Monday, March 10, 2008

"L" is for...

Loud = neon green blog screens. I couldn't look at the computer for more than three seconds without feeling my breakfast attempt to make a reappearance. Whoever was visiting from Peru yesterday afternoon and spent two hours cruising the archives, you might want to get checked for radiation exposure.

Laughable or Lame? = my attempt at drawing lurkers out and telling me how they arrived here. I suspected that people would come out of the woodwork if for no other reason than to shout "GET RID OF THE GREEN!!!" Sorry. I know that was terribly obnoxious. But in a funny kind of way. No?

Layout = as in blog. It's something I'm still working on. Darn that there are so many options - this is why it took me so long to convert to the new template. I think I like the earth tones best. Although I'm not sure if I want a light page color background - or simply white.

Lovable = the only thing better than one Henry is two.

Lifestyle = Charlie picked up a box of chocolate peanut butter cups at Trader Joe's. I love Reese's and these are even better than those. Yesterday afternoon Charlie asked "You know what goes really well with a cup of coffee?" since I'm not a coffee drinker, I shrugged and suggested "A breath mint?" he shook his head and said "No, a chocolate peanut butter cup!" A moment later, after seeing Charlie dig in to the stash, I asked "Hey. You know what goes really well with air?"

Lipitor = something I will need to take soon if my diet continues to include high amounts of milk chocolate. And butter - which was spread all over chocolate pancakes, this morning.

Leg = as in cramps. The kind that I'm surely going to suffer when I start training for a 10K run that I'm going to complete later this summer. There is only so much nonstop chocolate eating that one can do before the repercussions become extremely noticeable on one's hips, thighs and buttock region.

Leave = as in, of absence. I'm due to return to work, part-time, May 1.

Link = this clip reminds me of what may be in store once I return to the work force. These are probably staged, but even so, I especially love the guy that throws his monitor OVER the cubicle and then keeps on typing. (Thanks, cousin Regina!!)

Lost = one hour from the day because of day light savings time. Also, part of my sanity in trying to get four children to bed while the sun is still up.

Leaks = particularly those that occur at 2 AM from the diaper of a three-year-old and flood the bed on which she sleeps with her sister.

Lunacy = the variety that occurs at 2 AM when a three-year-old wakes up screaming that she is "WET! OH NO I WET! I WET! I WET!!!!" and in doing so, wakes up her three-year-old sister that screams "OH NO! I WET! I WET! I WET!!!"

Loss = as in patience. Initiated by three-year-old lunacy at 2 AM, and results in parental hissing through clenched teeth that they need to "STOP! TALKING! FOR! PETE'S! SAKE!!"

Libido = Um. Still not ready to write about that.

Lift off = less than 24 hours from now.

Legacy = as in, Writer. Although I completed my Will six months ago, I am finally having it notarized today. Charlie finished his Will last night. We cried the whole time it was printing out - just imagining our children with out us. Then, we ate ice cream and felt much better.

Lists = for clothes to pack, for supplies to purchase, for things to do before I leave, for things for Charlie to do after I leave.

Laundry = the loads and loads to do before packing for a trip. The conclusion, on behalf of my husband, that he does not like ALL detergent because it doesn't suds up enough. And also, the realization that inadvertently washing a diaper makes a real mess. Particularly when you find a chunk of poop that made it through the final rinse but was luckily spotted before being tossed in to the dryer.

Letting = as in, go of control. I'm definitely struggling with this. Evidenced by the fact that not only did I pack a suitcase for Henry, Elizabeth and myself ... but I also completely packed suitcases (and carry-on bags) for William and Carolyn and Charlie - who won't be leaving until four days after us. When Charlie said he was planning to pack "A bunch of shorts and t-shirts" for the children - for a long weekend in NORTHERN California, I almost canceled the whole trip.

Logistics = I am absolutely, positively, completely unable to leave a house for an extended trip without it being thoroughly cleaned. It is nearly impossible to clean a house, pack for two separate trips - to two completely different climates - with four children underfoot.

Loony = the place you go when you're trying to pack for two separate vacations, clean the house, wash an untold amount of laundry with four small children underfoot, three of whom are desperately trying to UNPACK the bags that are finished.

Lb = as in pounds. Making sure that the one suitcase that I'm packing for Elizabeth, Henry and myself doesn't exceed 50.

Limit = the number of clothes and shoes that I'm packing because anything over 50 pounds will result in an additional charge and/or a whole lot of hassle moving stuff to my carry-on bags.

Latch = something I'm really hoping my mother's car has in Florida. Installing carseats with seat belts is a real hassle.

License = as in drivers. Definitely not something I want to forget when I leave on Tuesday.

