Tuesday, October 02, 2007

my new identity

Hi, I'm Jen.

I'm a human pacifier.

I think I may have figured out why my almost 3-month old son is close to weighing 20 pounds.


This picture was taken after I tried to put him down to sleep in his crib, after I'd nursed him for a solid 30 minutes.

When he cried for almost ten minutes, I laid down on my bed with him and nursed for another 20 minutes. Over the course of an hour, he ate for FIFTY MINUTES. And that doesn't include the 45 minutes he nursed the hour before. Or the 45 minutes the hour before that.

Or that.

Or that.

Just when I thought he was starting to fall asleep, I quickly plugged in a pacifier.

If you look closely, you can see his eyes are slightly opened. They flew open seconds after I snapped this photo, he spit the pacifier out and snapped "There ain't NO way I'm sucking synthetic. Hey you ... GET BACK HERE!!"

I succumbed and put him back in the Bjorn.

He is on my chest now.

Where he continues to eat.

We are now on day 90 of Henry's marathon growth spurt.

Something tells me it might be time to start rice cereal. And steak. And potatoes.

Or, see if I can change Charlie's mind about male lactation.


  1. WOW. That is REALLY impressive. At 16 weeks, my son weighed almost 20 lbs. He was huge, and I never thought he'd stop eating....ever.

    I did cheat, though. Each night near bed time, I snuck him a 9 oz bottle of formula. I called it my way of making sure he'd take a bottle as necessary, but really, I needed a break and it filled him up enough to sleep through the night (yeah, at 4 months!!).

    Good luck!!

  2. I've totally heard about the "human pacifier" complaint before. I can't begin to know how you break that habit, but at this rate, he'll weigh more than your trio in another month!!!! Then how in the hell are you going to keep lugging him around??? Can you imagine???? Your back is going to break!!!!

  3. Oh, and I think the bikes for the birthday is a great idea. You should do it!!!

  4. He is huge. I think you have a lot of good sense and this baby needs to eat meat and potato real soon. Nursing is so easy, but he ready for boot camp.
    Looks great though. And you should be proud!

  5. My daughter was a marathon nurser. I used to call myself the pacifier as well. It was crazy. I'd just sit there for more than an hour at a time (I was at liberty to do so as she was my first). She weighed in at 16 lbs. at her 3 month appt. (at 24 inches tall) and I nearly fell over. Her little rolls had rolls, what a little pudge! She slowed down around 9 months (but continued to be in the 100th percentile). Take heart, he'll slow down. The percentile range is set up for formula-fed babies. Breast-fed are just bigger in the beginning.

  6. Reading the previous comments had me grabbing out my daughters baby book... She didn't hit 16 pounds until her 6 month checkup and 17 pounds until her 9 month checkup! at 3 months she weighed just over 12 pounds. I can't imagine what you are going through, however with only one child (and a second on the way) I often find inspiration and courage here. I'm sure you get it a lot but it's always "OMG, if she can do it with triplets and a newborn, what am I over here whining about?"

    Best of luck!

  7. Oh Jen!

    I hear you! My MJJ was the same way. We joked b/c I was in recovery from my c-sec and they didn't even talk about trying him to nurse and he was turning into me with mouth wide open (I joked...typical man) but that is all he wanted....ME! I nursed and nursed and as long as I did he was happy....he eventually surrended to the pacifer and bottle/formula (mostly b/c I couldn't keep up)

    thanks for the reply to my email the other day...I will write soon!!

    Thanks and much love

  8. You know I am so bad about pulling my kiddo off, because this time around nursing has NOT been comfortable. She would be exactly the same way if I would let her. She is now 20lbs at nine months and eats table food like a buffet pro. So I no longer feel guilty. But enjoy this time is short! She already doesn't need me, come visit and see for your self. (@ my blog)

  9. My littlest one is like that too. She is 11mo tomorrow and she nurses constantly even though she eats table food like a champ (as in a whole piece of pizza by herself and she doesn't even have one tooth yet). I don't know what to do with her. I love nursing her, but it is getting a bit ridiculous how attached to it she is. I am definitely a human paci, and she will NOT take a paci unfortunately...

  10. Oh! Henry must be Lucie's nursing soul brother or something. The only way I can get her to stop nursing 45 minutes every hour is to throw her in her car seat and go out on the town. If we're home, she's nursing, or at least dozing attached to my breast. She'll do that half hearted suck thing if I even think that she might be asleep enough to remove her.
    I'm with Mir. We give her formula at night so I can get some sleep.

  11. Jen,

    I don't know you, but I check in on your blog almost everyday. You crack me up. I have a little girl who's almost 2 years old. Just when I think I'm at the end of my rope with one, it helps to put things in perspective when I read about you at home with FOUR!! Under the age of three, I might add.

    Anyway, I think I've read that you used the book, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child" for your triplets. I also used it with my little girl. I loved it and it is now included in all my baby shower gifts to new moms. I think your mom's right, I think sweet little Henry is almost ready for some sleep training...don't you? I remember with my little girl (as I'm sure you remember too) the first few days are hell on earth listening to them cry. But, what always amazed me is how QUICKLY they learn! I think the book should be renamed, "Happy Baby, Happy Mommy." And we all know that there's nothing that makes a baby happy like a long, consolidated nap and there's nothing that makes Mommy happy like being able to put her baby down and walk out of the room, shuting the door behind her.

    Whew! This got to be a long email. Just know that people near and far LOVE to read what you have to say and pray for you often, even if we have never met.

  12. Mine was the same way. I was afraid of allergies and leaky gut syndrome so I didn't start solids before 6 months but being the human pacifier was a drag at times. He got bigger and bigger and was such a happy, healthy little guy, I was proud that he was so enormous on just my milk. He's still enormous at almost 4, but not fat, and couldn't be healthier. Never had a drop of formula, nor a pacifier, and took a bottle of pumped milk twice, ever!

    I'm a little less of a pacifier this time around but this one is not gaining as quickly and I'm freaking out about him 'only' being in the 75th percentile. I'm used to off the chart and off the chart is something to brag about! I'm willing to be the paci again, if only he'll gain more. Henry needs to give lessons!