Thursday, July 23, 2009

what's in you wednesday

It wasn't until Friday of last week, that I realized I had forgotten to write a "What's In You" post on Wednesday. What a slacker I am, I am.

So. Do you want to know what's in me?

OK, I'll tell you.

A 1/2 pan of O'Henry Bars that I consumed earlier today.

But in my defense, when Charlie came home with a jug of Karo Syrup a few weeks ago from Target, what else was I supposed to do? Just stash it in my cabinets while I wait for Thanksgiving to roll around and I can make a pecan pie?!

I've never even made a pecan pie!

This afternoon, I realized that eating a 1/2 pan of O'Henry's isn't a good thing to do. Particularly if you are going to see the doctor for what you suspect is a sinus infection and you want to combat it with heavy doses of antibiotics before you fly back to South Carolina in less than a week. Because when you go see that doctor, the fit nurse will take your temperature and your blood pressure and then will ask if you'll jump up on the scale.

And when you say, "I'd rather not!" the two nurses that were in the station will laugh at you. And then, they'll pay extra close attention as you take off your shoes. And place your keys and your cell phone in your purse. And remove your sunglasses from the top of your head. And spit out your breath mint. And take the small clip out of your hair. And remove your earrings, watch and engagement ring. And pat down your body to figure out if there is anything else that you can remove to shave off the extra ounces that might put you over the amount you weighed the last time you were in.

It turns out all of my efforts were in vain. Because today I weighed five pounds more than I did the last time I saw my doctor in March.

And in case you forgot, since March, I walked ran a marathon.

What this tells me is that I am consuming far more than I am burning off. AND, I am still nursing a child. I mean, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN when Henry finally weans?!

I'd like to publicly announce that once I get over my sinus infection, training starts - HARD CORE - for my triathlon in October. And I will cease (or, at least consider ceasing) my weekly consumption of hot fudge sundaes.

As such, this very well may be the last picture you see of me smiling for a long, long time.

Are you happy where YOU are in your current physical state of health?

If not - what are you going to do about it and when?


  1. Ya know I've often wondered - what's the correct way to say it: Pee-can or Pa-can?

    So funny!!!! I thought weight phobia at the Dr's was a Finnell thing - guess it's a Coleman thing.

    My dear sister taught me to weigh my outfit before I wear it to the dr's office! It seems the only thing that doesn't weigh over 2 oz is a string bikini! (and I don't own... yet!) ;-)

    Perhaps I'll check and see if there's a race here when you come next week. Wouldn't that be fun??? ;-) Love, Marg.

  2. I'm going to go climb Sleeping Bear dunes today, once my sleeping cubs get up.

    I'm eating fudge, which I actually don't like, but it's THERE, and I swear to you that the extra skin on my stomach gets bigger when I gain weight.

    Soon I'll have a big flap of skin I can swing up and over my shoulder. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  3. Don't do it Jen!!! Don't give up the Ice Cream! I did it once. You'll never be the same again. It's horrible! They had to check me in to Ben & Jerry's and spoon feed me "Phish Food"to snap me out of it. (LOL)


  4. I have a new lower cal addiction to teach you next week. We are looking forward to your visit. I am searching up baby sitters to help me.

  5. Muscle weighs more than fat. You probably lost 5 lbs of fat, but gained 10 lbs of muscle. Think of it that way and it sounds much better :)


  6. mamabunnytam@yahoo.com7/23/09, 11:31 AM

    I've nursed two kids and I noticed that my body would hold on to 10 extra pounds until I stopped nursing. And I was more puffy. I think your body stores up extra fat and water weight for reserves. At least my body seemed too. When I quit, off went the 10 pounds and puffiness. I just quit nursing my 17 month old son 2 and half months ago and sure enough the puffiness and 10 pounds came off...of course I eating veggies and working out helps.
    I also ended up doing a cleanse following the Candida diet/cleanse (no sugar).Hard to do...but now I have a new love in my life...HUMMUS! I love the black olive kind made by King Harvest brand in Portland, Oregon. Rice crackers or celery go amazingly with it!!!!! YUM!
    Alright...I stop writing...kind of a long comment!:)

  7. The five pounds was all muscle. Probably five pounds and then some.

  8. Listen, even Superman had Kryptonite! That's what Ben and Jerry should name their next ice cream flavor! I'd buy it only if it had lots and lots of chocolate! They could color it green! Or just have green chocolate chips in it. They could glow, too... How cool! OMG, I need to get eat something!

