Wednesday, July 01, 2009

what's in you wednesday

Foreword: After yesterday's post, my copyright infringement sense has been heightened. I would include the professional photos that were taken of my husband during his race this past weekend, but I now know that all photographs on professional websites are protected by the Copyright Law (at least in the United States). Just as it is illegal to try and reproduce the mall Santa photo that you have taken at Christmas, unless you purchase the CD with the copyright release, it is illegal to download or reproduce ANY images that you did not create, even if you are in the photograph, without permission from the owner. So take note fellow bloggers. I hope at least someone out there is benefitting from the lessons I am learning every day.


Charlie completed his first international-distance triathlon this past weekend with my boss, Dave, and three of my co-workers, who had formed a relay team. In addition, there were two relay teams - formed by six contractors - that provide consulting services for my company. It was a beautiful, albeit warm day and everyone was having a great time.

Until - one of the consultant runners on a relay team suffered extreme heat stroke and fell down just a mile shy of the finish line.

My co-worker, Emily, who was completing the running leg of our relay team, didn't know that the man who was down was one of our colleagues. Until, she ran around to the front of him and leaned down to help. That's when she saw his face and watched his eyes roll to the back of his head as he collapsed. Along with other runners, Emily helped to pull him off the race course in to the shade, and then, she looked around for medical assistance.

None could be found.

So Emily sprinted to find an ambulance. Then she spotted his family along the race course and stopped to tell them what had happened and where he was. Only then, did she run across the finish. And even with all of those stops - and saving a life in the process - her run time was only twelve seconds slower than the runner on the winning relay team.

Our friend was taken to the hospital where it was determined he had a temperature of 105. He was treated and released and had to return to the hospital, later that night, when his temperature spiked again.

As of this writing, he is recovering at home and in disbelief at how close he came to possibly losing his life. When a core body temperature exceeds 105, the results are often fatal. If he hadn't been moved off the course and immediately doused with cold water, there's no telling what might have happened. Considering he is the health and safety officer for his company, I think he realizes that he wasn't properly hydrated and he pushed himself too hard to win.

But. There is already talk about forming teams for a triathlon race that will be taking place in August. And another in September. And October. So I know he will be out running again, soon.

Just like the amputee who had lost his leg from the knee down...

And the woman who had cerebal palsy that completed the entire race even though she required support on the final portion of the course...

Some people cannot be stopped.

What's stopping you?


  1. Sh...! Those people are AMAZING! "What's stopping me?" Not a Damn thing! I don't even have an excuse - maybe a little stress.

    What the heck am I doing?? - sitting on my rear. Finishing up this candy bar that's smothered in peanut butter -(yep) thinking about Trader Joe's PB cups and reading this post!!

    I should be out -- jumping rope or something. Geez. Now I really feel guilty. (maybe I'll have ...!)

    Love, Marg.

    PS Glad your colleague is okay. Tell Elizabeth to keep praying...I think she's being heard. ;-) Thanks for yesterday. I needed the laughs.

  2. Now, curious minds want to know what Elizabeth is praying about. I'm sure it's something great, and probably profound for a 5-year old. If it's sharable content, we'd love to hear about it in a future post. By the way, I love your style of writing. Always a great read.

  3. Wow just amazing people out there!

  4. That's awesome -- I got choked up looking at a few of the pictures. What motivation : ) Glad to hear your colleague is doing okay, what a scare.

    And you, what fun to see a pic of your adorable, smiling face. Include more of those if future posts, please!!

  5. Wow. What a scary story! But at the same time, they are absolutely inspirational.

  6. Jenna-
    Don't remember the "painting" story, but I have seen "J" mapping in the nude with his Prince Albert junk! Then there was the time "J" wore that G-string at the pool in Furnace Creek. I almost drowned that day. I probably got kidney stones from laughing too hard! Thanks for the laugh! Miss you! Call me one of these days!

  7. I am a silent stalker and never left a comment. But since I am an artist and realize the extent of copywrite infringement is an important subject I was thankful for your post and thought I would write one also with a legal way of showing copyrighted images Just an FYI, you are right it is illegal to post images without permission but it is fine if you post a link to the site with the photo. That way we can all still enjoy the photos you want us to see but we can see them legally on the owners page.

  8. Dang! Some people are just so amazing!

    So glad your friend is okay now.