Monday, March 11, 2013

this one's for uncle fred

This picture - that I snapped off at church yesterday and tried to post on Twitter never went through. And now that I've uploaded it to my computer and it's no longer on my phone - I have no idea how to post it to Twitter because I'm technically challenged.  

Jodie and Michele ... this candle was specifically lit for Uncle Fred:


As a scientist, I know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So it is my most heartfelt prayer that you always feel his loving energy surround you. Cancer is a terrible, terrible thing.  We've lost far too many people to that awful dreaded disease over the past few years and I pray with every fiber of my being that in my life time, we find a cure.  I also pray that it lifts your hearts to know that a family you've never met is holding you so tightly in theirs.  How blessed and lucky you were to have Fred - and how blessed and lucky he was to have you.

Michele. DC in October. You can do it.  I'll even help push you up the hills.