Wednesday, July 15, 2009

this little piggy

I arrived safely in Seattle, Washington. And while I was flying from San Diego to Seattle, I decided that if not for my fear of dying in a fiery plane crash, I would really - no REALLY - love flying.

The trip north was so beautiful.

Flying through the clouds, looking down on the ocean and the gorgeous islands off the coast - and then, the Sierra Mountains and the Cascades, capped in snow in mid-July. It was an absolutely breathtaking sight to behold.

Much like the pictures that my husband forwarded to me of the impromptu birthday celebration they held (yet again) for our resident toddler.

Internet. I present to you ... while sprawled across a table wearing a party hat and eating chocolate frosted cupcakes ... the one and only: Henry.

Bagels for breakfast. Cupcakes for lunch.

Maybe I should squeeze in a push-up or two...

OH ... this is a tough life we live when Mom is out of town.

I do I miss her so.

Why, yes. I am still breastfeeding this cupcake indulging, nose picking child.

Why do you ask?

The fact is: Although I never imagined that I'd still be nursing a two-year old, here I am, still nursing a two-year-old. Because, I love it. Because, it makes me happy. Because it makes him happy. And although it seems like nursing a child over 12-months old is probably taboo, I really don't care. OK. Maybe I do.

A little bit.

But not enough for me to stop.

I love the way he toddles up and wraps his arms around my legs and sweetly says, "Mama, NORSE?" If I don't respond right away, he will plead, "Mama. Mama! Pwease, Mama. NORSE?" And if I don't look at him, he will do his best to climb on to my lap - and guide my face with his hands - so I am looking directly at him. When I pick him up and ask, "Henry, sweet baby. Do you want to nurse?" He will throw his arms up over his head and cheer, "YAY HENWY!!!" like he just hit a Grand Slam out of the park in the bottom of the ninth, seventh game of the World Series.

Since I wasn't able to have this singleton nursing experience before, I love that I am having this experience with this baby. I absolutely love nursing Henry. In the early morning, afternoon, or night time, just before bed. And I think Henry loves being nursed.

Although I can't help but wonder if he loves chocolate cupcakes a bit more.


  1. I nursed my singleton for 15 months. Then one of my twins stopped at 2 years. The OTHER twin continues to loves nursing, at age 2.9, at bedtime. Like you said, it makes her happy, it makes me happy. I never planned to be nursing an almost 3 y.o, but why stop. It's once a day for 5 minutes. Recently she moved into a big girl bed and at that time I helped her give up her nighttime pacifier by nursing her as she fell asleep. There very very few tears about giving up the paci and I am glad I did it now because she just went to th dentist. And the dentist KNEW she had used a paci before I even told her! So I'm glad it's gone and I'm glad nursing helped her through it.

  2. Jen,

    Nothing wrong with nursing a two year old. Although, Henry might hate you for this post when he's in high school! Ha! What do you do when you're gone for a few days?

    Have great trip. Seattle is a beautiful city!

    Laura (from OH)

  3. One of many cuzzins!7/15/09, 10:43 AM

    Those cupcake eating pics are adorable... he is so stinkin cute!

    If you and Mr. Henry are both comforted by a little "norsing" here and there...whats the concern? It's beautiful quiet time for both of you and there's no better way to bond with your child. He's still little, and as long as Henry's not the object of ridicule, all is good.

    My mother tells a funny story about one of their cousins (or maybe it was one of their neighbors growing up)....Billy Bowen was six years old and would return home from first grade and yell "Mom, I'm home - give me your breast". But you have no're homeschooling!LOL!

    Sounds like the flight to Seattle was not so bad after, get your breasts home safely for that little guy!

  4. I am glad that your plane ride was uneventful! How is Henry going to react while you are gone to having no nursing? Hope you have a great business trip.

  5. I don't think it's taboo to nurse a toddler. I would have loved to, but it wasn't to be. *sniff* My girls weaned off the breast at 5 and 7 months, and no amount of cajoling could convince them otherwise.

    I *LOVE* the flight into Seattle.

    Not that my opinion matters ... but KEEP NURSING, HENRY!

  6. I nursed my oldest until he was 16 months old (and he was a big boy) - I got a lot of negative comments, so I weaned him. My younger son (sadly) weaned himself when he was 12 months old, so if I were you, I'd just keep doing it for as long as it works for you and Henry.

  7. Welcome to Washington!
    I would love for us to meet someday.

  8. Go read Deana's CaringBridge site. Or go to the boards, it's been copied and pasted there.
    Jessica (JLD) from Carolyn's Boards.
    Pray HARD and Pray FAST!

  9. You could totally be an Eskimo woman! I nursed my kids till they were three. :) hehe...

    My mom nursed till she was FIVE...

    My friend, who's only 27, nursed until she was SEVEN...

    It gets better...

    My uncle (we call him Uncle Baby) nursed till he was SEVEN point NINE...then realized that other kids weren't still nursing, and stopped by himself.

    A little weird at Seven, but whatever floats your boat.

    And none of us have been sick, etc., etc...

    Anyway, Oh Henry is effing adorable. Nurse on!

  10. I hope no one is giving you a hard time about still nursing your little guy! I nursed my daughter for 17 months and would have continued had she not self-weaned. I LOVED being able to eat anything I wanted and not gain an ounce, not to mention the sweet snuggling with my baby girl while nursing. Be warned: I gained 20lbs in the months following weaning!

  11. What a great hubby you have. How lucky can one gal be?
    Great cute pictures,

  12. I think it's sinful how cute that child is. He is just ridiculous!

  13. he just the cutest or what?

  14. Love these pictures!

    Henry is adorable...Do what you know is right Jen ~ When you follow your heart for your family I really don't think you can go wrong. Nursing until he says "Mom, I'm home - give me your breast". Okay that maybe a bit much.


  15. Keep breastfeeding and not care what people think. He is getting the best milk ever, staying healthy, bonding time with Momma! Yes he can still drink some organic cow's milk and organic yogurt too. :) You are awesome and don't think you have to explain or defend why you still breastfeed. Love ya (even though we never met). :)

    If I would've done it over again I would've passed 16 mos bfing my first child but i found out i was pg with my 2nd then and so I voluntarily stopped just so I wouldn't get run down and lose nourishment for my growing baby. I had IF too and didn't want to take a chance.

  16. Good for you and Henry! There is absolutely nothing wrong with nursing a two year old. He is so adorable.