Monday, July 13, 2009

Q & A

In three hours, I am scheduled to be on a plane, flying from San Diego to Seattle, Washington for a business meeting. When I told my boss that I really didn't want to fly and I'd much prefer to drive to Washington - because of the whole 10th grade premonition thing - he laughed at me and said that driving wasn't an option and surely I don't believe some silly high school joke.

I don't believe in people who claim to see the future, do I?

Well, I'm not sure.

It seems crazy that I would ever forget this, but I was recently reminded that a few years before we had children, we attended a large Halloween party where there was a fortune teller.

First she invited me in to have my fortune told and I scoffed when after she flipped over a few cards she told me that I was going to have triplets. But I stopped scoffing and started looking for a paper bag to breathe in, when an hour later, she told my husband - who she had never met before and did not know was married to me - that he was going to become the father of triplets.

*cue Twilight Zone music*

Premonition or not, I'm terrified of flying.

But I'm even more terrified that if I survive this trip, I am scheduled to fly back to South Carolina for my 20-year high school reunion in two weeks. With my husband. And all four children. The whole lot of us will be on ONE plane.


Just writing this makes me feel a little better. Because if I write about it, nothing will happen. Especially if I jump up and down and spin around four and three quarter times, on my left leg, while chewing Bubblicious Strawberry Bubble Gum just before I board and then run screaming "COWABUNGA!" on to the plane.

Still, I sit here with sweat dripping off my brow at what the next few days holds for me, as I fly up and down the Pacific coast. When I told Charlie about my fears, he said, "Hey, look at it this way. You have no one to look after but yourself. But me? I will be home alone with four small children. You can drink wine to calm your nerves. I'll be drinking lemonade."

Although I hope to post several times this week regarding a few topics that are on my mind, I know that I'll have limited access to the internet. So, if you have any random questions for me, please leave them here.

I just received a question from Wendi who wants to know, "Are you able to FLY with your BOB? Can you fit it through the security check in the airport? If you could let me know, I would soooo appreciate it! We have a trip to Colorado in a few weeks and I'm debating whether we can take it?"

I'll do my best to answer Wendi's question and anything else you throw at me, over the next few days. Provided I am still among the living.

(OK, it's not helping me at all that Elizabeth, "the spirtually connected one", just came out of her room crying that she doesn't want me to go on this trip because she doesn't want me to die. Who told her about this?? I certainly didn't. Never once have I talked to her, in front of her, or in the general vicinity of her about these crazy flying thoughts. Is it possible she's been reading my blog??)

Good bye people. Good bye.

This could be it.



  1. You poor thing, having these fears. I think you will be fine because now you have told the internet so it can't happen!!
    I will say a prayer for you. Best wishes.

  2. I don't know about domestic, but my brother-in-law brought me my Bob to Brazil with Continental, and he checked it in through security (he actually told them I was his wife and he was coming fetch us from vacation, hehe).

  3. When you get there..... Make sure you make it to Pike Market. Bring good shoes and try to do the underground city tour if you can. It's pretty cool.

  4. Don't die. I just found your blog and feel in love with your family..I would miss you. :)
    Seriously though. I hope you have a safe trip!

  5. I live in Seattle. I hope you enjoy your visit. It's beautiful here.

  6. You can look at it this way, too, that the fortune teller didn't have anything to say about dying in a plane crash...

    I'm just saying...

    But, just in case, I've got dibbs on your iPod! Just kidden.

  7. I bet she has been reading your blog.

    Have a good trip.

  8. Just think of it as a big bus. I really like to fly and look out and see how little everything is.
    All our problems, seem like nothing at all compared to the vastness of it.
    A fortune teller told me, I was going to have seven children on my honeymoon and I scoffed---he does not know that I am a nurse and W. is a Pharmacist and we know where babies come from.
    What will be---will be.
    Have a good flight and turn that thinking around.

  9. I'll be anxious for you, will that help? the whole thing freaks me right the hell out.

  10. Jen, Please, If you didn't die when the Caddy reared up, you certainly will have a wonderful trip. Take a paper bage, and do some breathing into it. In and out, it will calm you, or make you pass out. I can't wait to see y'all when you do arrive in SC.

  11. I'm starting a 2900 drive with my quartet today. Who is going to die? Me? Them? It's a crap shoot.

    Have a good trip. R.I.P. Jen.

  12. I can relate. In nine days our whole family will board a plane to London. LONDON. We will be flying over the ocean. My husband has been there so many times for work, he will probably pack the morning we leave.
    Me? I've started cleaning the house furiously because, as I tell him "if we all die in a firey crash, this house has to be clean." Last night, he finally said "if we all die in a firey crash, you're not going to care if the house is clean..."

    Yeah I'm a bit nervous. But I'm sure you'll be fine and I'll be fine.

  13. jen - i just flew from charlotte, nc to san francisco last night and i MADE IT!! i'm similar to you... whenever i have a flying trip i feel certain it is the end.. but it won't be. you will be GREAT! and seattle... sounds like a blast! enjoy every minute of the grown up time :)

  14. Take the rosary beads I gave you and have a vodka tonic. ;-)

    By the way - I thought we cleared this mess up when I was there? If something does happen -- I'm gonna be really ticked... Whose gonna Feed MY Trader Joe Peanut Butter Cup Habit???????

    Love, Marg.

    PS Head to Pike's Market in Seattle you'll love it!

  15. you're freaking me out. i really hope you come back alive.

  16. OMG, I soooo have an interesting question for you. We sold our house in NJ and we're moving out on Aug 31. You'll never guess--the two places that we can live for my husband's job are CA and MA, specifically around the SanFransico CA area or around the Concord, Sudbury MA area. Now, for the million dollar question--which one would you choose?? I have never lived in either place and they will both be new for me. We have three children 4 and under.

    Enjoy your trip!! Drink some wine for me to calm your nerves. This moving decision is stressing me out. :)


  17. Oh psh...we fly every single day of our lives. :) Actually, my husband, would LOVE to live at camp, and fly me to work every morning...over the ARCTIC OCEAN, in a SMALL PLANE with only ONE propeller!

    Did I mention that I was terrified of flying, and I live in the bush?!

    I just came back from a trip where I flew 700 miles in a 737-400 just to drop my 6 year old daughter off at Bible/Horse Camp. AND, if the family she wasn't staying with hadn't driven down to meet her, I would have flown another 400 miles, THEN BACK HOME! So, if we poor little Eskimo's don't die flying on the countries SHORTEST jet runway (seriously, it is the shortest runway, and only experienced pilots can land a jet on it...and sometimes we miss it, and pull up, pull up, pull up!) in the worst weather known to man...then you'll do FINE flying to Seattle!

    Oh, and if you DO die, I'm going to invite your husband and children to live with us natives, in Northern Alaska! Cause, four kids under five ain't nothing but a thang here!!! :)

    :) HAVE FUN, and if all else fails, order LOTS OF WINE on the flight! (That's what I do!)

  18. Kind of eerie about the triplets prediction, huh? Does your high school classmate have a history of ESP or other premonitions coming true? If not, I would disregard even though you will probably breathe a big sigh of relief once you get through this year. I watched Knowing last night starring Nicolas Cage. Now that was scary!


  19. We'll miss you at the reunion.

  20. It is crazy how small children can pick up on things. Let us know that you landed safely!!!

  21. YIKES.

    Tracy B

  22. Deep breaths you'll be okay ~ You want to give your spiritually connected one a gift...Learn about your Catholic Faith.

    See you in Two WEEKS :-)