Monday, December 22, 2008

these are my people

In the midst of my tough day last week, I called and left a message for my sister, Eileen, who lives in Michigan. When she came home from work, she heard me casually explaining on a voice recording, that it was "my" expectation that in "her" role as Godmother, I can call on her at any time to help with raising our children.

So, she should keep her eyes peeled because within the next day or so - she would be receiving a large cardboard box from California and she needs to open it promptly because the children inside will probably be hungry.

Today, I received this Christmas card from Eileen.

It read, "Wishing you a warm holiday season and a HOT New Year!"

Notice how they are wearing their bathing suits.


I think our children would fit in perfectly fine with Auntie Eileen.

Charlie went shopping today at Trader Joe's. He took two of the children with him, while I stayed home with the other two and tried to made a dent in the 14 loads of laundry that have piled up since we've neglected everything in an effort to get our Christmas cards finished.

Apparently, he no sooner stepped foot in the store and the kids started to have meltdowns. It was just around nap time and they needed to use the potty and they didn't want to walk, they wanted to RIDE in the cart and an innumerable list of other preschooler issues were fiercely working against my husband.

So he ditched the well thought out shopping list I had crafted and bought only those items that he knew he couldn't come home without. Those items which we absolutely need to survive until one of us could get back to the store later this week.

Two loaves of bread.

A gallon of yogurt.

Six bottles of red wine.

A box of candy cane Joe-Joe's.

A box of chocolate covered candy cane Joe-Joe's.

And a box of peppermint bark.

It's cool though. I think the kids had fruit last week.


  1. You could of done what I do with my niece..Just open that box of Joe Joes and start feeding. Now they may go thru half the package in the time that it takes me to get my stuff...But yeah well..that's my niece LOL and I love her..Now...i'm two months away from having my first child..I'll have to remember to make sure to not allow my sister to take my daughter to TJ's :)

  2. One of many cuzzins!12/23/08, 12:24 AM

    Did you laugh yourself silly when you saw Eileen's card? I needed new undies!!! She's still a HOTTIE!! Very original! I just LOVE it...but Aunt Ann nearly went into cardiac arrest!!!!!

    Gotta love Charlie, not forgetting the staples!!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas Jen and family. I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading your blog this year. You are sooo amusing and also informative. I really look forward to your posts.

    Have a good one!


  4. HAHA! I love the shopping choices!

    And, your sisters' card was hilarious!

  5. My kids took all the frosting out of their Joe Joes and molded them into candy canes. We can't buy actual candy canes because of Amanda and the red dye. They decided they needed to BAKE them, so they'd get hard for Santa. We didn't actually KNOW they were in the oven though, until we tried to make dinner and the house looked like it had caught on fire.

    I love your sister's Christmas picture. That's the funniest thing I've ever seen.