Saturday, August 30, 2008

favorite thing friday

I had planned to write about something else, today.

I had planned to tell you about this most awesome thing that has come in to my life and now that I have it, I can't imagine how I lived with out it, and why haven't I had one of these things years ago? But, I'm waiting for some thing to happen before I write about that particular thing, so hopefully that will happen soon and until it does, I'm going to instead share the love that we have for bubbles. In my humble opinion, bubbles are as much a part of childhood - as riding on carnival boats.

I love bubbles.

But unfortunately, having the ability to successfully extract a bubble wand from a wide-mouth bubble jar when you are 2 (or 3) or 37-years old, can be rather messy and horribly frustrating.

So whenever I found these bubble tumblers from Target and I bought one for each of the kids, we now happily and neatly blow bubbles all the time. The beauty of these bubble tumblers is that if they are tipped, the bubble solution doesn't spill out as it would from a traditional bubble cup.

Which means, little kids can actually have fun blowing bubbles - or licking the wand (as the case may be) - and parents don't have bouts of lunacy because they watch a gallon of bubble solution wasted for less than two minutes of play, while their children are crying that they! want! more!

Call me simple, but these ingenious tumblers have transformed my life. Or at a minimum, afforded us the opportunity to wholeheartedly enjoy at least 15 minutes of bubble play, several times a week.

A mother of three-year-old triplets having a quarter of an hour of happy play while at home, several times a week?

That's a very good thing.


  1. Jen, these posts are really great and very helpful. We love bubbles too but are always annoyed because they make such a mess. I'll look for one of these tumblers. THANKS!!

  2. They have a jumbo bucket just like that with 3 or 4 large wands. Not sure if it is still out on the market this time of year.

  3. So Jen do you think you are PREGNANT!!!!!!! Oh my maybe that is what your favorite thing Friday is going to tell us next week. Maybe your favorite thing is to finally pee on that damn stick and see TWO lines!!! I think that is why I peed on 6 with our third spontaneous kiddo. I think after 3years and every month of peeing on them I wanted to make sure I made up for the lost two lines for 3yrs.

    Anyways we love the bubble wands too. They are the best and the littlest of hands and mouths can maneuver them so well..

  4. Those look awesome. I hate the sticky mess bubbles make at our house.

    But then bubbles reminded me of roundness and how fat my big round punk ass has gotten on vacation and I got depressed. hee hee hee

    From somewhere in Nebraska