Sunday, March 10, 2013

springing forward at warp speed

We've had a very busy go - go - go weekend.  Frighteningly, we didn't even do all the things that we were supposed to do. We missed William's first lacrosse practice this afternoon and we ditched swim team tonight. We probably could have made both events - but last night, I decided I'm allergic to being too busy. I break out in hives and hyperventilate.

Here's an overview of what we've had on our docket this week end and these very well may be writing prompts for the next week because each event deserves it's own post:

Friday night the children had a dance at their elementary school.  I took the triplets while Charlie stayed home with Henry because: 1) Henry would most likely run around the dance floor with one arm outstretched pretending he was Superman and until he morphs in to Hulk SMASH and yes, yes, this is the price we're now paying for everyone getting sick at once and Henry watching every Superhero movie in our arsenal; and 2) Charlie was hosting the first annual ping pong tournament for at least a dozen men from our neighborhood later that night so he had to get ready.

(Set up new ping pong net? Check.

Turn on music? Check.

Put beer on ice? Check.

And .... ready!)

Saturday morning the temperatures were in the low 60's and it was a gorgeously perfect day. We had days like that all. the. time when we lived in San Diego, but I don't think we appreciated them very much because they were like that all. the. time. So when you live in an environment where you don't have a day like that for several months and then you do - you tend to blow off your domestic responsibilities like say, cleaning the toilets and instead opt to take your children and a picnic lunch to a lovely little park.


Saturday afternoon, I took Carolyn to the Girl Scout's annual "Thinking Day."  Why only Carolyn? Because Elizabeth had a temper tantrum (drama anyone?) and I decided that Saturday, being the gorgeously perfect day that it was, was also a zero tolerance day for me listening to incessant whining and bickering and The End.  So Elizabeth went home from the park with her father while an abundantly joyful Carolyn and I traipsed off to Scouts.


Saturday late afternoon / early evening, William and a much more pleasant Elizabeth had a dress rehearsal for their Odyssey of the Mind tournament which is next weekend.  The whole family spent three hours at the coach's house finalizing their set design and practicing their skits.

We came home.

We brushed teeth.

We put on pajamas.

We turned clocks forward one hour.

We went to sleep.

Sunday morning, we scrambled out the door to church and the reason it felt we were a whole hour late, is because we actually were having lost an hour to Day Light Savings time.  (Why? Why must we allow the torture of Day Light Savings time to continue in the modern age?) We usually go on Saturday night but preparation for the OM tournament next week was critical.  We returned home from church - wrapped presents and flew out the door to a birthday party for a child from the triplets' class.  The party was held at a local Laser Tag center and while I've been to several laser tag birthday parties over the past two years - this is the first time I've played, too.

OK, so my birthday is next month and I've decided that I want to have a laser tag party.  It was so much fun. SO MUCH FUN.  I've already come up with my invitation:

"Zap! Zap! Jenny is turning 42 ...  let's play laser tag the whole day through!" 

Although I didn't play in the first round, when the parents who were hanging around chatting saw that our little eight-year-olds were getting waxed by a group of older kids on an opposing team - all of the parents suited up for the second round of play.  My game name was "Mars" and I was doing great until last five minutes of the game when I was cornered by a bunch of kindergartners from a second opposing team and they were relentless.  They were following me around and whenever I'd finally be charged and ready to shoot - they'd zap me again then they'd laugh in a cackling little laugh. Fortunately, the game ended before I was able to blurt out, "LEAVE ME ALONE OR I'LL TELL YOU THE TRUTH ABOUT SANTA CLAUSE YOU LITTLE MUNCHKINS!!!"


Sunday late afternoon / early evening, we had the Blue and Gold Banquet for our Cub Scout pack.  This banquet is held every year in February or March and is to honor the birthday of Scouting and to recognize the boys who are bridging from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  It was a wonderful event. There was a huge potluck and a professional magician who kept us entertained. (He handed Carolyn one small sponge and told her to make a fist. When she opened her hand after the wave of his wand, there were FOUR. How? HOW?!)



We also watched the ritual where the boys who are midway through their fifth grade year - have their Webelo scarf removed by their Cub Scout Den Leader, before they ceremoniously walk across a small bridge and are greeted by the young men leaders of their new Boy Scout troop.




Watching this bridging ceremony honestly made me weep.  Considering I didn't even know any of the boys, it makes me worry what kind of wailing basket case I'm going to be when my itty baby crosses over that bridge.  I've got three years.  Which might seem like a long time, but I know it will fly by.

These photos were taken yesterday...




And these photos FEEL like they were taken last week.




Time is going so fast ...



.... I'm really doing my best to savor the moments, now.


  1. And the years keep rolling by like a freight train bound for the Gap. It gets worse, the speeding bullet of time, taking with it your close up vision, the ability to run, cartwheels, and any hope for ever climbing the biggest trees again. It stinks, but the wisdom that we acquire I'm finding is worth the laugh lines and the gray, wiry hair.

    1. Lynda - some trees, I'm told ... have real elevators built in to them. So you might be able to scale those big trees again - - with the assistance of mechanical equipment! :)

  2. I just love being a part of their growing up. I feel like I am with you at all these events.
    What happy days and you will look back and be glad you recorded them.

    1. Sometimes, I think about throwing in the towel on blogging because of the time commitment it takes ... but then I look back at the amazing memories I've captured over the past few years and i'm so glad that I've devoted that time. There are so many precious memories I would have forgotten if not for this blog! It also helps keep me inspired to know that YOU are reading it and experiencing what we're experiencing. So thanks for following along, Mom. We love you and are excited to see you soon! xoxox

  3. Glad you savored the picnic time.....there is always dishes and laundry. I need to remember that myself.

  4. Darn right, Joy. Dishes and laundry never go away - - but the years are incredibly fleeting.

    I'm beginning to think disposable dishes AND clothes are the way to go!!!