Friday, May 25, 2007

file under: for future reference

Although the children have started to enjoy their Tuesday morning dance class ... they haven't grasped the concept of their Thursday afternoon arts and crafts class.

I'm so glad that I paid $42.00 per child for this particular class. Because while the kids are playing "Lemonade" Charlie and I have ample opportunity to practice coloring in the lines, using a glue stick and cutting paper with rounded scissors.

Today, in class, *we* made a beehive mobile. The children's contribution was to carry the completed craft to our car. By the time we walked the 25 feet, all of the bees were pulled off and William had partially consumed the hive.

Lesson learned: Two and a half is a little young for an arts and crafts class. And since Charlie and I already know how to color in the lines, use a glue stick and cut with rounded scissors - we just might skip this class next "semester".

Following our class, we went out for dinner. Because after hand washing every spoon, fork, knife, glass, bowl, cup, pot, pan and casserole dish in this house over the past week and a half ... we decided that eating out would be a nice break.

And it was.

Once we were able to keep the children distracted by telling them to look out the window for elephants. When they didn't see elephants in the parking lot, we suggested they look up in the sky. Remember ... Dumbo can FLY.

Lesson learned: When the novelty of crayons and a kid's menu wear off ... eating out with small children is a lot more enjoyable when you send them on a mission to find something. Anything. Even if it means having to ignore the stares of fellow diners that seem to think having your toddler look for Barney under the table is cruel.


  1. That is hilarious! I must try that out to dinner trick myself!

  2. A great kid-friendly and FAST restaurant to try is Mimmo's Italian Village in Little Italy. I go there all the time with my three 2.5-year-olds by myself. You just walk up to the counter, pick four out of the ten-ish different kinds of salads/pastas/fruit salads, then sit down. (Called the 4 Salad Combo.) It's that fast, and one order feeds everyone. No waiting, so no need to distract anybody. And the atmosphere is quaint, family-friendly, and comfortable for all. I really suggest you try it. I know you like to eat out.

  3. i just peed myself on this one! look kids! fid barney! bwaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

  4. i'm glad to see that my kids are normal....crawling under the table, eating crayons kind of normal, because everyone stares at us when we go out to eat, even at the "family friendly" places. we leave a wake in our path, but, honestly, isn't that why we go out to eat--to avoid having to clean it up ourselves? in any event, we tip well. good stuff.

  5. If you can get each of them to hold a pants leg and one with Charlie; attempt a Soup & Salad kind of place. No waiting for food; they usually do a pasta where the soup is. I don't care if my kids eat shredded carrots and raisins for dinner :) Here, have some fruit and a blueberry muffin! (AND under three yrs. eat FREE)

  6. Oh, so this is what we have to look forward to!

    Our three year old has just gotten to the point where he can sit still enough to make it through a meal. Our twenty month old triplets are just getting to the point where they can't. :-)

  7. I could have told you the arts and crafts class would SUCK!!!! I dropped boring old Painting class after Amanda vomited all over the floor while I was washing Gregory and Sarah's hands. I think at these younger ages the best classes are action-based. Mine love their Gym and Toddlers In Action classes. It's taken an entire year for them to figure out cutting and pasting in their preshcool class. I stuck with it for a WHOLE YEAR!!!! Can you imagine how stubborn I am????

    I asked Greg about your dishwasher and he said if it were him, he would have torn it out and run it over with his one ton dually while heading to Sear's to get another one for $150. Not much help. Sorry.

  8. what is that shaggy thing behind charlie that looks like a dead animal???

  9. Anonymous- I'm guessing it's a stuffed animal. But with a house full of 2.5 year old triplets, who the hell knows what they'll drag in? LOL.