Tuesday, October 16, 2007

greetings from crazyville

My digital camera broke.

After over 8,500 pictures - including the birth of all four children - my first digital camera ever is now a thing of the past. It flashed "ERROR 845: Consult Owner's Manual" after I dropped it it slipped off the changing table on to the hardwood floor, Sunday morning.

For a few minutes it continued to flash this message and then everything on the display screen went black. When I looked up ERROR 845 in the owner's manual, it said something about, "Irreparable damage. All of the intricate thing-a-ma-jigs have been destroyed."

Suffice to say, I am now in the market for a new digital camera.

The timing is good, but not great. I was hoping to get a new digital camera for Christmas and planned to use the next few months to research the market extensively so that Santa could make an informed decision. Now, I need to get a camera post haste, because not having a means to take pictures, is the equivalent of not having air to breathe. Yeah, it's that bad.

Digital camera suggestions and recommendations are welcome.

In other news, Charlie started a new job three weeks ago and has been working from our dining room table until he finds a new office. It's a good thing that he has been home and within earshot, because he overhears the conversations I've been having with the children and provides me frequent reality checks to help me from going completely insane.

For instance.

Elizabeth fell down outside and scraped her knee. There was a droplet of blood but from her reaction, you'd think she was on the verge of losing her entire limb. When I went to her rescue, she was screaming "I NEED BAND-AID!! MOMMY I NEED BAND-AID!!"

I dashed in to the house to grab the first aid kit and when I went back and knelt down by her side with the Neosporin and a band-aid, she screamed "NO BAND-AID!! NO BAND-AID!!" and started to shoo me away fanatically. If her language allowed, I think she would have also added "You idiot! What makes you think I need a stupid band-aid?!"

I stood up and started to put the band-aid back in the first aid kit when she started screaming "NEED BAND-AID MOMMY!! NEED BAND-AID!!"

Again, when I bent down to put it on her scratch flesh wound, she starts swatting at me and screaming "NO, NO, NO BAND-AID, I NOT WANT BAND-AID MOMMY!!!"

This dialogue went back and forth for a solid 15 minutes before the wound completely healed and there was absolutely no evidence of trauma.

At bed time, they want all want to take a bath. But as soon as I run the tub, they jump up and down and scream that they want to take a shower. I turn on the shower and they want the bath. Or, two want a bath and one wants a shower.

No, wait ... no one wants to bathe. They want to run around the house naked.

Dinner time. They want a fork. They want a spoon. Not that spoon. THAT spoon.



They want their food in a bowl. No, on a plate. Not that plate. THAT plate.

They're not thirsty. They're not hungry.

They want to watch a movie.

But the jury is split on what movie to watch. No one is happy with the selection.

They want to read a book. NO, NOT THAT BOOK. THAT BOOK.

It's time for a diaper change.

After they eat, because now they HUNGWY.

They want to wear the Princess Pull-Up. No, they want the Cars Pull-Up.

They want to go poop on the potty. But they don't. They run around the house holding their bums and yelling for a diaper. But when I try to put them in a diaper, they insist on underwear.

They want Princess UNDERWEAR.

They want Nemo and Dory UNDERWEAR.

Oh, wait!! Those are Elizabeth's underwear.

Will Elizabeth share?

Yes. No. Maybe so.

William wants a red balloon. We don't have a red balloon. Heck, we don't even have balloons. He starts screaming. Elizabeth and Carolyn start screaming. More loudly than you've ever heard screaming before. It's a scream off over an object that we don't even possess.


I put everyone in time-out and they promptly poop in their underwear.

Charlie comes in to check on me and jokes that my eyes are flashing "ERROR 845: Consult Owner's Manual." That means that I'm verging on collapse.

A stiff drink is necessary. And maybe some electric shock therapy.


  1. i think we have just started the one year old version of this. complete meltdowns in the evening. someone starting crying because the other stole their bottle, toy, or is in my lap. setting of a cascade of crying and whining.

    is this normal?? or are we doing something wrong?

  2. Personally as for cameras, I have had great results with the Canon elf size cameras. I have had a couple and they have all worked great and they are small enough to take anywhere. If you want a larger camera I would suggest the Nikon DX40 SLR. If you ever read the blog about Paige, Cole and baby Drew, they use the Nikon.

  3. Dear Jen

    I have just bought another digital camera.....
    I got a Nikon D40x twin lens kit, and I am in love!
    I only use it on auto and the photos are fantastic. It is a little bit bulkier than some small compacts but the photos more than make up for the size.
    I also have a super small Casio Exilim EX Z60a which (it fit in a pocket)takes great photos and is so handy as I can take it everywhere.
    You can see some of the results on my blog.

  4. I don't know what your camera budget is, but I got a Canon SD600 last spring and I'm really happy with it. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get non-blurry pictures, but my hands are on the shaky side.

  5. I, too, am a fan of the Canon Powershot digital elph series. My most recent one (about a year and a half old) is the SD600. It's the third I've had (I keep upgrading MP...nothing wrong with the old ones).

    Also, thanks for keeping it real on your blog. I love reading! :)

  6. Oh Lord, and I thought I had it bad with my three year old going through that phase...I can't imagine THREE of them doing it at once. ;) Good luck with that!

    And I'm in the market for a new camera too (but don't tell my husband that) so I'll be back to look at recommendations!

