Friday, July 27, 2007

a harmonious house

Carolyn Grace loves to sing.

Although I can only understand 5% of what she says, I can always catch the tune that she is singing.

She wakes up every morning singing and goes to sleep every night singing.

She'll sing happy birthday to anything and everything, and with all of the potty training we have going on, has recently added "poop" as a critter on Old MacDonald's farm.

"On that farm he had a poop ... with a poop, poop here and a poop, poop there."

Much like her namesake, our little Gracie sings all the time.

While we may have harmony in one part of our house, we don't always have it throughout the house.

if Elizabeth (aka: Baby C) is anywhere nearby.


  1. LOL, that's hilarious!

  2. Sheesh, I wish I could sleep through that! Way to go Baby Henry! Shayna loves the pee-pee & poo-poo songs, too!

  3. Jen:
    The video just warms our hearts! We need a little heart warming right now and children are the greatest sources of our joy!
    Cannot believe how adorable Henry, "Ruler of the House" looks, sleeping to his big sister's lovely voice.
    You are so very blessed as are the children.
    Hoping so much to get there soon. Poppa sends love, too.
    Grandma Kathleen

  4. Made me laugh out loud in its sheer familiarity!

  5. I can't believe Baby Henry sleeps through all the harmony!

    It sounds like a day in my household...minus the sleeping newborn.

  6. Look at that tiny baby brother!! And such sweet singing...

    I guess they can't all be serenaders. :) That video is a keeper for posterity's sake.

  7. So sweet! I love that she is so good to him... it's cute how you can already tell their nurturing instincts at this young of an age!

    And as for the other two... well, thats just too funny! As if I wasn't saying it before, IO definitely will now~ you have got your hands full! LOL... but I don't have a single doubt in my mind that you will handle it just fine. If there is anyone who will be able to handle this it's you! Funny how I can tell that just by reading your blogs!!!!