Tuesday, May 29, 2007

To Do List

Because I get a tremendous amount of joy from crossing items off my to-do list, I'm summarizing below some of the things that have been keeping us busy the past few days:
  • Dump contents of dressers, bookshelves, linen cabinets and wall units in to piles all over the floor in the quest of "organization". CHECK
  • Remove every picture from every wall to prepare for painting. CHECK
  • Paint 3/4 of our house. CHECK

  • Paint 400 linear feet of baseboards. CHECK
  • Hand wash 500 sippy cups. CHECK.
  • Lose at least 100 sippy cup valves down the garbage disposal. CHECK
  • Call 10 times a day to see if the dishwasher repairman can be here any sooner than Wednesday. CHECK
  • Have 450 square feet of hardwood dropped off and within 24-hours, question if this particular hardwood is the exact kind that we want. CHECK
  • Contemplate loading all of the hardwood in to our vehicle and returning it to store, and purchasing new - undoubtedly more expensive hardwood - because if we're going to do this ... let's do it right. CHECK
  • Decide that we are crazy to be taking on this project in the first place ... let alone ... load 450 square feet of hardwood into our vehicle, drive it back to the store and order new hardwood. CHECK
  • Keep the hardwood and hope that it looks good. CHECK
  • Outgrow every single piece of maternity clothing, except the XXXL pajamas Kathleen sent me. CHECK
  • Hack Cut the children's hair. CHECK
  • Update blog because surely my family is interested in knowing what I'm up to. CHECK
Items that are still pending:
  • Remove all of the furniture from our bedroom and family room by 7 AM Wednesday morning, when contractors are scheduled to arrive and begin installation of hardwood floors.
  • Organize the contents of dressers, bookshelves, linen cabinets and wall units. By tomorrow at 7 AM.
  • Put all of our pictures back on walls. By tomorrow at 7 AM. Hopefully, without doing too much of this:
  • Paint remaining 1/4 of our house. By tomorrow at 7 AM.
  • Paint remaining 100 linear feet of baseboards. By tomorrow at 7 AM.
  • Attend child birth preparedness class.
  • Pick out a name for our new child. Otherwise, he really will be called "Nemo".
  • Purchase carseat, swing and bouncy chair.
  • Buy a few critical baby items (i.e. clothes). Because like the carseat, swing and bouncy chair - all of these items from our triplets have long since found a new home.
  • Determine where new baby will sleep. If the crib conversion kits are not here soon, chances are excellent our newborn will be sleeping in a laundry basket.
  • Finalize our wills.
  • Teach our children, and my husband, their colors. (What's funny is while I was uploading this video, William was shouting out "No Twacie! Kitty Cat not gween! Kitty Cat POORPLE!" Funnier yet is that everything is "lellow" except the yellow duck.)


  1. I think I can....
    I think I can.....
    I think I can.....
    just keep telling yourself that:)

  2. I LOVE the video! Too cute!

  3. Darn, I cannot get the video--check. What an overwhelming job you are doing/ Are you expecting company or something like a new addition?

  4. I love the world "lellow"!!! My son used to call Macaroni & Cheese "lellow loodles".

  5. What color are you painting the walls?


  6. You may want to stock up on some carrots for all of those ponies in your future!!!

  7. Hilarious video! I am really starting to admire how you stay sane amidst all the chaos around you AND manage to find humor in it all! What else can you do right?


  8. Well at least you've got proof of how productive you were. Wow, I couldn't say I got that much done this weekend.

  9. I am always so amazed at how much you manage to do in a day. Then blog about it too.

    That video is adorable.

  10. Love the comment about the purple kid.