Thursday, July 12, 2007

in a week

I have determined that the protocol for nursing triplets is vastly different than nursing a singleton. Taking large doses of Fenugreek and pumping after every nursing session, will not just insure that you have a sufficient milk supply ... it will also insure that you gain 20 pounds in each boob. And you will quickly resemble a maple tree oozing sap - unless you sport little coasters in your brassiere.

I have noticed that maternity style bikini cut undergarments, however comfortable during pregnancy, are the absolute worst thing imaginable when you are recovering from a c-section. I have devoted several hours over the past two days to searching the internet for underwear that come up to my arm pits. And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I have learned that if you are going to pop Vicodin like candy, to dull the pain of your surgery, it is wise to also pop prunes like candy. Unless feeling your insides turn to concrete ranks high on your list of enjoyable activities.

Following closely on the heels of the learning above, I have discovered that if you are going to pop prunes like candy, you might also want to ingest a few Gas-X. Otherwise, it will feel like your gut is going to explode.

I was tricked in to believing that a newborn who sleeps four hours one night and six hours the next night is not on track to sleep eight hours the third night. Rather, they will most likely wake up every single hour, on the hour, for the next two nights in a row.

I was equally tricked in to believing that Elizabeth who went poop on the potty and William who went pee-pee on the potty were successfully potty trained. Rather today, when I noticed that one of the kids had gone poop in their diaper, instead of wanting the pomp and circumstance that surrounds flushing a poop down the toilet, everyone started pointing fingers at each other. When William tried to blame our house for going poo-poo, I gave up on the dream that this task would be accomplished before my mother flies home in early August.

I have woken up, in a cold sweat with the chattering chills, every night for the past five nights thinking that I am going to die. Alas, I am not dying, I am just going through the hormonal "realignment" that follows child birth. This is the exact same reason watching the nightly news makes me weep uncontrollably and realizing that we are out of beer and pastrami - two apparent necessities for a lactating mother - sends me into a sobbing abyss.

I have come to expect that the A&E repairman who showed up at our door today to "fix" our crappy dishwasher, is not really going to fix it. Instead, he is going to tell us that the part that he was suppose to have in his truck must have been removed by an extra terrestrial being and he'll need to order another part. And just maybe, he might be able to come back out and fix the dishwasher tomorrow. But most likely, it won't be until the end of next week. Unless he gets sucked up in a space ship before then.

Right now, I'm betting our toddlers will be potty trained before the damn thing gets fixed.

I have witnessed, first hand, how adorable toddlers can turn in to hell on wheels around their grandparents. Particularly when they know that their grandparents will cave and feed them ice cream cones at mid day. Maybe a few days in the hospital made me forget just how challenging three 2.5-year olds can be. It's a toss-up what I've been repeating more of ... "If you bite, Mommy will bite you!!" ... or ... "Don't drink Mommy's beer!!" SHE NEEDS IT FOR HER SANITY!!!

Of all the things I have seen, heard and learned this week, the best part was having our children meet their baby brother for the first time. Once the novelty of that experience wore off (in about five minutes, give or take two) I discovered that the hospital had expanded cable.

And the Wiggles were on.


  1. Jen,
    So nice to read an update from you. Henry looks like a nice plump baby and from the sound of your post, you are more than prepared to feed him!
    I have been reading through your archives the past few nights. My girls are 22 months old right now, so your posts from last summer are right where we are right now. I'm trying to decide which Hurricane level we are at...maybe somewhere between 2 and 3. Anyway...just wanted you to know that I am getting so much out of your blog...some good laughs and many helpful do's and dont's.

  2. Jen, i thoroughly enjoy your posts. All 4 of your kids are adorable! I hope things get a little easier this week!

  3. So glad to see that everything is back to normal at the Amazing Trips household! We miss you guys and can't wait to meet Henry!

    BTW, The Wiggles ROCK!

  4. Great pictures! Congrats with everything, and I just have to say that I am sooooo glad to hear that other toddlers out there know what a beer is.

    Anytime we have a beer or wine Duncan says "Mommy, are you drinking a beer?" or
    "Are you having some wine?"
    He also says "I can have beer when I am 21."
    I hope he sticks to it!

  5. Sounds like you are back home and getting settled in. Don't worry the potty training will pick up soon.
    So happy for you on your new little addition.


  6. William's face in the last picture is so cute. Must have been when he saw The Wiggles on TV. Sure he has a new baby brother but it's

    Four children and each one of them is so beautiful.

    Hope you start to feel rested soon.

  7. oh you are so right about the section...take the pills and take something for the gas/consta....mine was so bad one night I was in tears on the pot...LOL now, but not then...and the underware- amen to that!!! I can't comment on the bf triplets, but I can imagine that you have more than enough milk now:) And you know the chills I had them so bad for a couple of days that I almost went into the DR. I never heard that it would be from the hormones....( I guess I can add that to the list of things no one told me:) ha ha I guess that makes sence... Henry is just beautiful! Hang in there

  8. I'm new to your blog and I just want to say that I enjoy reading so much! You have a beautiful family!

  9. Oh Jen! Bless your heart ! I am sorry things are taking a few days of adjustment. How are the Trips doing with this new "HENRY" in their home.. do they understand yet he is here to stay?
    Keep resting and sipping that beverage or any other beverage .. i think they are great for lactating Mom's. In another week you wll really be on the mend.. Don't hestiate to rest and ask for help.

  10. I hope you're taking advantage of your mom being there as much as possible.

    I'm enjoying your posts as usual. They are always so real. It brings me back to the "newborn" days. It really hasn't been that long, but then again it has!

    Henry is just so adorable and chubby!!

    YEAH for Wiggles! We're going to see them in August and I'm ashamed to say that I'm actually excited!

  11. Wow, I say give up on the potty training until your mother gets there and let her help you with it. You'll get there eventually.

  12. Henry is so cute! But he's a big baby and big babies need TO EAT! I'm sure you'll have him on a nice schedule in no time. You can do it, Jen!

    Isn't it fun to have grandparents to spoil the kids? Look at it this way. With all these kids, we'll surely have a boatload of grandkids to spoil of our own someday!!! Then we'll get to leave! Woohoo!

    Hope you're getting some Zzzzzs!

  13. And yet you can make me smile - just knowing I'm not alone. It will get better, it really will.

    Someone said to me today, "You must be busy." I just told her the truth at this point, "Actually, I'm not - I just sit on the couch and watch the world unravel around me. It's quite relaxing, really." ;)

  14. Hey, maybe I should start blaming stuff on the HOUSE. That is genius! And, "don't drink Mommy's beer", you are hillarious! I have been so busy I have not been keeping track of you for the last week. Your little bambino is so PRECIOUS!!! Congratulations. Makes me want to do it...kinda;)