Wednesday, February 13, 2008

mark this date

As of 2:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time, on this date, Wednesday, February thirteenth, In the Year of Our Lord two thousand and eight ... the only dirty diapers I have yet to change belong to my seven-month-old son, Henry.

After the little "talk" that Charlie had with William last week, he has been using the potty almost exclusively. Not only is he using the potty during the day, he has been waking up dry whenever he goes to sleep. Minus the small set back we had yesterday when he thought that he was making beautiful music - and instead was making the largest underwear disaster I've ever seen, he's done an exemplary job.

Elizabeth, seeing the praise that her brother has been receiving, has decided that maybe gracing the potty with her poop isn't such a bad idea. And Carolyn, who has never once gone poop in the potty, went poop on the potty just today.

And then Elizabeth, who loves praise, climbed up and went poop again.

And then William, who also loves praise, climbed up and went poop again.

And then Elizabeth, who clearly loves praise the most, climbed up and went poop for the third time in 30 minutes while I stood by wondering how in the world a child that weighs so little can poop so much.

Now that my three-year-old children appear to be using the potty successfully, the only obstacle is how to get the girls to sit down when they need to go. Since William has embraced standing up and likes to pretend he is putting out a fire, the girls are trying to figure out how they, too, can stand up and pee. After catching them standing on top of the toilet seat and trying to *aim*, they aren't yet convinced that this elimination stance is limited to boys.

Meanwhile, the time I'm saving from changing diapers, will undoubtedly be spent cleaning the bathrooms.


  1. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! You still need to tell us what Charlie said to William!

  2. I still have the "poop goes in the potty" song stuck in my head.

    Way to go for potty trained triplets!

  3. I NEED to know what Charlie said to them. I am serious. My child is older than yours and he will NOT use the potty for poop. You must reveal the secret. I beg you!

  4. YIPEE!!!!! That is fantastic news! I wonder if Charlie called William a baby??????? (I'm KIDDING!)

  5. I am very impressed by the amount of poop your kids are producing. It must be the extra fiber and protein the get from Trader's garbanzo beans:O

  6. What a nice Valentine's Day gift :)

  7. the milliner2/14/08, 9:04 PM

    YAY! Sweet, sweet victory.

  8. I just love your blog! The picture with the trips and Henry holding the sign that says "will you be mine?" is precious. Thank you for taking the time to post all your daily adventures. Your blog is so entertaining (and just to think it is real life for you. I'm sure the kids (especially the girls) will really appreciate it when they get older. I don't know how you do it!!! Keep Smilin'

    -Mom Of Four

  9. this is the first time i send a comment but i want to say that i really love elizabeth she is such a marvelous baby i wish i have a baby like her :D