Sunday, July 12, 2009

life's a beach

When you are four years old, the only thing better than spending a sunny day at the beach...

Is spending a sunny day at the beach with your two best friends.

Each day, more and more, I can see that these children have a bond that is unparalleled. And although they possess the ability to make me question my sanity, not a day passes where I don't thank God for them. They are the best gifts I have ever received and more importantly, they are the best gifts to each other.

Today was one of those days where it was very nice to have three of the same age. Because I highly doubt I would have been as content to sit in the ocean water excitedly discussing seahorses and mermaids and pirate ships that would soon come ashore until my lips turned purple and my body was frigid with cold.

Yes, today was one of those days where Charlie and I sat back and watched our children play...

... and it made all the other not-so-easy days, entirely worth it.


  1. They are the best of friends, aren't they? We only ever seem to write about the fighting, but the playing and the playing and the playing........ they are the luckiest kids in the world. What must it be like to go through life and never be alone? Pretty darn awesome, I think.

  2. Ah yes, the beach IS the best! It is very theraputic and my favorite activity.

    My mother got up early every summer morning and trucked the eight of us down to the beach. I think it saved both her sanity and our well being.

    Enjoy the Sun, surf and salt air...

    Peg O.

  3. So glad you had a great day! Good to know there's hope on the horizon. =)

  4. What a great post. I love the bond multiples have!

  5. We spent six hours at the beach ourselves. It was divine.

    They are gonna be such fun boogie-boarding buddies.

  6. I hope you get to go to the east coast ocean where the water is warmer soooooooon.

  7. All you are very sweet.Thanks to God for everything.

  8. "and it made all the other not-so-easy days, entirely worth it."

    Yes! I agree! This post is my favorite of the week.