Thursday, December 25, 2008

'twas the night before Christmas

There was some window shopping ...

And one last sighting of St. Nick, where the children all yelled out, "Be SAFE, Santa!"

There was the message on our answering machine from Uncle Michael Santa that we had to listen to four times because HE CALLED! OUR HOUSE!

There was a beautiful Christmas Eve service at our church and much hugging though out the day.

I've never seen such love among our children. At one point when I was trying to get the children dressed to leave for church and was feeling flustered because they were terribly busy ignoring me, William commented, "Mom. You know. Santa will not bring you a present if you are angwy, only if you are happy. So put on a smile. OK? See my smile?!"

There was the lovely fondue dinner that we ate and the one present we were each allowed to open. And there were the Christmas stories read.

There the cookies that we had planned to bake today, but then ran out of time and were so grateful that we had four boxes of Joe-Joe's on hand. We also placed out a glass of milk and nine carrots. One for each of the reindeer and Rudolph, too.

Did I mention Henry likes him some Joe-Joe's?

He likes him some Joe-Joe's alot.

What do you mean these aren't for me?

That's it. You GO brush your teeth big sister.

I'll just make sure that these are edible for the man in red.

Actually, Santa you're looking a little wide around the girth.

Consider this a favor. From me. To you. To me.

There's one cookie waiting for you and eight and a half carrots. And a glass of milk with a 1/2 carrot floating in it.

At the moment, we are tossing around in our beds too giddy to sleep and our mother and father are exhaustedly looking at the clock and hoping that maybe we'll be asleep before ELEVEN, so that they can get to bed before THREE.

But we are ready and waiting, Santa.

And not to worry, the fire will be out by the time you arrive.


  1. I'm so glad you let Henry keep the Jo-Jo's. Santa would like that. He's generous that way. What precious, PRECIOUS pictures.

  2. Hahaha! I love your little story boards like this.

  3. Loved this post! I'm so glad Henry did some quality control testing for Santa to make sure those Jo-Jo's were tasty:) Happy holidays!

  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. I could just hug all the kids. So cute!

  5. I just had to tell you that for a long time I have read about your Jo Jos. Well today for the very first time...I had a Jo Jo. A candy cane Jo Jo to be exact.....Oh My GOSH! It was crisp, sweet, melt in my mouth YUMMY! I have an addiction I believe, I was not able to eat just one....mmmmmmmmmm Jo Jo's.