Monday, March 24, 2008

chocopalooza 2008

They searched ...

They found ...

They ate their body weight in chocolate.

It was incredibly convenient that the Easter Bunny included a toothbrush in everyone's basket (along with some bubbles and a new pair of sunglasses), considering each child had their teeth brushed FOUR times today.

Thankfully, we had the Easter egg hunt after church. Because following a breakfast of jelly beans, I think that the 25 pounds of chocolate they ingested for lunch would have made it nearly impossible for them to sit still in Sunday school.

Tomorrow and likely for the rest of this month, they will be eating only vegetables.


  1. Wow! You had a genuine Easter celbration with spring dresses, an Easter egg hunt, blossoms, and sunshine! We had a great celebration - but inside, wearing long-sleeves and looking out the windows at our snow-covered lawn.

  2. Aww, so adorable! I'm jealous of the sunshine.

    Although, it was sunny here actually... except it was still FREEEEEZING.

    Ohhh Canada...

    Loved the Easter outfits!

  3. I want some sunglasses like theirs! We missed you SO MUCH while you were gone, but I'm thrilled you had a good time and some one on one time with the little ones.

  4. Even here in the south it was unusually chilly. We hid Easter eggs with our winter coats on. BBBRRRRRRR