Tuesday, February 12, 2008

you could eat off 'em

Now that the baby is crawling, I have been making a big effort to keep the floors clean. I vacuum at least once a day and although we have hardwood and tile floors, I still need to dump the Dyson canister after each time I use it because it is completely filled to the brink.

Oh, how I love that vacuum!!

And Charlie.

I've got to teach that man how to properly use a broom.


  1. I adore our Dyson, too. We have the Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal. We don't have any inside animals, as in the four-legged variety, but my toddler comes pretty close to generating the same amount of mess. The vacuum makes for easy cleaning on the hardwood floor in our dining room and kitchen. I love it. I also love your creative picture taking.

  2. LOL!!! You are one multi-tasking momma!

  3. He's using correctly! We got our Dyson about 3 weeks ago and LOVE it! I used our old vacuum right before i went to Target to get our new Dyson, came home and re-vacuumed the house. The canister was completely filled! Then, I tried to remove the canister without reading the directions first and it completely emptied onto the carpet and my feet...lovely! I just vacuumed it up again! It was so much fun! LOL!

    p.s. glad you liked my picture with our trips! BTW, you brought me a candle to Dr. Poland's Physics II class...thanks for remembering!

  4. That pictures is the epitome of multi-tasking! Wow.

  5. I STILL don't have a Dyson. Or hardwood floors. And since it's been 70 degrees, the kids are tracking dead grass in and out and in and out. It actually looks like hay is growing out of the "soil" in my house.

    From your post from yesterday, we bought every single "exersaucer jumpie thing" from our multiple's garage sales. You better believe, Greg aka Tony, would never in a million trillion gazillion years paid $80 for one. I don't think we ever paid more than $5 and probably actually got the rest for FREE!!! Good move taking that beast back!

  6. Okay. I am going to need a Dyson. I think that much is clear.

    I even went to Amazon just now to explore choices. But WHICH ONE? I can't tell the difference between all the different versions.

  7. Swistle - I don't remember how I did the research before buying ours. If I remember correctly, I think I stood in BB&B, looked at all the models and picked the one (from their available options) that had the most gusto. It's the DC15.

    Although our last vacuum worked fine before it started to tank - it had bags - and I really think there is something psychological about SEEING all the gunk that you suck up.

    PS: If you shop through Bed, Bath & Beyond, don't forget to use a 20% off coupon.

  8. The crawling sure does step up the floor cleaning, doesn't it? And my Charlie still seems to find random tiny things to choke on, and the knees of his clothes are always grey.

    Love the kids (and the husband) on the broomstick! There should be some kind of Olympic sport for that....

  9. I think I too need a Dyson...I have an 11 month old he goes straight to the kitchen floor for seconds..It's so gross...Love your multi-tasking!