  7. Perhaps it is the change of seasons that makes people irritable. I have a touch of it myself. It is hard to know what you want when you are three
    (or older). Who knows what they want--they do not. My advise is to do something dramatic, like toss all the plates on the floor (the plastic ones), or faint. Of course there is a bit of Drama in me as you know.

  8. You crack me up! Thanks for the reality check Jen....guess I'm still "normal" since you're having some of the same reactions that I have had with Kyle.........but of course his is still "cave man" style...grunt, grunt, grunt.

  9. I'm sorry for laughing at your three little Jekyl and Hydes, but I hope that from the perspective of time you'll be able to laugh too.

    For cameras, I worked in a camera shop for about 4 years. The best advice I can give you is to go to a camera store and try them out. Figure out what is important to you - screen size, zoom, speed, special modes and look for something that fits the bill. That's what the people there are for! And you never completely know what is right for *you* until *you* use it.

    That said, I'm a Nikon girl all the way! lol

    Your memory card is still fine, right? So the camera's kaput but the important parts are all safe.

  10. My dad bought us the Canon PowerShot S3IS and I love it. It takes INCREDIBLE video and great pics...Its big, so you can't put it in your pocket, but I like that...so I don't sit on it/leave it easily. I've heard that the powershot skinny/handheld/pocket size ones do great too. Ours does a lot more than I am even willing to "mess" with right now, but it is good (and my dad said he got a pretty good deal online).

    Sorry the kids are crazy right now...

  11. Welcome to the threes, my friend. You are in for a wild ride this year. This is ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!!!!

    I plan to check back in on all these comments as I'm in the market for a new digital myself. What a timely post. Mine has apple juice dried inside the lens.

  12. You made me exhausted after reading this post.... and then scared the bejeezus out of me for what's headed my way in about 10 months.
    Camera-wise, I have the Canon Powershot SD630 and love it. It's small, has a large screen and takes decent movie clips and was less than $200. I totally understand about the need to have a camera at all times. I almost want to go buy another one, just for back up:)

  13. I am digital camera crazy, and after a lot of research bought a Casio Exilim Ex-Z600. It takes the sharpest pictures I have ever seen from a digital camera and the battery seemingly lasts forever even when you play with it a lot like me. Lag time between shots is almost non existent which is important to me and if you have children. Huge screen. It's also great in low light and with fireworks, fire (hopefully you won't have- this is a Mississippi thing), motion, etc. Very simple operations, just press power and shoot, all in a matter of a couple seconds. There are newer models since I have purchased mine, but my family said they have had great luck with all the models. Be sure to buy one of those Swiss Army cases from WalMart, they are rock hard and really do protect your camera. Here is the model I have (also comes in silver) http://www.amazon.com/Casio-EX-Z600BK-Digital-Optical-Anti-Shake/dp/B000EIU67A/ref=sr_1_5/103-6046305-4113451?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1192611958&sr=8-5
    Good Luck!

  14. Funny post. I just got the new HP camera and absolutely LOVE it. The screen is huge, biggest I've seen by far. 8.2 megapixels, and I love the HP photo shop. I got it at Staples for $200. It's worth checking out.

  15. Lucy, age almost 3, wants a book but NOT THAT PAGE!

    I feel your pain, at least a third of it.

    sorry about the camera...how will you make it through the day?

  16. Isn't three grand?! And thrice as grand at your house -- at least the good parts are tripled along with the bad!

    This is the camera that I have:

    I think it takes great pictures and short movies, and it withstands drops pretty well - I have only had it about a year, but it has met with the floor several times and isn't any the worse for wear (so far)...

  17. welcome to 3. i dont even want to tell you what they call 4, though. heh.

    as for the camera, i looooove my panasonic with the (woot woot) leica lens.

  18. This website is the BOMDIGGITY for digital camera reviews. If the reviews are a little long, just read the review summary at the end of each review. Several people in my family are serious paid photographers, and they ALWAYS consult this website before they buy or recommend a camera to either a pro or an amateur.


  19. I have a Canon 10D and love love love it. The Canon Rebel is a great camera. Digital SLRs are great (but they are heavy). Good luck.

  20. Oh, Jen. Congrats:

    You Lived To Tell The Tale !


    no, i mean the EXACT SAME WORDS.

    thanks for the laugh.

  22. I found your site through my college suitemate, Betsy, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. I had to post today because I know exactly what you are going through. I have a 3 year old (cannot imagine how you are handling 3) and she does the exact same things. Last week, she had a cut on her finger that was beginning to look infected so I insisted that she must wear a band-aid to school. 30 minutes later, lots of tears, and one wrestling match, we finally got the band-aid on and ran out the door to arrive at school 30 minutes late. This morning, she wanted the bunny spoon instead of the other spoon. It goes on and on...I have to keep reminding myself that when she is 13 I will look back on these days and wish that she were little again when we are once again arguing over everything...have to hold out hope that it will not continue straight through to 13 =)

  23. I don't have any camera suggestions, but please hurry and get one! I love looking at the pictures on your blog.

  24. Your house sounds JUST-LIKE-MINE!!!! All the way down to the broken camera. Although mine doesn't read Error 845 (or whatever that number was) mine is stuck in USB mode. Guess it was dropped one too many times!!!

    As for the changing of the mind issue, mine now recite without fail, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" That's our motto around here!!