Tuesday, April 02, 2013

humans are warm blooded, after all

Does anyone remember how I wrote that I'd like to move north and live on the frozen tundra and I'd be perfectly happy if it snowed everyday because Snow, Snow, I Love Snow? 


That was crazy talk.

Today at work, I was finalizing the write-up for my annual evaluation which summarizes my accomplishments over the past year and any possible geographic moves I'd be willing to make within the company.  Let's just say I'm feeling very grateful for the timing of our vacation this year. Because if our Spring Break had been this week, as opposed to last week, I would have already submitted that annual evaluation to my manager with a request that our family be transferred to Calgary. As in Canada.  And the chances are incredibly high that before we even realized what was happening, our family would have been plucked up and transported even further north by the Fourth of July.


HA! And to think I had a nervous breakdown in 2010? 

After one week visiting with my mother and Jim on the sun-drenched beaches of Florida, and dipping our toes in to the balmy turquoise waters before returning home to frigid and still leaf barren Virginia where it was in the 40's this morning, I'm having a difficult time remembering not only why I'd ever want to live somewhere that it was always cold and snowing ... but why in the world we are here and not say, closer to the beautiful equator?


I'm not alone in that thinking. As we were driving home this past weekend and our kids were perched in the back seats of the car with their dry erase boards practicing math, I pointed to the thermometer and would ask them about the weather.  "When we left Florida it was 86 degrees. Now that we're in Georgia, it is 75 degrees. What's the difference?"  The children would subtract 75 from 86 and tell me that the temperature had fallen by 11 degrees. A short while later, I'd ask, "OK, if Florida was 86 degrees and it's now 68 degrees in South Carolina, what's the difference?"

By the time we reached North Carolina and the temperature was dropping in to the 50's, the children started to cry, "We're going the WRONG way!"

Come on, Spring! We're definitely ready for trees full of flowers and weather that doesn't require coats, mittens and evoke sadness that we can't go outside wearing our brand new Florida flip flops.


Or better yet ... no shoes at all. 


  1. Let me be the first to tell you.... I miss our sun...

    1. Lorie - I know, right? It's a different sun in California. Brighter - bigger - and those blue, blue skies. I haven't been homesick for California until very, very recently. Within the past few weeks, I've really been missing the parks (SeaWorld, Legoland, Zoo) and the pool that was open year round. I think once spring really starts to bloom - things will be better. Hopefully, you won't miss the CA sun so much once your temperatures warm up.

      We're planning a trip back in November. Will you be around? We'd love to see you.

  2. is there something called sun-sick? sorta like homesick but when you need the BEACH :)