Lactating = something I'm really glad that I am doing, because it means I don't have to haul formula and bottles on my trip.

Liquor = something I really wish I could drink a lot of before I get on the plane on Tuesday. However, refer to item, above. And - the fact that I'll be the only adult with two small children. Probably not a good idea to get completely smashed before boarding.

Luggage = I'll write about everything I packed once I get back. I'm running out of time at the moment.

Last = as in minute, doctor visit, first thing this morning to have the ears of all four children checked to confirm that they are clear and there are no brewing infections. All were clear. But this was definitely necessary since at last count, there are still three stuffed up noses. Not counting mine.

Lady 1 = the one that shared the elevator down with us from the doctor's office while William was screaming "KISS IT! KISS IT!!" about a microscopic cut on his finger, Elizabeth was trying to trigger the emergency call switch, Carolyn was laying on the floor pretending to be sleeping, and Henry was pulling my shirt up with both hands - while he was nursing. She tapped me on the shoulder (this is 100% pure honesty) to tell me that at least I have it easy because the triplets were born at the same time. She had two children and they were born 11 months apart. It seldom happens that I'm completely speechless, but today all I could say was "Wow." Then I added "You actually had sex within a year of giving birth?"

Lady 2 = the other lady that shared the elevator down with us in the neck brace that started laughing so hard she began to cry.

Lapse = as in, memory tied to the fact that you no longer wear diapers during the day. It's what happened today while shopping for special new airplane toys on aisle 5 at Target.

Longfellow Serenade = my favorite Neil Diamond song. Followed closely by Forever in Blue Jeans. Just in case you were wondering.

Life = that thing you must constantly seize. Even if it means putting all your fears aside and climbing on a plane for a visit with people you love.

Later = as in 'gator. As in, all of you. I'll be incommunicado for the next week, but (God willing) we'll be back next Wednesday with pictures and stories. Hopefully, all good.

Thank you so very much for leaving me a note and telling me how you have stumbled upon this blog. I'm so glad that you are here, sharing in our amazing trip of life.


  1. Wow - I am imressed at how many L things that you could come up with!

    Hope that everyone has a GREAT time on their various travels -- we'll be waiting anxiously for stories upon your return!

  2. I hope you have fabulous trip!! I cannot remember how I found you, but I love hearing your stories about your amazing trips.

    I have a friend who has a 10 months difference between her sister. Can you even imagine?

    Best to you.

  3. Well, I didn't comment on the green because I didn't want to be rude, but I'm sure glad you got rid of it!!! Whew!
    I read today that you will be going back to work soon. That made my heart sad because you are such a great Mom and no one else will do all the wonderful things you do with your little ones like you do. I guess I'm writing from my prospective as someone who can look back on the hard, but wonderful years you are in. I still grieve that I worked during their pre-school years as I missed so much, as did they. Please don't be offended--at age 75 I sometimes overstep my boundaries!.
    Hope your trip is wonderful! I know it will be and how thrilled your Mom will be to see you.

    Sorry, I have to sign in under anonymous--your site won't let me in even tho I have a blog--aportland granny

  4. LOL at the lady...i too braved sex in that first son was born 11 mos after my twins...and his arrival was only 3.5 yrs after my oldest.

  5. Okay, I admit it, I lurk! I have commented before, though, but it's been awhile. I read several blogs so I tend to forget to comment all of them.

    I didn't see the green, but perhaps that's a good thing.

    -Sarah from Ohio

  6. Have a great trip! I like this color much better than the green!

  7. Good luck on your trip, Jen! Hope you get to relax a bunch.

    And thanks for not going with the toxic green.

  8. I am not really sure how I found your blog.....but boy do you make me laugh.

    Hope you all have safe trips.

  9. Great post!

    I cannot even remember how I found your blog...just surfing through the mom blogs. But I love it! You are a great writer.

  10. Have fun on your trip! And my husband and his younger sister are 10 1/2 MONTHS APART!!! They are the same age for 6 weeks! I have no idea what my MIL was thinking and I've always wanted to ask her WHYGODWHY were you doing THAT (with NO birth control I might add) so soon after having a baby. But it's not really a question I can ask her (if you knew her you would understand).

    And, I also meant to add on yesterday's post to bring on the sex talk!!! My dd just turned 9 months old and I am starting to wonder if I will ever want to have sex again (my poor husband has been very understanding but I sense some change in the wind where that is concerned!) I bet you will get a ton of responses to that topic!!! Hee-Hee!


  11. LOL Could be another one, but I'm sure you weren't thinking that at all during packing! ;)

    I laughed at the libido one I STILL don't have it back and it's been almost 4 years! Perhaps I should see the doc for some estrogen eh?

