love green, just not that green). but i think i stumbled across your lovely little via another MOM's site or it was this blogroll
    which of course isn't up right now. but i've read every entry and love them all. you're hilarious & i admire you, your kids are lucky to have you.

  121. oh, p.s. I'm from Oregon, have no kids (i'm 25), i'm just 1 of 2though my dad's the oldest of 9 and mom's the 2nd of 4 (we're brazilian/catholic) and am too lazy to blog and have been reading since . . . . at least a year.

  122. I can't remember how I found your blog but I'm a fan!

  123. I can't recall what brought me here. But I'm so glad I stopped by; I'm here to stay :)

    I think your family is amazing and your children are blessed to have you as a Mom.

  124. I think I found you after reading a comment of yours on someone elses' blog that resonated with me. As a mom of 8 month old twins who went through hell and back to become a mother, your struggle with infertillity, expertise with your trips and chronicle of Henry's first year are a common bond and great resource for me when times get tough around here... which usually is daily :)

    Keep writing, and I'll keep reading!

    Jeannine (in LA)

  125. Hi Jen,

    I'm an old Resolve/Babysteps poster, which is how I "know" you. I also have triplets about a year younger than yours, so it's interesting (and occasionally nightmare-inducing) to see what lies in store for me. Have a great trip!


  126. I found you through a link from My Perky Ovaries and I've been enjoying reading about your wonderful family. Your children are all adorable. Enjoy your trip to Florida!

  127. I came across your blog one day when I googled "triplet leash" a while ago. I've been hooked ever since.

  128. Hey!
    It's just me, cam, saying you know how I know you (through Resolve and Babysteps) but I wanted to be an obedient reader and comment.
    Love you blog, check it at least 2-3 times per week, and it is currently keeping me occupied while I should be exercising and running out the door to work! ;)

  129. I must have stumbled over your blog almost two years ago and have read it more or less daily since then. It is usually one of the highlights of my working day when I log on and you have udated your blog. Your blog is funny and well written (which seems to be rare when it comes to blogs).

    I don't have children myself, even though I'd dearly like to, but I have a wonderful goddaughter and several nieces and nephews.

    Oh, and in case my wobbly english didn't give me away, I'm one of those far away readers ;-)


  130. Hi Jen,
    Not sure how I initially came across your blog (maybe from TC?) but I am really addicted. I read every day. My triplets will be 3 in June and my little one is 11 months old so I feel like I'm living a life parallel to yours, except I am in Florida. Often what you write could have come straight from my brain, only you put it much more eloquently. :-)

  131. I am a mother of twins, and although it is cruel to say, it thrills me to no end to read about someone who has it more difficult than me. And good lord, that one is YOU. I love reading about your family and how to handle different situations...

  132. I found you through Ask Moxie I think...I have twins who are about a year younger than your trips, and I have gotten a lot of good ideas from your blog. I like your writing style and that you're free to say what you think about parenting. I hope you have a super trip to Florida, and that your kids remember it for a long time. It might even feel like a break travelling with two kids!


  133. Hi! I fell upon your blog while searching for other multiple blogs. Thank you for sharing your life experiences. They make me smile. Daily, I look forward to checking out what is going on in the world of the "Amazing Trips" + one.

    Take care!!

  134. Hi Jen! I know you from Resolve/Babysteps and miss you dearly over there buy I come here daily for a quick update and a smile. Don't forget, when you guys make it to Maine, stop by for some lobster and shopping at LL Bean.
    Tracie (tracieinme)

  135. I found your blog when I had my own triplets. I live in the netherlands and read your blog every day.

    I'm a single mom of 5. Daughter 13 y., son 11 y and the triplets are 9 months old.

    I love the way you write and the honesty about everything.


  136. I'm from the UK and have been reading your blog for a few months now- it's always an entertaining read. I can't remember exactly how I came across it but I think it was probably a link from another blog.


  137. Came across your blog today and have to leave a comment:
    I"m the second (middle one as we say)of a set of identical triplet boys. I have a brother two years older and a sister 10 months younger. Yes, during the year there are four of us the same age! We are part of the cloth diaper age. Bless my poor mom. We had to wear identification bracelets for two years so my parents could tell us apart. One of my favorite questions always asked is "so, how does it feel to be triplet? I always respond - I don't know I've never not been a triplet. Love the middle one a little more than the others, they will need it! I always pul for the #2 kid.

    Brian Horne - South Caroina