Thursday, May 17, 2007

he's on a roll

Today, I came home after a long day at "work" to the aroma of fresh baked cookies and a spotless house. Now, granted, the cleaning people were here this morning - but the fact that the house was still clean several hours later ... is downright impressive.

Over dinner, Charlie was telling me about a conversation he'd had with one of his colleagues. Apparently, he was explaining that he wasn't in a position to go out of town on any business trips for a while, because he didn't want to leave his 8-month pregnant wife at home, alone, with our 2.5-year old triplets.

And then - it struck him.

My God.

Jen's pregnant.

We're going to have a new baby.

In a matter of

As he was telling me the story, Charlie became animated - his eyes got big - he started talking fast - and his arms were gesturing about all the things he needs to do before the new baby arrives. The nesting bug that I had seems like nothing compared to the psychosis that has overcome my husband in the past few days.

This weekend, Charlie's planning to paint the entire inside of our house before we're scheduled to have our hardwood floors installed next week.

He's also planning to paint 500 linear feet of 4-inch baseboards, replace the lighting fixtures in the bathroom, and re-arrange the children's rooms.

He's lined up a vent cleaning service to blast out all of the airducts in our house.

He's replacing the smoke detectors and installing carbon monoxide alarms.

He's ordering and installing a new front door with three different locking devices.

He's packing a bag for the hospital and has lined up 10 different people to call on, in the event I go in to labor before my mother comes to California, next month.

He's laminating and hanging on the side of the refrigerator the list with the 10 different names.

And then, he's going to hunt down a buffalo - with his bare hands - smoke the meat and use the hide to make a cradleboard for our newborn son.

My goal this weekend is to attend our monthly neighborhood crafting event.

I'd really like to finish knitting the baby blanket I started five months ago for the Higgins' before Madeleine starts Kindergarten.


  1. I love this blog, I like this comment, its cute! We are expecting triplets July 4th this year! What a supprise! Please check out our website for them, its cute, leave comments too, love to sit down and read them. Hope all goes well with you and your growing family...God Bless you

  2. i love charlie's list and his initiative. as for the knitting, just last month i FINALLY finished the scarf i was making for my mother-in-law. i started it 3 years ago, before the arrival of my first born. yep, she's 2 1/2 today. better late than never, i suppose. good luck!

  3. you have the nicest husband ever!
    you need to post a belly shot before new little bundle of blue blanketed boy makes his entry and perfectly balances your adorable family!

  4. Good lord you are indeed having a baby! So exciting AND unbelievable. Let us know what we can do from the blogosphere to help you get ready, since Austin is a bit too far to pop over and help paint this weekend.

  5. I just want to come over for cookies. are there any left? ;)

    The last couple months are the longest and the shortest all at once, aren't they?

    I look forward to seeing a pic of the cradle board. Er, I mean the baby blanket you are knitting.