  9. I've noticed that the closer I've gotten to 40 (I'm 39 now), the more I've had to work to maintain my weight. I used to be able to eat relatively healthy and maintain my weight. Now I have to watch what I eat, even though I am running 35-40 miles per week and chasing after twin boys. Ugh -- this is the first real sign of aging that I have. As long as my pre-pregnancy clothes still fit...

  10. LET ME TELL you what happens when Henry stops'll get fat like I did.

    Ugh...just LOOK at my blog today to see my BREASTFEEDING photo...and my TODAY (my daughter's six and I nursed her till she was three) photo. It is very sad. :)

    But, good luck anyway man, I live in AK, maybe you can train all year round, I can't. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

    And Last night, I consumed an entire pint sized jar of seal oil and black meat. Seriously, do you have OTHER friends who say that?!

  11. If it makes you feel any better, I have only continuously gained weight since my 16-month-old was born. (I nursed him too, but he weaned himself at 8 months.) I now weigh 193 pounds, and I'm only 5 ft 2! *sob*

    I have been working out at a gym whenever possible -- started last month. I guess I need to diet too, but I don't want to!

  12. You still look great. I agree, it must be 5 lbs of muscle : )

  13. When I go to the doctor and the nurse steps over to the scale, I just smile sweetly and say no thanks. Some things aren't meant to be written down for the whole world to see.
    And where I live- it's pee-cahn.

  14. I think me and you should be friends because I just went out and bought some mint chocolate chip ice-cream the other night. I have been enjoying it every night after I tuck my baby in to bed while thinking to myself when am I going to really start working out?

    I just started the Shred program by Jillian from the Biggest Looser and it is totally awesome. I have no excuse to not spend at least 30 minutes out of my day to do something for my body. Then eat ice cream to celebrate what I just did. :)

  15. I was not happy and reached my turning point in January... 3 months later I had dropped 20lbs. With the continued loss since... I'm happy.

    I second 30 Day Shred and recommend you check out It's a great site for tracking your eating and fitness habits. Good stuff.

    I hope you feel better soon! Sandy

  16. I think you look great. I'm feeling very puffy and out of shape right now, so I started a new eating plan. I can eat all the meat, fruits, vegetables, and dairy I want, but I'm choosing to not eat grains. Baked goods of all kinds are my weakness, and eating just a little of them seems to make me crave more and more. And I'm back to walking daily. No marathons for me, though.

  17. I'm nursing a 5 week old baby whose due date is today, so I'm trying to be kind to myself and not stress about the fact that I'm still not up to being able to do what I was before this very difficult pregnancy and very stressful birth and pp period. It's been like my own little private hell.

    That said, my goal is to start **feeling** better, regardless of how I look. After having nursed three babies already (this one is #4), I know that, for me, the weight doesn't start coming off until my period resumes, which takes anywhere from 1 to 2 years after the birth for me. Once my period returns though, the weight just drops off overnight with virtually no effort from me. Nothing budges it until then. So, there is no point in stressing about the extra inches in the meantime, so long as I can regain my stamina (lost it somewhere around the fourth week of pregnancy and have not been able to relocate it since!) and get HEALTHY again. Honestly, after all the illness and health problems I've been suffering the last year, the number on the scale means nothing to compared to getting healthy again!

  18. I have decided that I want to run a half marathon. It's all your fault. My husband thinks I"m crazy. I think it will give me something to do while he's gone. At the very least it will give me a goal to strive for, right? So now I need to find a race that I can run next year and start training. And I guess I'll be giving up my ice cream too.