Saturday, February 09, 2008


Another ruthless winter day in southern California.

Even more ruthless is that it took us almost an hour to get the children in to their bathing suits, coated in sunscreen and get everything set up outside for them to play. They lost interest and started crying in five minutes.

Now they are outside with Charlie playing with their ride-on-toys.

It took almost an hour to get them out of their wet bathing suits, in to dry clothes, after several trips to the potty, in to their helmets and outside - including a 10 minute fight over who got to ride the John Deere Tractor.

I was planning to clean up the disaster areas that have been generated from them being outside - and inside - only to go outside again. But instead, I have decided I better start quickly thinking about what to do next.

They've been out there for four minutes already.


  1. I heart SoCal winter weather! I figure if we could live here during the winter and Seattle during the summer, spring and fall, that would be ideal!

  2. One of many cuzzins!2/9/08, 2:16 PM

    Oh shut up with your ruthless winter day whining. I am looking out the window at snow flurries...AGAIN!

    I am late to comment on your "resemblance" post, but here is my 'no question about it' opinion:
    Carolyn > Foley
    Elizabeth > Foley
    Henry > Foley
    William > Lawrence

    I loved seeing you in the Walnut St downstairs shell shaped bathroom sink...hopefully it was disinfected of all toothpaste spit before your little bare bottom was immersed.

    I remember Janet, Eileen, Kathy H and me giving you a bath in a yellow plastic beach pail. Janet held you while we suds you all up and then we proceeded to dump the bucket of water over your head. You burped bubbles for about 20 minutes!! We had so much fun with our living doll!

    :) Regina

  3. I'd take some of that ruthless weather!!!! Can we bring a tent and camp out in your backyard for a few days? Here in Ohio, it is 40 degrees and WINDY!

    Hope you're feeling better!


  4. Ok, love the post and pictures. I am off work this weekend,but my wife is working and I am just sitting around reading blogs. This one is nice.

  5. I am so jealous of your weather right now... it's still cold here in the south. We're eagerly awaiting spring time!!

  6. I think I have you all beat with the ruthless winter day. Here in central Illinois it is NINE DEGREES with a wind chill factor of NEGATIVE ELEVEN!!!!!!
    And on the way home from church, my daughter asked for an ice cream cone.....

  7. Now that is just plain cruel to those of us in the middle of the states with zero degree weather! :)