    I really like the this color. I found you through looking up triplets. I used to have dreams of having twins or triplets. Now I'm rethinking it though (ha ha).

    Have a good trip!

    Cristy in Ohio

  12. I don't actually remember how I came here, but I'm glad I did!

    Good luck on the trip!

  13. Hvae fun on your trip! And DON'T BUY the Trader's peanut butter cups. Those are like crack in milk chocolate. You are craving chocolate because your magnesium levels are low by the way. Can't wait to hear how your trip goes.

  14. hi! just want to say it on a less commented post. found you via a parenting of multiples blog, i think. (don't really remember) and now i love reading about your daily escapades!
    (sorry about not leaving my name, was having difficulties with it). it's ann (fchen). :)

  15. I really can't remeber how i stumbled on your blog. But I will tell you this after I read that you were pregnant with Henry it really encouraged me to pray for my friend who had miscarriaged and many other friends who have been trying for months to get pregnant. I love how God surprises us.

  16. i no longer can remember how i found your blog, but i've been enjoying it for several months now. i'm a p/t lurker; i leave comments every once in a while.

    have a fun trip! i can't wait to read the stories and see the pics!

  17. I am a law professor from Kansas. I stumbled on your blog when I was trying to bone up on triplets. My cousin Keira had just given birth to three girls. I have stayed for the raw honesty, adorable children, delightful writing and delicious humor. Thank you for all of these treats (and not just the O'Henry bar recipes). Have a tremendous trip. Once it is underway, hopefully the worries will abate and you'll be busy living it and enjoying it!

    All the best!


  18. Jen - I hope all of you have great trips. I love reading your blog. You have such a way with word's and so honest. I really enjoy reading your daily happening's with your DC's.

    I found your blog from the Resolve days. I was trying to conceive while you were on the PGIF board. After over 4 years of trying I have a almost 2 year old son. We got pg naturally, after 4 IVF attempts, 6 IUI's, a miscarriage & some surgery's.

    Thanks for sharing your life.
    Lori (in MI)

  19. You forgot, "L" for Lorie, your Calculus II buddy who you got thrown out of class one day...
    I like the Earthy tones, but then I again we do have our degrees in the study of the Earth...
    Have fun on your trip and I hope you took my advice on the bulkhead row!

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  21. Everything will be great! Heads'll be there in no time...and be back in a short time and wish you were still there. Have so much fun! And Charlie, he's wonderful...all under control...just go enjoy yourself and your family and try not to'll be fine.

  22. I am in awe of you - very impressed -have a great trip with the trips and Henry.
    It was hilarious as well as poignant.

    My Little Drummer boys

  23. I really like this new color (the light yellow). I would have commented yesterday but the neon green was too painful :)

    I came across your blog through Resolve and Baby Steps. I am an avid reader and never miss a day!

    BTW-- Lady 1 sounded completely clueless. If I were there, I would have been laughing hysterically (like Lady 2)

    Have a safe trip! I can't wait to read about all of your adventures.

  24. Have a great trip.

    Lax - because I was in my last comment, the way I got here was certainly through another blog about multiples, infertility, or both, I don't really remember. I've been interested in the former my whole life and know I will have to deal with the latter when I meet a great enough guy to be the father of my kids.

    I check out a handful of blogs every night, but yours is always saved for last - because I enjoy it the most. :-)

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. I love your blog I am not sure how I came across it. I am from the North County area originally but now live in the inland valley. Thank You for the many laughs.

  27. First I gained weight from learning about Joe Joe's from you - now you tell me that there's something BETTER than Reese's peanut butter cups!!! It's no wonder I have to start up Weight Watcher again! Have a great trip - can't wait to hear about it when you get back.


  28. Hi,
    Have a fun trip, good luck with packing! I always overpack for myself, can't imagine how much stuff I'd try to drag along for three people... :)
    I don't believe I've commented many times, but I'm an avid reader of your blog. Someone had a link pointing here, and I just fell in love with your writing. Oh, and I share a birthday with the triplets - that has to mean something, right? :)

  29. Hello! I found you site linked through another infertility blog that I read. Your story gives me hope! And keeps me laughing--thank you.

  30. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Can't wait for more tales when you all return!

  31. I'm not sure if I've commented before, but I've definitely been lurking for a while. I marvel that you have time to do all you do, and then have time to write about it in a witty way!

    I don't remember exactly how I got here, but it was through my propensity for looking through blog rolls.

