Saturday, May 26, 2007

These Are Days

As always, there is so much going on right now.

Painting the inside of our house, having new hardwood floors installed, hand washing a tremendous number of dishes, wrapping up several work-related projects before I start maternity leave, preparing for the arrival of a new baby.

Then there's raising our 2.5-year old triplets.

And updating my blog when I should be sleeping.

On top of it all, this afternoon, I received a call from my boss and was asked to ponder an amazing opportunity that would involve relocation, once I return from maternity leave. The possibilities for our family could be great and considering I only work "part-time" I am tremendously flattered that they even thought of me.

It's huge. For me. For Charlie. For all of us.

Doesn't it figure. Just when we think we have things sorted out and spend a small fortune on new floors.

So while I sat and thought about what we are going to do with the rest of our lives, I started to get emotional. Because I'm about to have a new baby. And although I am starting to feel more and more uncomfortable with my pregnancy - I don't want for it to be over. And although there are times that our children drive me absolutely insane, I don't want for them to grow up. Not just because I think they are so cute right now, which they are, but because I'm afraid of them being hurt as they venture away from me and out in to the world.

I want to freeze frame our lives, right now. Minus my terribly puffy feet and legs. Add in a working dishwasher and a house that is no longer "under construction."

I want to send healing to so many families, on this very night, that are mourning the loss of their child ... like my neighbor's daughter who lost her battle to breast cancer, this morning.

And I want to send strength to people who are praying with every ounce of their being that their child is spared ... like the McConathy's ... who have lost two of their triplets and are in need of a miracle to heal their baby son, Jaxon.

I'm thinking about how blessed and lucky we are, that we are parents to these amazing children - who had a rough start - but are growing in to the most incredible little people.

Right before our very eyes.

I can already see that the trash can no longer holds the same appeal as it did a mere week ago. And it's bittersweet. Because although I know our children will grow up, and our new baby will eventually have to find his way out of me (which I prefer not to ponder the logistics), I am absolutely savoring these days.

They are all we have and thus far, they are the best days of our lives.


  1. Such a great photo montage! And very poignant post. You are totally right to savor the moment - it really does go by fast.

    The greatest thing about kids that I've discovered, however, is that as precious as one stage is, there is another right around the corner that is just as precious and wonderful (if not exhausting - but that's another story:)). The great heart-tugging adventure of parenting!

  2. Congratulations on the opportunity! Love reading your blog... you've got beautiful children!

  3. Ahhhhh, not quite the same, but I just wrote about being sentamental and emotional as well:) maybe there is something in the air....:)

    Congrats on the oppertunity- I know.... doesn't it figure- good luck deciding what to do....

    Thanks for sharing about Jaxon- I prayed for him just this moment, and will continue to do so....really puts my whining in perspective and honestly makes my heart break for that family!

  4. I loved your video. It brought tears to my eyes. They grow up so fast. I'm going to go hug mine right now!!!!

  5. Help---I cannot see the video---what am I doing wrong?

  6. I love reading your blog! Your posts usually have me laughing, but this one is very sweet and touching. When things start getting overwhelming, it's usually best to stop and count your blessings. You certainly have a beautiful family!


  7. Dad and Kathleen5/26/07, 5:10 PM

    Charlie and Jen:
    It was good to talk to you this morning and get caught up. Ian loves to talk to his little "cousins" and Sarah sends her love to all of you. They leave tomorrow.
    The slide show makes us just want to jump in the car and come over. You both sound good and again, we are very proud of the parents you have become. We have seen you first hand enjoy every single thing your little ones do.....and it shows in their adorable personalities.
    We will be over after the new little one comes home to relieve your mom and Jim. God Bless them both! And all of you.
    Dad and Kathleen

  8. You are very lucky!! I love your blog.

  9. beautiful....just beautiful. Savor the moment :*)

  10. Love the slideshow, love the post!

    I agree, Cherish the times you have now! One day you'll be looking back on photo albums of pictures of today and wishing you could just savor that moment one more time.

  11. Wow! Your blog is amazing! I have read the ENTIRE thing from the beginning. I was up until 2am reading! You see, we live in San Diego,,,WIERD!!! and we are in Orlando awaiting the birth of our triplets via our surrogate. I am always googloing to learn everything I can on trips and the entire time never came across your blog until my key words were "triplets sleeping together" something like that!! I can not believe how prepared and relaxed I feel about the whole NICU experience thatnks to you!! Do you really live in the San Diego area?? That blows mw away as I have been also trying to meet/find anyone else with or having trips!!! We have identical girls and a boy...We have two girls, 61/2 and 8 that I carried before the cancer/surgeries...I just wanted to say hello and comment on your awesome blog. We have started one for everyone back home to keep up with the trips, but now after seeing yours, how could I not keep going after we are back home!! We are 30 weeks and 1 day. Our surrogate is on full bedrest and doing wonderful! She hasn't gained as much as I would have liked!! Good luck with your next baby, we are very happy for you!! Hope to meet you one day! Take care, Sharon Borzellino (in La Costa)

  12. I so enjoy reading your blog. They do grow up so fast. Cherish every single moment, make memories every day and live like there is no tomorrow.
    Have a Wonderful Memorial Day!

  13. (From a mom with adult kids) Don't worry - those "best days" will happen over and over again as the years go by!

  14. Great blog! Thank you for sharing. Has anyone heard from Sharon Borzellino? How are her trips doing? Tried to access her blog but it was private