Sunday, March 17, 2013

on this day in 1928

Give me a HAPPY... 


Give me an 85th... 


Give me a BIRTHDAY... 


Give me a PAPA ALEX... 


What do you get? 


Today - Saint Patrick's Day 2013 - marks Papa Alex's 85th birthday.  When he is not busy traveling, swimming, playing golf, or voraciously reading - from all accounts, he is enjoying a wonderful life with Kathleen.  Those two are living their lives to the fullest and are the poster children of what the golden years should be.


In honor of Papa Alex's birthday and to celebrate the homeland of my great-grandparents who came across the Atlantic from County Cork in the 19th century, we dressed up our dolls (the children and the American Girl variety) in the handmade shamrock outfits that my mother had sent....


We're also trying to make corned beef and cabbage in our crock pot. Emphasis on the word "trying" because as easy as everyone tells us this recipe is (and how delicious everyone else's corned beef and cabbage tastes) for 20 years now Charlie and I have yet to make a corned beef and cabbage dinner that is edible.  I know, I know ... boiling beef.  How difficult can it be?


  1. We always do corned beef in the crock pot, but this year we had potato soup with it and ate the corned beef on rye bread. My husband tonight said," This is much better than the regular cabbage and potatoes we eat. Cabbage is just so - meh - ".

    1. Ours didn't turn out so well, AGAIN, this year. I think the problem is that we're not cooking it long enough. When I called to talk with my mother, her direct advice was, "All you need to do is BOIL THE HELL OUT OF IT."

      Will you post a recipe for your potato soup? I love a good potato soup. Although I still need to make your scones ... (i've bookmarked the page!)

  2. OK, father in law was born 3/16/28. And my gradnfather came from County Cork. What's going on here?1

    1. Twingles ... It wouldn't surprise me at all if happened to be that your branch was sprouted from the same family tree!