  32. wow! that was al ot of L's. Hated the green, glad it's gone :)

  33. The green was fun for a day, but I'm glad you switched it. I found your blog about a year ago from someone talking about it on an IF bb. I had never read a blog before and I think you've spoiled me~ all the others I've since found aren't nearly as entertaining or educational as yours!
    I also like your new layout, although it takes a lot longer to come up on my antiquated dial-up line. DSL will be connected later this month!
    Have a terrific trip and thanks for the laughs!
    Karen (Buffalo, NY)

  34. ...and I thought "L" stood for "Lovely Lisa"! Thank you so much for enlightening my world!;-)

    Sorry (or maybe not) that I missed the green!

    Not to worry - Today is a perfect day for flying! March 11th is my son James' Birthday and my late Nana Finnell's Birthday! Both are/were full of luck! -- You'll be fine.

    Give your mother a kiss for me and enjoy your trip!

    Love ya, Marg

  35. Love your blog! I actually can't remember how I stumbled across it, but it's a daily must-read. I have twin girls, Kaelyn & Shae, who are 20 months old. Have fun on your trip, can't wait to see pictures!

  36. big red ep sent me over. She saw me post about my sister in law who was expecting quadruplets, but they "lost" one ... so now she is expecting triplets. EP sent me your link.
    I'm thinking your trip will light a travel fire in you. Traveling is SO refreshing to me.
    And what a shame that you have to go back to work part time! You are such an amazing mother and I learn so much about child rearing here.
    But ... I'm sure you will continue to be amazing after you return to work.
    I have no multiples. Just four singletons. Youngest is four.

  37. For the record, I found your blog via Babysteps. I love reading about your family adventures! I have 14 month old twins and you always give me great inspiration and a lot of laughs, too :)


  38. The peruvian who should be checked for radiation expousure.. that would be me.
    We were ttcing at the same time and have been following since the beginning at resolve.
    I always wished i had twins or triplets and your stories siometimes makes me wish i had (i was never succesfull) and sometimes makes me reconsider
    Hope you dont mind me reading your blog

  39. I stop by your blog daily. If you want I would love to help you with your bloggie template! I think you and your hubby have got the kid thing down. I can barley handle my two! My blog designs::

  40. Jen, Kathy started me reading your Blog and now I am hooked. Seriously, you should be published. Use the money to put the kids through school. I'm sure people who are reading this will agree with me. It's a fabulous, entertaining collection of stories and YOU. SHOULD.BE.PUBLISHED! Period. Tell Auntie I said Hey and have a safe trip! XOXO Anne Marie

  41. My friend last summer convinced me I need to try reading it. The first day I read it was the day you named Henry. I've been hooked ever since.

    Good luck on trip. Oh yes, I'm quite impressed with the list of "L's."

  42. L is for lurker, L is for laughing. have a nice trip!

  43. Hi Jen-I first want to say, I absolutely love reading your blog. Your honesty, wit, intelligence, and self deprecating humor make for a wonderful read. Your children are beautiful and very lucky to have you as their mother.
    I became a member of resolve right after you had the trips and migrated over to babysteps last year. I only have time to lurk but came across a reference to your blog a few months ago.
    As for me, I am a 33 year old mom of two boys ages 6 and 20 months. They were both conceived with the help of assisted reproduction. I was born and raised in Northern NJ. I work full time as Speech-Language Specialist in a public elementary school. I absolutely love my job, however as you well know,juggling family and work is challenging on a good day and completely overwhelming on a bad one.
    Thanks for not only sharing your life with us. I hope you and the kids are having a great time in Florida.

  44. OMG, Jen, you have to come back and blog. I'm having withdrawals from pictures of that sweet Henry!!!

  45. I came across your blog due to some comment you made over at Swistle's place.

    And, um that lady #1? What the HELL was she THINKING? An 11 month difference is tougher than 3 INFANTS?! Sorry for the shouting, but I'm stunned.

    Nice comeback, though!

    Have a fabulous trip!

  46. I dont know how I stumbled on you. But I am in love and you are bookmarked. Thank you thank you thank you.

  47. L is for Longing for a new post.

    I hope you're having a good trip!

  48. Is it Wednesday yet???? I do not think I realized how much you are a part of my day until the postings stopped. I hope you have/had a relaxing amazing trip. I found your blog through traci, a good friend of my sister. I started back in June right before Henry's debute. :)

  49. I'm back too. I just realized that you copied me AGAIN! by taking a trip after I've had my trip booked for MONTHS. Stop it already. Okay, I hope you made it home in one piece.

  50. Post, Jen, Post! We all miss you and are hoping you had a great time.

    Now, POST!!! ;)

  51. Miss You! Can't wait to hear how your trip was.