Thursday, March 21, 2013

the count down

We're leaving tomorrow on a big road trip.


The kids are incredibly excited, as evidenced by the calendar that Elizabeth created and has been marking off, every day for the past three weeks ...


Everything is so much bigger - so much greater - so much more exciting! through the eyes of a child. And now, multiply that overwhelming excitement times four.


Things have been a bit chaotic as the children try to convince me that they really are big enough to pack their own bags. One day soon, I promise that I will relinquish this great responsibility. But for now, they just need to trust me that on or about day two, they'll be very glad that they have more than a pair of pajamas, three bathing suits and 42 stuffed animals.


  1. Give them each one smallish bag to pack themselves, the things they pick to bring will be hilarious.

  2. Actually - they DID pack their own bags .... that's how I knew that they were going to bring 1 pair of PJs, 3 bathing suits and 42 stuffed animals!! :)