Wednesday, March 13, 2013

treasures of creativity

For someone like me, who is the anti-hoarder, I'm having a very difficult time clearing out some of the adorable crafts our children create.


I've always prided myself on my ability to clear out the clutter and to that end, purchased four bins (one for each of the children) that are intended to preserve those select items that are worthy to be saved. The trouble is: the tubs are now almost full and we're not even through second grade. Perhaps my definition of "select" needs to be tightened up a bit.  Here's an example of a recent creation Henry brought home recently .... it's his little baby dinosaur that he created in preschool:  


He loves this little figure that is comprised of two popsicle sticks, a wine cork, and googly eyes. It's SO CUTE!  And unlike a large number of things that I don't think twice about tossing (when the kids are looking the other way of course), there's no way I could ever throw this dinosaur out.  (Elizabeth's wild assortment of random cardboard boxes in another story altogether.)   But should Henry's dinosaur break or be left outside, or chomped upon by the dog before it is deposited in the holy grail bin repository of childhood treasures, I feel good knowing that I at least have a picture of it.

Please note: If random photos of art projects start showing up on my blog - now you can better understand why.  To illustrate:


This is a hinge that William affixed, all by himself, with tools!  It was such a proud accomplishment. But, you know .... I'm not 100% sure there is room for it in the bin.


  1. Don't worry - super cute crafts slow WAY down after 2nd may want to consider a second bin that will probably preserve 3rd grade thru college.

  2. Take pictures of them and make a photo book for each school year. I keep a very few things, but mostly I have beautiful photo books of all their crafts.

    And start today, add to the book as the crafts come home. It's hard to play catch up on this. :)

  3. 2nd-3rd grade is really the last year for having to deal with this stuff. And thank goodness because I ran out of room in our tubs around the same time!!!


  4. I was going to suggest taking pictures of sentimental items, like you did with Henry's dinosaur. I've done that with clothing that I loved (but didn't love enough to keep). I've also done it with videos, a large Disney toy box, a gingerbread house, etc. Things that I'll enjoy looking at and enjoying the memory of, but don't necessarily need to keep to enjoy the memories. I even have a folder on my flash drive called "sentimental stuff we got rid of." Voila....organization!

  5. Henry looks so sweet--his eyes are beautiful.I love what William di---it would be a nice stage for ants???

  6. So cute!

    Since you just can't keep everything, I often take photos of my girls, one at a time, sitting on the stairs surrounded by current art projects. That records the projects and the age the girls were when they made them. After that, it's much easier to just save the extra special ones.

  7. That hinge-thing that WIlliam made would be a perfect photo frame! Have him paint and decorate it, then affix a picture to each side- Voila! Home decor AND keeping a craft!